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 Anyone else find it ironic that companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have largely armed ISIS with its greatest weapon, social media.

 Also ironic is the very name, ISIS, which is also the name of a Pagan Egyption Goddess of Rivers.


RT News June 26, 2014 (1700 MSK)

"The reality in Iraq where hundreds of civilians have been slaughtered this month as jihadist radicals ravage through the country causing heavy carnage and destruction in their wake."


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June 28, 2014 (1200 MSK and vid)

"Washington launches its drones in the skies over Baghdad, as Western diplomats try to persuade Kurds to remain part of Iraq and fight the jihadists of ISIS..."


June 28 IRAQ SITREP  -  by Mindfriedo

"...Admiral John Kirby, the spokesperson of the US Department of Defense has stated that the US is in a position to deploy 30,000 troops to Iraq if the need arises and the President so decides.

The Iraqi army is claiming full control of Tikrit. It plans to advance on Baiji next..."


ISIL Terrorists Will Turn Guns Against Sponsors: Analyst (and vid)

"Press TV has conducted an interview with Kaveh Afrasiabi, author and political scientist from Boston, about the Iraqi military's push against Takfiri militants..."


Leader Warns of Enemy War Plots to Provoke Shia-Sunni War (and vid)

"Today the enemy is investing in civil-wars in the region and pins hope on a Shia-Sunni war to relieve itself of the concern of Islamic awakening, the Leader said on Saturday.

'What is happening [in Iraq] is not a Shia-Sunni war. It is a war of terrorism against the opponents of terrorism and a war between pro-Westerners and the advocates of nations' independence...'


White House Behind Iraq Tensions: Iran Cmdr

"Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri said on Saturday that the proxy wars in the Middle East are directed from the White House, adding that certain regional countries, including Saudi Arabia are also complicit in this issue.

Jazayeri said the current tension in Iraq is the result of the overflow of terrorists from other parts of the region, including Syria, into the Arab country.

'The presence of militants in Iraq should be considered as a full-fledged plot devised by world powers and their lackeys, with the US leading these powers,' he added.

The commander stated that the issue of terrorism is directely related to the US government and is aimed at serving the interests of the Israeli regime. He emphasized that the Islamic Republic will firmly counter terrorist groups and their sponsors in case of any threats against Iran..."


Former British Ambassadors Call For Blair's Impeachment (and vid)

George Galloway on who caused the mess in Iraq *Don't Miss*


ISIS Declares Creation of Islamic State in Middle East, 'New Era of International Jihad' [LIVE UPDATES ON ISIS OFFENSIVE IN IRAQ]

"ISIS Jihadists have declared the captured territories from Iraq's Diyala province to Syria's Aleppo, a new Islamic State - a 'Caliphate'. They removed 'Iraq and the Levant' from their name and urged other radical Sunni groups to pledge their allegiance.

ISIS announced that it should  now be called 'The Islamic State' and declared its chief, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as 'the Caliph' of the new state and 'leader for Muslims everywhere', the radical Sunni militant group said in an audio recording distributed online on Sunday..."

Read more: Israeli PM Netanyahu endorses Kurdish independence citing chaos in Iraq..."


Saudiphile CIA Director Behind ISIL Rise: Analyst (and vid)

"An American author and investigative journalist says CIA director John Brennan who is 'a known Saudiphile' has played a key role in the creation and rise of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)..."


Will the New Caliphate Unite the Middle East Against It?

"With this declaration, al-Baghdadi also declared war on all monarchs and other rulers in the Middle East. He will soon likely call for offensive jihad against them. This might now unite all the notoriously discordant Gulf countries against this new Islamic state."


ISIS (DAASH) Now Recruiting in Palestinian Camps in Lebanon  -  by Franklin Lamb

"...This week, (6/22/14) on NBC's Meet the Press, Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu restated the half-century old Zionist project of continuing to permanently divide and control the Middle East.

On the subject of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Daash) Netanyahu expressed the intention of his regime to continue to promote internal strife in Israel's neighboring states.

'We must weaken both [Sunni and Shia Muslims]', Netanyahu said, restating his government's preferred policy to have Muslims continue fighting among themselves.

'When your enemies are fighting each other, don't strengthen either one of them, weaken both,' he told the American public..."


Washington Relaunches Its Iraq Partition Project  -  by Thierry Meyssan

"The sudden collapse of the Iraqi state is presented by the international press as a result of the attack of the terrorist group ISIL. But who can believe that a powerful state, armed and organized by Washington, would collapse in less than a week in the wake of a jihadist group formally independent of any state?

