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We're kinda tied up at the moment George with trying to prevent a theocracy from running the affairs of the nation here at home. I don't know, but that shot about everyone here being in cahoots with religious fanatics...really, it's beneath even you.

George Victor

As for your preoccupation with matters theocratic here at home...I have not followed your part in the "Book bombshell" thread in the Canadian politics forum.  You are probably saving your contribution for the 100th posting, a kind of summary of all sides on the question.


But your interpretation of my "silence" comment in this thread was predictable. Bet you know how to bring folks onside in class discussions. Not had your coffee yet, Sj?

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Closing for length.

I haven't read the whole thread, but George, this bullshit....

 Anything, of course, for  solidarity with the Mullahs. God is Great. on wafer thin ice. 


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