An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order: The Origins of WWIII

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An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order: The Origins of WWIII

An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order: The origins of WWIII

"In the face of total global economic collapse, the prospects of a massive international war are increasing.."


Geo Strategic Chessboard: War Between India and China:

"Hand in hand with India being part of a global economic order goes the domination of Eurasia. India is on a serious path of militarization that will lead New Delhi towards conflict with China. In such a war both Asian giants would be losers and the US and its allies the real winners...The threat of a nuclear war between China and India is real in the words of the Indian military, but what is important to realize is that such a confrontation is part of a much larger series of wars or a wider struggle between the powers of Eurasia and the nations of the periphery, led by the United States.."


NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order: The origins of WWIII

Of great significance was that, "the war created a raison d'être for the continued existence of NATO in a post-Cold War world, as it desperately tried to justify its continued existence and desire for expansion." Further, "The Russians had assumed NATO would dissolve at the end of the Cold War. Instead, not only has NATO expanded, it went to war over an internal dispute in a Slavic Eastern European country." This was viewed as a great threat. Thus, "much of the tense relations between the United States and Russia over the past decade can be traced to the 1999 war on Yugoslavia."

Thaci is a war criminal and now a drug-dealing stooge of the west installed in Kosovo. And NATO gangsters are still on with false flag terrorism. [url=,1518,592585,00.html]Kosovo Claims to Have Video of 'Terrorism'[/url] 2008

The German BND are successors to Heinrich Himmler's SS. They still stand accused of having perpetrated false flag gladio style terror in Kosovo at a time when NATO's role on the edge of Eastern Europe was in question and still today.



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Just read the thing posted by NoDif. Knew most of it but. so its tru huh ppl never got independance because the elites were smoking roccs? Like part of it says they seem to have some notion of being "aryan" and still wanting to get in good with white ppl.


That civilization relationship thing also is racist and imperialistic in a way because it lists latin AmeriKKKa and Africa as 1 thing even tho they aint. But honestly Latin AmerIKKKa, Africa, India should be working together and saying bun the rest. Indian elites are fucced up because they basically have power concentrated compared to the other 2. Africa has close a billion ppl now but elites there have to be content with being able to exploit "only" a handfull of millions because of national borders etc.


India, doesnt have that "problem". Thats what seperates it from the rest of the 3rd world sadly. Its easier to be an elite in while at the same maintaining many times worse conditions for the ppl (neighbouring bangladesh with less doctors has lower infant mortality, highest underweight children in the world). And they're smart honestly they keep the population just above famine to be able to get the most out of em without killing them.


Think about how much of the country had drought this year for example, how many farmers are in debt, the underweight numbers also tell u something. When its normal for children to be underweight (esp given the fact that its on BMI which is based on white ppl indian ppl esp the less mixed u are are bigger boned) so think about what that says about access to food in the country.


U have a portion of the population being mainuplated into thinking they going somewhere following the top and u have the vast majority who couldnt care less because they just trying to make scraps. The thing is the ppl being led astray never had much to lose in the 1st place and thats probably why they are being led away from their own self-interests.


Gonna read the other shit I woke up early today lol


But in closing fucc these sellouts they aint white, never have been, and they like the nerdy hindu kid at the school who tries to get in with the white kids. It never happens. They need to be dropped and we need to start over not just in India but the 3rd world. If every single 3rd world country started to unite on any basis.


Done Deal. Nobody can say shit. we have EVERYTHING, we just dont realize that.


"The people - united - can never be defeated"


The Global Research article is great for telling history that was not taught to me in school. The USA getting Germany and Russia to go to war was one thing, and then the fact that the USA was practising "disaster capitalism" way back then is also eye opening.

The whole deal about the American economy getting such a big bump upwards due to WW2 was never part of my history classes, nor was it part of my brother's economics classes.

But will the general public, joe average, ever come to hear this side of world history? Most don't even think it is relevant to today, but it is if we want to reign in the big financial players who are enslaving us to their games and non-democratic economics. [hey, Michael Moore mentioned that, his new movie talks of democracy being missing from the economics side of life!! Go MM!! - maybe the public WILL get interested??}