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[Trying to get past the meta meta meta conversations...]

I remember Joe Clark's foolish election promise to move the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem. What I forgot was that Jimmy Carter (same initials) had made the same promise during his own election campaign, and mercifully broke it later, as did Joe. And I also forgot that after Joe's planned move caused the entire world (except Israel of course) to jump on his head, he appointed Robert Stanfield to investigate and report back!

The whole story is [url=]here[/url], and the old CBC video news report is worth watching as well.

Let's hope Trump, whose initials are different (though reminiscent of delirium tremens), will also forget this aggressive, unlawful, and pandering promise.



The Associated Press:

BREAKING: Israel approves 2,500 West Bank settlement homes, signaling new approach under Trump. 


josh wrote:

The Associated Press:

BREAKING: Israel approves 2,500 West Bank settlement homes, signaling new approach under Trump. 

Are you serious, josh? "New approach under Trump?" Are you serious, josh???? You quote this crap as if it's "news"????


In April 2012, four illegal outposts were retroactively legalized by the Israeli government.[314] In June 2012, the Netanyahu government announced a plan to build 851 homes in five settlements: 300 units in Beit El and 551 units in other settlements.[315][316]

Amid peace negotiations that showed little signs of progress, Israel issued on 3 November 2013, tenders for 1,700 new homes for Jewish settlers. The plots were offered in nine settlements in areas Israel says it intends to keep in any peace deal with the Palestinians.[317] On 12 November, Peace Now revealed that the Construction and Housing Ministry had issued tenders for 24,000 more settler homes in the West Bank, including 4,000 in East Jerusalem.[318] 2,500 units were planned in Ma'aleh Adumim, some 9,000 in the Gush Etzion Region, and circa 12,000 in the Binyamin Region, including 1,200 homes in the E1 area in addition to 3,000 homes in previously frozen E1 projects.[319] Circa 15,000 homes of the 24,000 plan would be east of the West Bank Barrier and create the first new settlement blocs for two decades, and the first blocs ever outside the Barrier, far inside the West Bank.[320] 

Hint 1: Obama was president during the above.

Hint 2: The settlements have been illegally established and occupied by settlers since 1967.

Hint 3: LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama. Sorry if I missed one or two, just going from memory.

So the "new approach under Trump" is... what?

Oh wait a minute, you were just quoting an MSM breaking news headline... you don't necessarily subscribe to that fake news... am I right?





So the "new approach under Trump" is... what? 


If you like, dropping the pretense.


Gulf Activists Reject Saudi-Israeli 'Flirtation' at Davos

"Activists in the Gulf states are strongly condemning a meeting between former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni and a high-ranking representative of Saudi Arabia last week..."

It's far more than a 'flirtation'. Israel and Saudi have been 'going together' for a while.


Police 'likely to recommend' indictment of Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges

Sean in Ottawa

bekayne wrote:

Police 'likely to recommend' indictment of Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges


Here's to hoping his US friend is soon in the same position


As Bibi Readies For Trump Summit, He Dumps Two-State for 'State-Minus'

"To all those Israel apologists who've been professing Bibi's adherence to the two-state solution, you can all retire in shame. Netanyahu has officially ditched two-state. He's now going with a new marketing campaign which he dubs 'State minus'. It's not a Palestinian state. It's something less than that. More along the lines of a South African Bantustan, but minus the disparaging reference."

Palestinian 'First Nation' being readied for 'self-government'?


Two-State Solution For Palestinians and Israelis is 'Totally Fraudulent' (and vid)



I hope some of the NDP leadership candidates read this poll and decide that the policy on Israel needs to change to represent the views of its supporters.


The poll found that far more Canadians had a negative (46%) than a positive (28%) opinion of the Israeli government. This was particularly true of Liberal Party supporters (55% vs 22%); NDPers (61% vs 7%); Greens (58% vs 5%); and Bloc Quebecois supporters (78% vs 10%). Only Conservative Party supporters tended to have more positive than negative opinions of the Israeli government (21% vs 58%).

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In Historic Report, U.N. Agency Says Israel Is Imposing an "Apartheid Regime" on Palestinian People

For the first time, a United Nations agency has directly accused Israel of imposing an "apartheid regime" on the Palestinian people. The report also urges governments to "support boycott, divestment and sanctions [BDS] activities and respond positively to calls for such initiatives." The findings come in a new report published by the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, which is comprised of 18 Arab states. For more, we speak with the co-author of the report, Richard Falk. He’s professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University and previously served as the U.N. special rapporteur on Palestinian human rights....


Russia summons Israeli ambassador to explain air raids in Syria

Moscow raises concerns over Israel’s exchange of fire with Syrian regime forces as second incident kills pro-Assad fighter

Doug Woodard

Israel sunk in 'incremental tyranny' say former Shin Bet chiefs:




Israel's First Trans Officer Helps With Ethnic Cleansing

"It is disturbing to learn that the Israeli government is sending a trans Israeli army commander on a public relations tour in the US, [and] to see this blatant attempt to coopt the trans liberation struggle to make a brutal colonial military seem like a site of diversity and inclusion..."


A Russian Emigre Compares Russia to Israel

"I came to the conclusion that Israel is a fascist state. Israel is not a free country."


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How Black Lives Don't Matter in Israel

While the Israeli state espouses multiculturalism and diversity, it oppresses not just the Palestinian population, but also any Black person within its borders.

