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Press TV: Zarif Interview (and vid)

"...He also said US President Joe Biden has spurned predecessor Donald Trump's Iran policy in words but has so far pursued the same course of actions in practice. 'Nothing has changed. Biden claims that Trump's policy of maximum pressure was a maximum failure...But for all practical purposes, they are pursuing the same policy,' he said."

Biden and Blinken, instead of bringing the US back into compliance with the agreement they claim to wish to rejoin are instead attempting to renegotiate a new agreement even more outrageously tilted in the Americans favour. Naturally the long arm of Israel is at all times attempting to steer things also.


Iran refuses participation of US envoy to EU nuclear talks

"The 'scoop' of today that Iran refused to meet a US envoy to talk nuclear happened 3 days ago. Iran won't be fooled by Joe Biden who is trying to do exactly the same thing as Trump but with a smile and by using Europe. Won't work. Lift all sanctions first."


Iran rejected offer to hold direct talks with US/EU

"Iran rejected same offer under Trump who also wanted talks with US outside of the deal and starvation sanctions in place. The reality is that Biden has offered nothing different and result is predictably the same. Rouhani took domestic heat for IAEA compromise, Biden has yet to reciprocate."


Iran clearly behind Gulf of Oman ship explosion: Netanyahu

"Iran was behind the explosion on an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman last week, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed. The Jewish state reportedly retaliated by launching a military attack on Syria. He added that Tehran was 'Israel's biggest enemy..."

Clearly Uncle Joe and  USrael up to no good in the Middle East.


Iran-USA: Tehran says up to US to move first on saving nuclear deal (and vid)

"Years after the US & EU began violating all of their commitments, Iran has finally stopped implementing its obligations within the nuclear deal. Iran is now using its own 'maximum pressure' to persuade western regimes to stop targeting women and children."


On 'Shia-backed', 'Iran-backed' nonsense and other war mongering journalism

"The recent US airstrike at the Syria-Iraq border and the missile attacks on US bases in Iraq was followed by many examples of bad journalism. US media, as FAIR documents, have purged inconvenient facts from the coverage of Biden's 'first' airstrike. FAIR gets one thing wrong though. The attack was not in Syria, as the US claimed but on the Iraqi side of the border. I believe that Washington could very well seek to push Iraq into a new civil war..."


'We want to see Iran come back into compliance': Blinken

"The imperial arrogance of the US government is mind-blowing. It was the US that sabotaged the nuclear deal with Iran and the Biden administration now does nothing to try to save it. On the contrary, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is clearly trying to destroy the deal."

For Israel, but we mustn't speak of it.


Iran and China Sign 25-Year Cooperation Agreement

"This is huge. It's the nail in the coffin ending US imperialist hegemony over West Asia: China and Iran just signed a historic, 25-year agreement that includes increasing bilateral trade more than 10-fold to $600 billion and boosting military cooperation."


"Australian international law expert James O'Neill explains the significance of the Iran-China 25 year agreement (and vid)


Iran: Outage at Natans nuclear facility caused by terror attack (and vid)

"Tehran alleges its systems were breached by Tel Aviv and has branded the cyber attack an 'act of terrorism.'


Israeli Attack on Natanz (and vid)

"Israeli's attack on Iran's Natanz nuclear enrichment facility comes as talks are underway here in Vienna regarding renewal of the 2015 nuclear deal. My latest with Sharmine Narwani."


US may unfreeze billions in Iranian funds - report

"The US considers releasing Iranian funds for humanitarian purposes and world powers hold the fourth round of high-level talks in Vienna. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof and former UK MP George Galloway discuss."


TJDS: US Coast Guard in the PERSIAN Gulf - Why???

"Why not get the fuck out of the PERSIAN Gulf?"


Iran Intentionally Shot Down Flight PS752 in 'An Act of Terrorism', Ont Court Rules

"Ontario's Superior Court of Justice has ruled that the shooting down of Flight PS752 by Iran was an intentional act of terrorism. 'The plaintiffs have established that the shooting down of Flight 752 by the defendants was an act of terrorism and constitutes 'terrorist activity...', Justice Edward Belobaba wrote in his decision issued Thursday. Iran did not defend itself in court to refute the plaintiff's evidence, making this a default judgment.

Litigation lawyer Mark Arnold told David Common, host of CBC News Network's Power & Politics, that there are Iranian assets in Canada and internationally that he would try to seize, including oil tankers...Conservative critic for foreign affairs, Michael Chong, said this court finding is 'another confirmation that the IRGC should be listed as a terrorist entity by the Trudeau administration..."

Appalling, outrageous and malevolent.


This makes no sense.  It was clear that this was an accident given the military activity in the area going on that night.  (Why it was permitted to take off was a clear instance of negligence, but that's another matter).  What motive would they have had for intentionally shooting it down?