#intifadaAlAqsa: The Third Intifada Has Begun

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#intifadaAlAqsa: The Third Intifada Has Begun

3 Palestinian Youth Killed By Israeli Forces in 24 Hours


"Clashes all over Palestine, in every city there are clashes. The 3rd intifada officially started today.#intifadaAlAqsa

Abbas had a telephone conversation with Ban Ki-moon on Sunday in which he urged the UN Security Council to take action to prevent the situation from deteriorating further 'before this gets out of control,' - Palestinian WAFA news agency




"In recent days, Israeli forces have intensified their crackdown on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. The move has sparked anger among Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip. They are calling for a new intifada or popular uprising to confront the Israeli violence..."


Video: Temple Movement Rabbi Proselytizes For Genocide -



EI: Video - Death-Chanting Israeli Mob Rejoices as Palestinian Teen is Executed


"Israeli police kill Fadi Alloun in cold blood. 'Death to the Arabs!' others shout."


Israeli Jets Strike Gaza After Rocket Fire Pinned on Hamas (and podcast)


"Witnesses reported at least four airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, early Monday conducted by Israeli F16 jets while drones were seen circling the airspace."

Israeli authorities are blaming the rocketfire on an 'ISIS affiliated group' in Gaza. This is clearly designed to manufacture consent for another 'grass-mowing' in Gaza by Israel.


West Bank Violence Flares, Hundreds of Palestinians Clash with Israeli Forces


"Severe clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces in multiple parts of the West Bank."


Israeli Forces Demolishing Palestinian Homes in East al Quds


"Israeli forces have razed to the ground homes belonging to Palestinians in the East al Quds after Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the intensification of attacks against Palestinians. The demolitions came after Netanyahu instructed his cabinet members to speed up the demolition of Palestinian homes.

Netanyahu also called for the deployment of more troops in East al Quds and ordered a harsh crackdown on Palestinians active on social media. There have been increasing clashes between Israelis and Palestinians over Israeli settlers storming of the Al Aqsa Mosque..."


Jersusalem Descends Into Blood-lust


"Israel is not a normal country. It is not a western country. It is not a democratic country. It is a country steeped in blood. We are descending into the maelstrom.

Any of you who defend or support such a state thirsty for blood, watch this video and see what you are supporting. And do not say it is the product of a hooligan mob unrepresentative of the rest of the country. This mob IS the country. The country has collapsed into brutality and murder. It is sickening."

And Canada, you continue to help in all of this...





Palestinians Call For A Day of Anger (and vid)


"Tensions remain high in the occupied West Bank


New Yorkers Rally Against Israeli Atrocities (and vid)


"Protesters from NY highlight the recent escalation of atrocities by the Israeli forces and settlers and expressed support for acts of resistance by Palestinians."


From 'The Lobby':

 CIJA Deplores Palestinian Violence, the Incitement that Leads to It and the Culture that Glorifies It


"We deplore and denounce the latest spike in Palestinian terrorism. There should be no international funding for a Palestinian Authority led by a PLO that has effectively abandoned the Oslo peace process and reverted to its terrorist origins."



IDF Accused Of Inciting, Mistreating Palestinian Protesters as West Bank Violence Rages On (and VIDEO)


"Palestinian media outraged by footage which shows Israeli soldiers continuing to beat and kick protesters long after they had been restrained."

'the idf is the most moral army in the world'


As Canada, Israel and US Object, UN Votes To Let Palestinian Flag Fly At New York HQ


"The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution Thursday calling allowing the Palestinians and Holy See to raise their flags at UN headquarters - a symbolic step pursued by the Palestinians in their quest for an independent state.

Israel strongly objected to the proposal and joined seven other countries including Canada and the US in voting 'no', 119 nations voted 'yes' and 45 abstained..."


Who Controls Canadian Elections - Canadian People Or the Israeli Lobby Or Israel Itself?


