How did Russians beat the food sanctions?

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How did Russians beat the food sanctions?

How did Russians beat the food sanctions?

As has happened in Iran, the whole country went to work on domestic import substitution, not just for short term relief but to protect the country from having food sanctions used against them in the future. Putin had always wanted to boost domestic food production, but had many competing areas for funding, with food expansion losing out.

Enter the Russian agrifood industry, which took up the challenge and produced results that surprised everyone. Investors saw a potential agricultural boom on their doorstep. Moscow budgeted subsidies for agricultural support spread over a wide area of subsidized loans, modernization of dairies and railway expansion.

Agricultural Minister Tkachev described it in 2015, “We are thankful to our European and American partners who made us look at agriculture from a new angle and helped us find new reserves and potential.” And from fertilizer producer Phosagro’s Andrey Guriev, “In one day the Russian agricultural sector became profitable as hell.”

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Pity the Venezuelans didn´t get it