Imperialist hands off Libya!

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RT or Russia Today has some interesting quotes from the Russian Ambassador to NATO.

"If the US and Britain decide to intervene, that will be a gross violation of all international laws. This can be sanctioned only by the UN," Rogozin said.

Rogozin is the Russian Ambassador to the NATO military axis/alliance. He was speaking in the context of claiming that NATO, as a military alliance, didn't intend to "intervene" but was cautioning against military attacks by US/UK.

Rogozin - NATO does not plan intervention (yet)

More from Rogozin: "Some European countries within the block are categorically against any military action without an agreement from the UN Security Council."

RT also notes the activities of the US military and US and UK politicians in their war rhetoric.

The US Sixth Fleet has begun repositioning its ships in the Mediterranean, triggering speculation of a NATO invasion of Libya.

­It comes as Libya's long-time leader Colonel Gaddafi remains besieged in the capital Tripoli, with opposition forces nearby.

After the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that "nothing is off the table" when it came to Libya, the American Navy started to take tactical positions off the coast of that North African country. At this point, the possibility of any of the major forces in the region, like US military, NATO troops or even UN peacekeepers, setting their feet on Libyan shores should not be ruled out.

This was mirrored by comments of British Prime Minister David Cameron who has said that he would not exclude the use of the military there, and that there is a possibility that Britain could provide arms to the opposition forces.

Wait! There's more.

Western politicians are also playing a "weapons of mass destruction" card, saying the Libyan regime might have stockpiles of chemical weapons, despite the fact that Libya officially refused to continue the development of chemical weapons and signed international treaties accordingly.

Claims of weapons of mass destruction followed by an invasion. hmm. Where have I seen this before?

See "US invasion of Libya?"





The above RT material is excellent. Ralph Schoenmann is spot on

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Statement from the Canadian Peace Alliance

The Government of Canada has announced that it will send HMCS Charlottetown to Libya to join the US aircraft carrier fleet led by the USS enterprise. This is part of a much larger NATO led buildup in the area. The Canadian Peace Alliance is opposed to any military intervention in Libya or in the region as a whole.

If the western governments were genuine in their desire to help the people of Libya - or Egypt or Tunisia for that matter - they would not have supported the dictators and their regimes. That support for the dictators is a chief reason why the situation is so violent for the people rising up. Western military deployment to Libya is a bit like asking the arsonist to put out their own fire. Far from being a shining light in a humanitarian crisis, western intervention is designed to maintain the status quo and will, in fact make matters worse for the people there. 

Western intervention only serves to install compliant and corrupt dictatorial regimes. The people of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have done more to bring peace and democracy to their countries than years of US-led military occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The west needs to learn the lessons from those failed invasions and not compound the crisis in Libya.

US and Canadian interests lie in keeping North Africa a compliant bulwark in their plans for control over the entire region. Canadian and US corporations have been quietly making billions while supporting the Qaddafi regime. For example, Calgary based Suncor energy pumps more than $5 million each day from Libyan oilfields and SNC-Lavalin has been working on everything from construction of a new airport in Benghazi to building prisons for the Libyan government. All told, SNC -Lavalin has $1 billion in contracts for construction in North Africa.

The best way to help the people of Libya is to show our solidarity with their struggle. There are demonstrations planned all over Canada this weekend. Please see: for more information.

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"We are against any foreign intervention or military intervention in our internal affairs," said Abdel-Hafidh Ghoga in Libya's second city Benghazi last Sunday.

"This revolution will be completed by our people with the liberation of the rest of Libyan ­territory."

He was speaking at a press conference to explain how the national revolutionary council is attempting to co-ordinate the rebel cities and administrate daily life.

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