"The pervasive and bludgeoning reach of the Zionist lobby seems to have reached new heights. (or lows) To ask Palestinian-Canadians and their supporters to vote for any party that is clearly complicit in the trampling of human rights, with the faint hope that after the elections things will improve, simply will not cut it.

All three major parties need to be sent a loud and clear message that Palestinians and their supporters will not be censored and Palestinian rights will not be trampled on so easily.

We must all show that there is zero tolerance for hypocrisy and complicity with Israeli war crimes!"


Video: Israel Plants Armed 'Stone Throwers' Among Palestinian Protestors



Israel Lights the Touchpaper at Al Aqsa Again -  by Jonathan Cook


"Since a boy named David slew the giant Goliath with a slingshot, the stone has served as an enduring symbol of how the weak can defeat an oppressor.

For the past month Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tried to rewrite the Bible story by declaring war on what he terms Palestinian 'terrorism by stones.'

The situation at al Aqsa has come to symbolise in painful microcosm the Palestinian story of dispossession..."


Hamas Leader in Gaza Declares Intifada As Israeli Troops Kill Palestinians


The leader of Hamas in Gaza has labeled the ongoing violence in al Quds (Jerusalem) and the West Bank an 'intifada', as six Palestinians were shot and killed Friday while protesting at the border fence.

In a sermon for Friday prayers at a mosque in Gaza City, Ismail Haniyeh said

'We are calling for the strengthening and increasing of the intifada. It is the only path that will lead to liberation. Gaza will fulfill its role in the Jerusalem intifada and it is more than ready for confrontation.'





Electronic Intifada



Intifada: The Writing Was On The Wall  -  by Gideon Levy


"...Given this state of affairs, the current crisis sits squarely at the doorstep of the international community. The time has arrived to change the rules of the game for the international community as well.

Whoever now continues enabling Israel to run amok while taking no real steps to end the occupation, will also bear responsibility for the next round of violence."


Escalating Israeli-Palestinian Violence LIVE UPDATES


"Israeli-Palestinian violence is on the rise across Israel, the West Bank and Gaza..."


'Palestinian Youth Have Lost All Hope For A Two-State Solution' Gaza NGO Director


"The people of Gaza are still waging Intifada, nothing has changed, Amjad Sawa the director of the Palestinian NGO Network in Gaza told RT. The Israelis are violating the peace process and international law he added.

Israeli fighter jets carried out an air raid on parts of the Gaza Strip..."


Hamas Warns Israel To Stop 'Foolishness' After Raids on Gaza


"The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has warned the Tel Aviv regime to avoid further 'foolish' acts against Palestinians after Israel carried out deadly air raids on the Gaza Strip.

'This shows the occupation's desire to escalate ,' Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, said on Sunday, adding, 'We warn the occupation against this foolishness.'

The remarks came hours after a pregnant Palestinian woman and her three year old daughter lost their lives as Israeli jets carried out multiple airstrikes on Gaza."


Isaeli Protesters Hold Large Anti-Netanyahu Demonstrations


"Thousands of Israeli protesters have staged a massive rally to protest the recent spate of clashes between Palestinian people and Israeli troops, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Saturday evening, the demonstrators converged in front of Netanyahu's residence in al Quds (Jerusalem) to denounce the spiraling violence in the occupied West Bank and East al Quds as well as the Tel Aviv regime's failure to bring the situation under control.

The protesters shouted 'Bibi, go home!' and criticized Israeli authorities for their provocations against Palestinians. Similar anti-Netanyahu protests were staged in other Israeli towns."


Fearless Palestinian Women Rise Against Israeli Occupation


"We make up half of society. We also have the right to defend our country. It should be up to the people to decide and I don't believe in negotiations, said an 18 year old accounting student referring to decades of futile peace talks with Israel.

Intifada continues,' said a first-year literature undergraduate..."


Even Ghandi Would Understand the Palestinians' Violence  -  by Gideon Levy


"...As Palestinian activist Hanan Ashrawi wrote recently, the Palestinians are the only people on earth required to guarantee the scurity of their occupier. While Israel is the only country that demands protection from its victims."