Besides, who can believe that those who support ISIL in Syria sinceredly condemn its actions in Iraq?


International Meeting for ISIL in France (and vid)

"The Mujahidin-e-Khalq (MEK) (Iranian armed opposition group financed by Washington) held a large rally in Villepinte, near Paris, on 27 June 2014. More than 80,000 people attended the event. While the main objective of the meeting was to support the Mujahidin military base in Iraq, Camp Ashraf and their fight against Iran, MEK president Maryam Rajavi, seized the opportunity to violently lash out against Iraqi PM Nouri al Maliki and rejoice over the progress achieved by the Islamic Emirate in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Members of the Mujahidin-e-Khalq have been fighting in Syria and Iraq for 3 months alongside the ISIL..."


Why Israel Is In Love With Kurdistan  -  by Pepe Escobar

"It's no secret in the 'Middle East' that Tel Aviv and the Kurds have had a fruitful relationship - in military, intel and business terms - since the 1960s. It's a no brainer Israel would instantly recognize a possible new Kurdish nation-state. No wonder Israeli President Shimon Peres, also this week, told US President Barack Obama, 'the Kurds have, de facto, created their own state...,'

And even more crucially, projecting ahead, a Greater Kurdistan would be the ideal buffer state acting in tandem with larger Israeli strategic interests; in one go it would simultaneously amputate Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria."



ISIS Leader's Call To Muslims: Go To Iraq and Syria 'To Help Build Islamic State'

"The leader of ISIS has called for Muslims to come to the newly declared Islamic state, vowing revenge for 'wrongs' committed against fellow Muslims.

In a 19-minute audiotape, al Baghdadi is heard urging: 'Muslims, rush to your state, yes, it is your state...'

He made a special call to scholars, judges, doctors, engineers and people with military and administrative backgrounds to come 'answer the dire need of the Muslims for this,' AP reported."


3rd July SITREP  by Mindfriedo

"The Telegraph, UK, today stated the glaringly obvious. The only asset the Americans did not supply the Iraqi leadership with was air power. It states that even a rudimentary air force of Second World War aircraft would have prevented Daash from making rapid advances.

The inability of the Iraqi forces to stop the Daash/rebel advance on the roads, is now forcing them to fight a costly, in terms of money and men, urban confrontation..."


Real 'Battle of Iraq' is only Beginning  - by Dr Can Ermitan

"Iraq has now been divided into three parts, with the Sunni section being linked to parts of Syrian territory.

With the emergence of the Islamic State (or the terrorist group formerly known as ISIS) a number of previously quite hidden relationships have come out in the open.

Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran have are all inter-linked due to their local Kurdish populations and in combination with the hydro-carbon wealth wielded by some, Israel has been insinuating itself well into that geographical fix as well."


Partitioning of Iraq, Failed Israeli Project: Expert (and vid)

"Press TV has conducted an interview with Elias Farhat, strategic expert from Beirut, about the Iraqi army pushing ahead with its offensive to flush ISIL militants out of the northern city of Tikrit..."


General Wesley Clark: Wars Planned - ' 7 Countries in Five Years'


An Iraqi Perspective: How America's Destruction of Iraqi Society Led to Today's Chaos

"...So the short answer to your question is that before 2003, Iraq was not a very happy place to live, but it was home, for millions of people. They went to work and they had their basic needs satisfied. They could not express themselves politically.

But after 2003, people still could not - and cannot - express themselves politically and they also lost all of the security that they used to have and all of the basic services..."


George Galloway's Comment: Will Ramadan Make Any Difference To ISIL? (and vid)

"Muslims in Iraq face a bleak Ramadan this year as ISIL terrorists have taken over much of the country..."


July 7th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo

"Gloves are coming off!! A VERY IMPORTANT LINK:

It shows Daash/ISIS being a proxy of US interests. It's a Rolex-wearing Caliph - America's man. A subversion..."


Sunni Insurgents Take Over Nuclear Materials in Northern Iraq (and vid)

"Iraq says 'terrorist groups' have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research at a university in the country's north. Iraq's UN envoy has appealed for help to 'stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in Iraq or abroad.'


Harper To Escalate Canadian Military Intervention in Iraq  -  by Felix Gauthier

"...Of course, Harper made no mention of the fact that the US, Canada and the other western powers have repeatedly employed extreme Islamacists as their proxies in wars for regime change, including in Syria, Libya and Afghanistan."

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Great article thanks for posting

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Sure NDPP keep thinking ISIS is a USA proxy army...



