Human Rights Group seeks arrest of former CIA legal chief

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Human Rights Group seeks arrest of former CIA legal chief

Former top CIA lawyer bragged in an interview that he signed off on drone attacks in Pakistan.  From Pakistan's viewpoints, those actions which have resulted in many civilians deaths are acts of terrorism and murder.  Armed with this public admission of guilt, human rights lawyers in the UK and Pakistan are going through the Pakistan legal system to get a judge to issue an arrest warrant, which would then be sent to interpol.

Just because you are a spy working for the US doesn't make your actions legal.  The "crimes" were committed in Pakistan, and many civilians have died as a direct result of these attacks.

I'm sure many Americans would feel the same way if Pakistani drones were killing Americans.


According to a local Pakistani, "For every 10 to 15 people killed, maybe they get one militant,"


I think this is a great idea and I wish these human rights groups success.  Maybe the Iraqi government will issue arrest warrants for George Bush, Dick Cheney and others responsible for starting an unprovoked war in Iraq, which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilians deaths and made millions of people homeless refugees.