Palestinian Husband Bids Farewell to Pregnant Wife and Daughter Killed by Israel



Israel Rocked By Wave Of Terror Attacks, At Least 3 Killed & Dozens Injured (and vid)


"Israel has witnessed a spate of terror-attacks on Tuesday morning in [al Quds] Jerusalem, Raanama and Haifa. At least three people have been killed and scores injured..."


Israeli Forces Shoot to Kill Palestinians: Richard Silverstein (and vid)


"Richard Silverstein [Tikun Olam] journalist and commentator from Seattle discusses the recent escalation of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces in the occupied territories.

'The only answer they have is force and more force,' the analyst said. Expressing his dissatisfaction over the sluggish response by the international community toward the Palestinian issue, the analyst said it seems that the world would not wake up to the Israel atrocities unless genocide on a large scale happens."

Looks like Canadian politicians have decided to err on the side of pro-Zionist silence. Of course many who might have said something have been taken out already..


LIVE BLOG: The Third Intifada - The Unrest Continues #ThirdIntifada


A summary of the latest developments..


What Will Prompt The Third Intifada?


George Galloway and his callers discuss the Third Intifada. 'The Palestinians just can't take it any more..'


Statement By The Hon Jason Kenney Condemning Attacks Across Israel - Oct 14, 2015


"There can be no justification for these attacks and we will continue to oppose efforts to undermine Israel's legitimacy or right to defend itself in the face of terror."

Down Israel! Free Palestine!



'Britain To Blame For Israeli Palestinian Conflict' - George Galloway



3 Palestinians Shot Dead in Fresh Wave of Israeli-Palestinian Violence



'Stop War Crimes': London, Paris Protest


"We know that as long as the UK media keeps repeating Israeli government press releases and portraying Palestinians as either helpless victims or violent aggressors, we have to shout out loud that it is the right of an occupied people to resist!'

Solidarity with Palestine!


'Mistaken For Terrorist': Eritrean Man Shot Dead By Security Guard, Beaten by Mob in Israel (and vid)



Finkelstein: Stabbings in W Bank Means Despair (1)


Finkelstein: Third Intifada Goal is to End Illegal Gaza Siege (2)


'End the Occupation Immediately and Unconditionally!'






"Before I begin on the issue of Bernie Sanders..

"I will not not betray the Palestinian people ever! Which means that I will not support Bernie Sanders or anyone that does not stand up for the oppressed.

All of the oppressed.

I'm tired of selling the Palestinians out. If we're not willing to fight that battle, we're not going to fight any battle.

He's an AIPAC wind-up doll like the rest of them..."

(*NDP please note*)


Chris Hedges: What it truly means to be a Socialist



Israel Calls A Man Its Soldiers Killed A 'Terrorist': Until They Realized He Was An Israeli Jew  -  by Glenn Greenwald


"...When they thought he was a Palestinian Arab, he was labelled a 'terrorist', and then as soon as they realized he was an Israeli Jew, the label was instantly withdrawn for that reason along, even though the conduct was the same. That's the manipulative, malleable concept of 'terrorism' in a nutshell.

As Rudy Giuliani put it in 2007 when asked whether waterboarding was torture: 'It depends on who does it.'"


Jordan To Israel: Don't Change Aqsa Mosque Status


"Amid continued Israeli provocations in the occupied territories, Jordan, the custodian of the al Aqsa Mosque compound in East al-Quds has warned the Zionist regime against trying to change the status quo of the holy site.

Israel has been applying sweeping restrictions on entry into the compound since August 26.

The comments by the Jordanian king echoed a resolution by the UN cultural body UNESCO on Wednesday, which likewise blasted Tel Aviv's 'attempts to break the status-quo since 1967,' its restrictive measures on the compound and  the Israeli 'aggression' against Palestinian worshippers."


