India Pakistan conflict and relations

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India Pakistan conflict and relations

I feel that this issue may very well be the most serious facing the human race in 2019. Diasappointed there isn’t more media coverage and babblers engaging. 

Hopefully with a proper thread dedicated to discussion and updates on the relations between two great nations divided by imperialism, more can be contributed here!


Here’s an update I found that is worth the read. Appears to be non partisan. But beware, it’s from the nyt


And here’s another link with different perspectives

While China blocked India's previous attempts to declare Azhar as a global terrorist, expectations are high that this time Beijing may take a different stand considering JeM has admitted its role in the Pulwama terror attack.

I personally don’t like the term “terrorist”  But it looks like there’s a lot of pressure on China to go along with India and call out the JeM

China needs to improve relations with India and the ball is in China’s court 

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Sisterhood and Solidarity: How Pakistan’s Feminists Started an Anti-War Movement

From political leaders to angry Tweeters, jingoism on both sides is mostly being propagated by men. Women, meanwhile, are discouraged from engaging in a discourse that is considered masculine and beyond what they should be concerned about. But Pakistan’s feminist movement is pushing back against this, adopting an anti-war agenda that attacks militarism from an explicitly anti-capitalist, feminist and postcolonial perspective....


Pulled out from the link above

“In Pakistan and in India, feminists have often been the loudest voices standing up against militarism and religious nationalism,” said sociologist and Women’s March co-organiser Nida Kirmani, “because we know [militarism and nationalism are] often focused on controlling women’s bodies and controlling sexual minorities and anyone who violates the strict rules of patriarchy.”