The people of Iraq are not laughing at the over a decade of murderous mayhem unleashed on their country by the USA. Who the latest asshole with guns are matters not at all.  Your country started the spiral into hell that the Iraqi people are living through. 

Here is a piece by an American author published in an American magazine.



There are extraordinary elements in the present US policy in Iraq and Syria that are attracting surprisingly little attention. In Iraq, the US is carrying out air strikes and sending in advisers and trainers to help beat back the advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (better known as ISIS) on the Kurdish capital, Erbil. The US would presumably do the same if ISIS surrounds or attacks Baghdad. But in Syria, Washington's policy is the exact opposite: there the main opponent of ISIS is the Syrian government and the Syrian Kurds in their northern enclaves. Both are under attack from ISIS, which has taken about a third of the country, including most of its oil and gas production facilities.

But US, Western European, Saudi, and Arab Gulf policy is to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, which happens to be the policy of ISIS and other jihadis in Syria. If Assad goes, then ISIS will be the beneficiary, since it is either defeating or absorbing the rest of the Syrian armed opposition. There is a pretense in Washington and elsewhere that there exists a "moderate" Syrian opposition being helped by the US, Qatar, Turkey, and the Saudis. It is, however, weak and getting more so by the day. Soon the new caliphate may stretch from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean and the only force that can possibly stop this from happening is the Syrian army.

The reality of US policy is to support the government of Iraq, but not Syria, against ISIS. But one reason that group has been able to grow so strong in Iraq is that it can draw on its resources and fighters in Syria. Not everything that went wrong in Iraq was the fault of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, as has now become the political and media consensus in the West. Iraqi politicians have been telling me for the last two years that foreign backing for the Sunni revolt in Syria would inevitably destabilize their country as well. This has now happened.

By continuing these contradictory policies in two countries, the US has ensured that ISIS can reinforce its fighters in Iraq from Syria and vice versa. So far, Washington has been successful in escaping blame for the rise of ISIS by putting all the blame on the Iraqi government. In fact, it has created a situation in which ISIS can survive and may well flourish.


Busted: Jihad John McCain Met With 'ISIS' Head Caliph Ibrahim Back in 2013

"Contrary to what some would have you believe, yes, that is Sen John McCain meeting in 2013 with the head of ISIS (IS)..."


George Galloway's Comment: ISIL Terror Continues in Iraq, Syria (and vid)

"The ISIL terrorist group continues to commit acts of violence against the people of Iraq and Syria..."


Isis seizes Ramadi: After Iraq’s worst defeat in the war with the Islamic militants, battle now is to defend the road to Baghdad



This was written in 2010

Iraq: A Model Young Democracy


Kurds Enter Iraqi Sinjar, Raise Flag, ISIS 'Defeated and Running' - Reports (and vid)

"The Kurdistan Regional Security Council tweeted that Islamic State is 'defeated and on the run'. The Kurds are now occupying positions along Highway 47, the major supply route between the Iraqi city of Mosul, occupied by jihadists, and the so-called 'capital' of IS terrorists, the Syrian city of Raqqa..."


*US Deploying  'Targeting Force' To Iraq, Syria

"Expect unilateral special-ops raids. Defense secretary: ground operations are more extensive than previously described and still growing. 'The enemy doesn't respect boundaries; neither do we..."


Iraq: We Don't Need Foreign Troops To Fight ISIL

Iraq said any deployment of foreign troops on its soil cannot happen without approval of its government. 'We do not need foreign combat forces on Iraqi land,' Haider al Abbadi said in a statement.

'The Iraqi government stresses that any military operation or the deployment of any foreign forces - special or not - in any place in Iraq cannot happen without its approval, coordination and full respect of Iraqi sovereignty.'

Yanqui Go Home!


(Jan. 2014) Nathaniel Rothschilds' Genel Energy Ready To Pump Oil From Kurdistan Via New Pipeline To Turkey

"The new pipeline gives Kurdistan its own access to international oil markets for the first time, through Turkey to the port of Ceyhan.

Genel Energy is a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. It has headquarters in London and operating bases in both Ankara in Turkey and Erbil in Kurdistan. Today it is the largest indpendent oil producer and the largest holder of reserves in the Kurdistan region of Iraq..."

Watch for Iraqi Kurdistan to increasingly gain importance and focus of Western efforts on its behalf.


'US Still Using ISIS For Political Means' - Iraqi Security Official Saad al Mutalabi, security council, Baghdad province



Iraq Calls In Turkish Ambassador Over Troop Deployment

"Iraq has summoned Turkey's ambassador to Baghdad over the deployment of Turkish forces near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, which is under the control of Daesh Takfiri terrorists. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said in a Saturday statement that the forces have entered Iraqi territory, without informing the central government in Baghdad.