JDL: Rabbi Kahane 25th Anniversary Memorial and Emergency Unity Meeting, Mon Oct 26 (and vid)


"All of the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People. The Arabs in Israel are Islamic settlers, not natives. Rabbi Meir Kahane's Jewish State Plan is the only solution."

Not all hate-speech or incitement is forbidden in Canada...


Video Shows Israelis Brutally Beating Palestinian


"An Israeli human-rights group has released a video showing several Israelis beating a Palestinian man."


Israel And The Rotten Soul of The West (Canada especially)


"This conflict is not and never has been about Israel's right to exist or Israel's security. It is not and never has been about Hamas or its Charter. It is not even about a two-state or a one state solution - at least not anymore.

It is about whether we take a stand on the side of an oppressed people or with their oppressor..."


Debate: Israel's Long Standing Occupation of Palestine (and vid)


"In this edition of The Debate, Press TV conducts an interview with Mikhaimar Abusada, a professor at al Azhar University in Gaza and former US assistant secretary of defense, Lawrence Korb, from Washington to discuss Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories."


Standing Against Colonialism & Oppression: Third Intifada or Global Intifada?  -  by Catherine Shakdam


"With Palestinians raging against Israel's encroachments on their rights, faith and lands, many have seen the premise of a third Intifada. And yet this Palestinian resistance bears the future of a grander, broader movement - one which stands against fascism.

Undoubtedly, Israel has crossed the Rubicon, this unfathomable line where a people's paranoia and self-taught rejection of the 'other' devolved into hatred of all people.

This madness, this rejection of Judaism's teachings of non-violence and self-sacrifice for the greater good, surely is the product of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's fascist and imperialist ideology.

This time Palestinian Intifada, this third Intifada clerics have already called for could rise a regional movement against fascism..."


Sputnik #094 : George Galloway Interviews David Hearst on Third Intifada (and vid)


"For almost half a century of occupation, Palestinians have risen up to stave it off. The Third Intifada appears to have broken out. David Hearst has peerless knowledge and experience in reporting on this struggle, the former editor of the Guardian and now the editor of the highly respected Middle East Eye joins Sputnik.

'Unfortunately and alas the situation only changes through violence.'


"Hizballah is creeping up on Israel’s Golan border, relying on Russian military coverDEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 23, 2015, 10:01 AM (IDT)"

I can only wonder, if true, would this seriously divide Israeli forces from their camapigns to repress the increasing violence. Would Hezbollah be in position to threaten Israel re its ongoing attacks?


 Israel seeks an opportunity to seize more of the Golan under the pretext of a 'buffer zone' to protect itself from hostilities ongoing on the Syrian side of the border. Of course Golan is Syrian although occupied by Israel. Large petro deposits have very recently been discovered there.  Hezb is busy fighting ISIS in Syria and wouldn't be risking a move into Golan unless in response to Israeli moves to consolidate or expand their reach deeper into Syria. If so we will soon have confirmation.


Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Schoolgirl (and vid)


"Israeli police shoot and kill a Palestinian schoolgirl whom they accused of attempting to carry out a knife attack against them in the city of al Khalil (Hebron) in the south of the Israeli-occupied West Bank."


Israeli Forces Kill 58 Palestinians in October (and vid)



Israeli Warplanes Launch Airstrikes on Central, Southern Gaza Strip


"Israeli warplanes have carried out airstrikes on areas in the south and center of the besieged Gaza Strip..."


What Does the Future Hold For the Canada-Israel Friendship?


"...Jewish Canadians in all three parties have good reason to applaud the principled positions taken by their party leaders on Israel. Stephen Harper has set a new standard, not just for Canadian prime ministers but for the international community..."



Israel Must End Unlawful Killing of Palestinians; Amnesty International


"Amnesty International has censured the Tel Aviv regime over killing Palestinians with intentional lethal force and without justification in the occupied West Bank.

"Israel has no more right to 'self defense' against Palestinians than Germans had a right to self defense against the French or other partisan resistances in WWII. As Nazareth based journalist Jonathan Cook points out in a recent article: 'Israel is occupying and besieging Gaza, conferring on its inhabitants a right under international law to fight for their freedom.

