Iraq: Canada Again 'Forgets' Its Role

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Iraq: Canada Again 'Forgets' Its Role

Iraq: Canada Again 'Forgets' Its Role 

"This is not the first allegation that Canadian military airstrikes have killed civilians...Canadian trainers are calling in airstrikes, Canadian planes are scouting targets, and Canadian officers are on the ground...[And yet] the Trudeau government still publicly clings to the fiction that this isn't a combat mission."


Stench of Countless Decaying Bodies Everywhere (and vid)

"Mosul may well be one of the bloodiest massacres of civilians in recent history."


No Sign Of Recovery For Devastated Mosul After 5 Months Of 'Freedom' (and vid)

"An estimated 90 percent of Mosul was destroyed or significantly damaged during the 9-month siege by Iraqi forces supported by the US-led coalition [Including Canada!]. But in the months since its recapture from ISIS, the city has mostly disappeared from public view in the West. 

'The world has forgotten Mosul It's out of fashion, no longer trending. And locals have a well-founded suspicion that this was never about saving them..."

Predictably, unlike Canadian  crocodile-tears, gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair over the liberation of Aleppo, there is a complete and complicit silence over Canada's role in the Mosul massacre. 


'Where are the countries that said they would support us?'...The money required for just a few airstrikes could feed all the civilians in Mosul for months. But no one has sent anything..." RT in Mosul


Canada Still Trying To Determine Future Iraq Mission...   -    by David Pugliese

The reason CF hasn't got the mission's definition or 'priorities' quite right yet, may have something to do with the fact that Iraq, the country currently occupied by CF and 'the US-led coalition', has not requested the mission continue nor its 'assistance'. So the truly critical question becomes why haven't we left yet? The secondary question arising from the first is why aren't Canadian 'progressives', the media, or heaven forfend, 'the opposition', if such actually in fact exists,  asking ?


'Where Is The Coalition?' (and vid)

"Mosul still a corpse-filled ruin months after 'liberation'..."



Crimes of Compassion, Iraq's Long War and Canada's Bloody Hands   -   by Matthew Behrens

"The blood of the Iraqi people - millions of them killed, maimed, poisoned, irradiated, traumatized -- is on the hands of many Canadian corporate, military and political leaders..."


On the Iraq War's 15th Anniversary, Make the World Remember its Lessons

Yes, you were there Canada..


Great Vassals Think Alike...

2003: On Iraq - 2 PMs - One Speech