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CMOT Dibbler wrote:

Isn't it possible that Iranians just had an election, and that Ahmadinejad actually won fair and square in spite of a lack of democratic alternatives?

I don't know. Do you?

[url=,news-comment,news-politics,iran-elec... reporter Nigel Horne wrote:[/url]

"One of the only reliable, Western polls conducted in the run-up to the vote gave the election to Ahmadinejad - by higher percentages than the 63 per cent he actually received."

Compare that to the results of [url= US-Managed elections in Afghanistan, El Salvador and Iraq[/url] in the same decade. And remember, this is the same vicious empire some babblers refuse to believe is omnitious and omnipotent with thousands of CIA agents stationed in every major city in the world including Havana and Ottawa. I'm afraid to say so, but we're talking about gangsters with nukes.

George Victor

Yer something to behold in your breathtaking boldness, Fidel.  Have a revolutionary 2010.


It would be as if Canadians took to the streets months after electing Brian Baloney by an actual majority of votes the first and only time in 1984. Plausible yes, but how likely was it at the time, because no one knew our elected stooge was lying to Canadians on behalf of Warshington and corporate America at that point.

CMOT Dibbler

I'm not really sure how to respond to Mr. Horne's article...


Don't fret about it. We pick on the CIA and US hawks way too much here, we know. And besides, it's not like the US has ever meddled in Iran or any resource-rich country before. We live right nextdoor to the Yanquis, and so we should know.

CMOT Dibbler

Fidel, how do you get accurate polling data about the Iranian government from Iran's citizenry?  Isn't that kind of like asking Jordanian gays to fill out the Good Vibrations sex survey?  


Are foreigners not capable of indicating their electoral leanings in a survey taken by a western-based polling company before Ahmadinejad's election? 

Is it the case that the only legit leaders in the world are our 22 percent Bay St. hirelings in Ottawa and Toronto? Because if it is, then God help us.


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