How does the oppressor, the lawbreaker, have a right to self-defense? If Israel objects to being scratched or bruised, it should stop choking its victims.'  - Steven Gowans, What's Left


Israeli Rapper, The Shadow and Fans Celebrate Jewish Dead   -  by Richard Silverstein


"...I've written a number of times here when faced with such Israeli abominations that I'm really not sure a nation of such people deserves to survive. Even if it does, I'm not certain there's enough humanity among those who aren't infected with this cancer to carry on...

Is a nation shorn of all decency worth surviving?"




Teacher Films Israeli Raid on W Bank Primary School


"A school teacher in the occupied West Bank has filmed soldiers storming classrooms in an elementary school in the city of Hebron.'


Criminalization of Anti-Israel Activism Escalates, This Time in the Land of the Charlie Hebdo 'Free Speech' March   -    by Glenn Greenwald


"The French high court upheld the criminal conviction of 12 political activists for the 'crime' of advocating sanctions and a boycott against Israel as a means of ending the decades-long military occupation of Palestine.

What did these French ciminals do? This:

'The individuals arrived at the supermarket wearing shirts emblazoned with the worlds "Long live Palestine, boycott Israel." They also handed out fliers that said that "buying Israeli products means legitimizing crimes in Gaza."


Here in Canada before a full jury 2 week trial, Arthur Topham is defending himself, charged with hate crimes for his powerful attacks vs. zionist politics...check out his radicalpress website, which they expect to ban, with possible prison sentence!



‘Thousands have marched through Hebron on the West bank in a funeral procession to commemorate five Palestinians allegedly killed by Israeli forces a few weeks ago. Earlier, their bodies were returned to the Palestinian authorities.

Social media was flooded with photos and videos of scores of Palestinians taking part in the demonstration.’


Besieged Gazans March to Spoort New Intifada (and vid)


"Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have rallied in solidarity with their fellow countrymen in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem al Quds. The rally has also been a show of support for the new Palestinian Intifada or uprising."



Israeli Police Beat & Pepper-Spray Jounalists


"Fadi Arouri works for Xinhua News Agency He says the Israeli officer was deliberately chasing down journalists."


How Zionism's Brutality Reaches From Gaza's Beaches to US Academia


"Stephen Salaita's new book is about lies and children.."


Israel Harvesting Slain Palestinians' Organs; Palestine's UN Envoy


"The Palestine ambassador to the UN says the Tel Aviv regime is harvesting the organs of Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli forces in the occupied territories.

Riyad Mansour said in a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon on Wednesday that the bodies of the Palestinians killed by Israeli forces are returned with missing corneas and other organs, further confirming past reports about organ harvesting by the occupying power.'

'A medical examination conducted on bodies of Palestinians returned after they were killed by the occupying power found that they were missing organs,' Mansour wrote in the letter."


The Empire Files: The Distortion and Death Behind Israel/Palestine Coverage (and vid)




ICC Prosecutor Must Rethink Gaza Flotilla Probe


"Judges at the ICC say the court's prosecutor must reconsider an earlier decision not to open a probe into an Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla back in 2010."


Leader of Union for Reform Judaism Slams Israel's 'Misguided' Policies


"Asking Jews around the world to wave the flag of Israel and to support even the most misguided policies of its leaders drives a wedge between the Jewish soul and the Jewish state. It is beyond counterproductive,' Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, said in a speech..."

The Rabbi said the Jewish community must not remain silent when hate-crime attacks kill innocent Palestinians in the ocupied territories."


Video: Israeli Soldiers Fire at Car, Killing Elderly Woman


"Tharwat al Sharawi, a 72-year-old Palestinian woman, was driving her car normally when Israeli forces opened fire and killed her on Friday, video and an eyewitness confirm..."


Nov 9, 2015: Occupied Palestine and Israel - News and Articles


Israel moves to greenlight 2,200 new settlement units