It said Iraq considers the presence a 'hostile act' and demanded the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish forces..."


Erdogan Moves to Annex Mosul

"The wannabe Sultan Erdogan did not get his will in Syria, where he had planned to capture and annex Aleppo. The Russians prevented that. He now goes for his second target, Mosul in Iraq, which many Turks see as a historic part of their country.

The Turks claim they were invited by the Kurds..."


Iraq to Turn to UNSC if Turkey Fails to Withdraw Troops Within 48 Hours
Read more:
...and the Canadians? Didn't the Iraqi's recently intercept a Canadian military plane?


iyraste1313 wrote:

...and the Canadians? Didn't the Iraqi's recently intercept a Canadian military plane?

you mean when...

'PARANOID IRAQ Seized Canadian Military Plane Hauling Weapons For Special Forces in Kurdistan'...?

Yes, indeed, satan's little Canucklehead helpers, on the job again...



Baghdad Ultimatum To Ankara Expires, Moscow To Discuss Turkish Military Invasion at UNSC

"The Iraqi PM has called on NATO to intervene shortly after the deadline of a Baghdad-issued ultimatum demanding that Turkish troops leave its territory expired. Ankara has refused to withdraw.

Meanwhile, Russia intends to bring up Ankara's invasion of northern Iraq at the UN Security Council on Tuesday. Turkey is lying when it says it received Baghdad's blessing to invade part of its territory according to the Iraqi PM. Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled Obeidi turned down his Turkish counterpart's invitation to visit Ankara..."

Canada is also in northern Iraq and part of the same US-led coalition as Turkey is.  The objective is the dismemberment of Iraq and the creation of a compliant Kurdish petro-proxy.


Iraq v Turkey: Baghdad Issues Ultimatum, Threatens with NATO, UN

"In the wake of Turkey's disturbing deployment of troops in Iraq, Moscow hopes Ankara will avoid escalating the situation in the region with further reckless moves, said Russia's UN envoy following UNSC meeting."


Turkish Jets Strike Kurdish Positions in Iraq Amid Rising Tensions Between Ankara & Baghdad

"Ankara carried out airstrikes targeting Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) forces in northern Iraq. Ten F-16 fighter jets targeted PKK positions in the Kardil, Har Kurk, Zap and Avasin-Baysan regions in northern Iraq on Tuesday. Shiite paramilitary groups have threatened force against Turkey unless it pulls its forces out of Iraq..."


Senior Iraqi MP Reveals Riyadh's $8 Bn Suspicious Aid to Massoud Barzani

"...Barzani has receieved financial aid amounting to $8 bn during his recent visit to Riyadh, which will be distributed among his family members and high-ranking officials in Kurdish region,' Sarvah Abdol Wahid said in an interview with the Iraqi al-Alam al-Jadid daily. Noting that the Kurdistan regional government (KRG) always claims to have financial problems, the legislator said, 'The region faces no financial crisis, the only problem is that the wealth of the Kurdish nation is stolen (by the statesmen)."


Report: 200 US Soldiers Arrive in Iraq's Embattled Anbar

"The US military has deployed some 200 troops to Iraq's western province fo Anbar to purportedly take part in operations to retake the territory from the Takfiri Daesh militants..."


Daesh Destroys Bridge, Trap Selves in Iraq's Ramadi

"The opposition to retake Ramadi, which was blitzed by Daesh in May began earlier this month, with pro-government forces managing to record back to back victories against the militants. The allied forces seized control of a military complex north of the city earlier this week before they captured the neighborhood of Husaybal in the eastern outskirts of the city.

Iraqis said the destruction of the last bridge into Ramadi proves that the days of militants in the area are numbered. Daesh militants are also reported to be destroying the infrastructure inside Ramadi including buildings and radio towers..."


US House Bill To Directly Arm Kurds Threatens Iraq Unity

"Going around Iraq's central government in Baghdad to directly arm Kurdish forces in the fight against the Islamic State could threaten Iraq's unity, US Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bomb Corker told Sputnik. On Wednesday, the House Foreign Relations Committee passed a bill to directly arm and equip the Kurdish Peshmerga..."


Turkey-Iraq Dispute Questions Cause US State Dept Anger



Erdogan Has NATO's Tacit Approval Over Iraq: James Petras (and vid)

NATO Canada collaborates with NATO Turkey, also the corrupt Kurdish petro-proxy Barzani. Canadian special forces and 'trainers' are present in that part of Northern Iraq.