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you mean this article?  quick skim- no oil nukes or $ in there, more political stuff.

really, some days i have no time to read, or only a half hour or so. 




well ok there's some stuff in there, but not enough details. like oil from which corps 'back to the public'.


This didn't take any time at all to find at least some cursory info on his background and ideology, seeing how it was the second listing on a Google search. He seems to favour the creation of more private enterprise, as alluded to here:

"Among his policies are creation of a free environment for the flow of information and corrections to the national budget.[9] He wants to promote the creation of private, non-governmental TV networks"

I did notice a potential contradiction of sorts within different parts of the description though, such as:

"He has said that "the issue of non-compliance with the Iranian rules and regulations is the biggest problem that the country is currently faced with" and that he wishes to put in place ways to enforce the laws further."

"He has also vowed to review laws that discriminate against women in Iran if he wins the upcoming election. He has stated that he would seek to disband the so called morality police force of Iran and make sure that women in Iran are treated equally, have the ability to attain financial empowerment and highest levels of decision making bodies."


also, remember when A. came to speak at that US university, he said the US was trying to get Iran to buy US uranium fuel instead of making their own.  that was a significant $ issue, but the US was just spinning and fearmongering its own greed with fingerpointing and making up the bomb story.

i need more info on where Mousavi is linked to which corp nukes and oil. 

also, if he wants more 'trade', i guess that means he's happy to deal in US dollars.  'trade' in financial 'services', big ag- wiping out small farmers, privatization of education, etc.

these issues should be clarified.


ok Slumberjack, but do people here want rabble readers or do you want the public to go to google first? 

anyway, thanks for your info. 

the regs line i could see being used by M. and his backers to play with just as the privatizers and bankers do here- stick in little clauses to the regs to make the country's laws do what bankers and corps want.

so M's rhetoric around democratization is junk.







Iran's Election and US - Iranian Relations:

"Washington's fingerprints are all over the protests and violence."


If that's true then it would be the first time in a long that the US was on the side of good against evil.


NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:


Iran's Election and US - Iranian Relations:

"Washington's fingerprints are all over the protests and violence."


Now it's at it again in a June 13 Robert Dreyfuss article headlined, "Iran's Ex-Foreign Minister Yazdi: It's a Coup" in which (without no substantiating evidence) he called the election "rigged," referred to Ahmadinejad as "radical-right," and said "his paramilitary backers were kept in office." Now "Iran's capital (is) steeped in anger, despair, and bitterness" as he almost cheerled for a "color revolution" with comments like:

"For years, the hardline clergy and their allies, including Ahmadinejad, have feared nothing more than an Iranian-style 'color revolution.'


Maybe that's what we need in our northern Puerto Rico, a colour revolution using twitter and the web and all the bells and whistles CIA style.


We've run out of the standard hues to, blue, orange, green etc.  They tend to run in the wash. 


Here's another new piece by Chris Floyd  - he says the great satan is backing A-

Through a Glass Darkly:

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