From warehousing African asylum seekers in giant prison camps, to criminalizing and carrying out eugenics programs against its Ethiopian Jewish citizens, Israel’s treatment of Black people reveals that the Zionist project is not just about Jewish supremacy, but also white supremacy....


Mass Hunger Strike Begins in Israel Jails

"At least 1500 prisoners started a mass hunger strike on Monday, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Club. The number was expected to soon rise to 2,000."


Free Free Palestine! Down Down Israel!

Solidarity and Resistance with the hunger strikers! 

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..more on the strike

1500 Palestinian prisoners launch largest collective hunger strike in years: Take action in support!


As the strike begins, Israeli jails hold approximately 6,500 Palestinian political prisoners. This number includes nearly 60 women and 300 children. Nearly 600 are imprisoned without charge or trial under administrative detention, while over 1,000 are sick and require medical treatment.

This is the largest collective hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners since 2012 and before that, 2004, when mass hunger strikes united thousands of Palestinian prisoners for key demands, many of which were achieved in those strikes yet have come under repeated and sustained attack. There is a lengthy history of collective hunger strikes in Israeli jails organized by the Palestinian prisoners’ movement, stretching back decades.

While the strike was announced by Fateh prisoners with Barghouthi as their spokesperson, prisoners from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Islamic Jihad, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Hamas, the People’s Party and others have declared participation in the strike, especially in prisons like Hadarim, Gilboa and Nafha, where there is nearly unanimous participation in the strike among political prisoners. Perhaps the last mass strike which saw such broad participation was the 2014 administrative detainees’ hunger strike which involved all of those Palestinians held without charge or trial – at the time, a number below 200.

In Barghouthi’s piece, he urged international solidarity, noting the support of South African former prisoners of the anti-apartheid struggle for Palestinian prisoners. “Israel is not the first occupying or colonial power to resort to such expedients. Every national liberation movement in history can recall similar practices. This is why so many people who have fought against oppression, colonialism and apartheid stand with us.” Fateh prisoners also emphasized the importance of support for the strike, noting that it was “urgent” that their cause becomes an Arab and an international one, instead of only being supported on the local and national level.

The Prison Branch of the PFLP also highlighted the importance of Palestinian support and international solidarity: “we call on all the Palestinian people and their supporters and friends around the world to stand side by side with the prisoners in their continuing battles inside the prisons, escalating the mass movement to support the battle of wills, challenge and confrontation, and to once again reaffirm the centrality of the cause of the prisoners.”

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BDS Leader Omar Barghouti Dedicates His Gandhi Peace Award to Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike


OMAR BARGHOUTI: I think if we consider the Israeli government, that came into power in 2015 as the most racist in Israel’s history, dropping the mask that once covered Israel’s regime of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid, the Trump administration has also dropped the mask of the U.S. administration, which was always in bed with Israel’s system of occupation and apartheid, and now it’s in your face. So, the repression that we’re seeing increasingly in the United States and the repression and denial of rights we’re seeing by the Israeli government are coming together and showing ways to connect our struggles. So we’re facing very difficult times, facing an Israeli impunity on steroids, because of the Trump administration. And at the same time, Israel’s right-wing government is being used by the Trump administration as a model for ethnic profiling, for walls, like the wall with Mexico, and for various sorts of racial policies. Israel is now a model for the U.S. administration. And that’s dangerous for everyone.

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..from democracy now headlines

Palestinians Strike in Solidarity With Hunger-Striking Prisoners

In the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank, Palestinians shut down businesses and halted services Thursday in a general strike held in solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails. This is Hebron resident Shadia Sultan.

Shadia Sultan: "The solidarity is very nice and organized. Everything is closed. Everyone is in solidarity with the prisoners. Even the store owners have put up 'closed' signs in their stores reading, 'Today we are on a strike in solidarity with the prisoners,' which gives a sense of pride and freedom to the prisoners."

More than 1,000 prisoners began refusing food on April 16 to protest poor conditions in Israeli jails, as well as Israel’s policy of administrative detention, which allows Palestinians to be held for months without trial.


'It's  Been 30 Years...'

"Some of the prisoners are suffering and it is getting worse.' So far, Israel's only response has been to punish the prisoners, while authorities have continued to state that they will not negotiate..."


Pregnant Canadian Woman Blocked From Leaving Gaza Strip

"Bissan Eid has been unable to leave Gaza since December, and her family says Ottawa must step in so she can give birth safely in Canada.

'It takes one hour from Erez crossing to Jordan, not more. It's not complicated,' Eid said about what it would take to get his daughter on her way back to Canada.

Tadamon!, a Montreal-based group working in support of Palestine and human rights issues, said in a statement: 'Canada's Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made very public pronouncements about diversity being Canada's 'strength'...We are calling on the Liberal government and Trudeau to take action in Eid's case so that she may receive the support she urgently needs."

They didn't...

Bissan Eid Forced To Give Birth in the Israeli Military Besieged Gaza Strip, As Eid Family Continues To Call For Support

Although Canadian politicians of all yellow stripes are famous for their abject subservience to Israel and the Zios, perhaps Canadian progressives should do something to get them up off their knees and help this woman and her baby return to Canada?

[email protected]


Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland @ World Jewish Congress Plenary in NYC 2017

"Canada stands shoulder to shoulder with Israel..."

And to its everlasting shame, it's true.



Hezbollah Chief Raps Arab Leaders Over Inaction On Palestinian Hunger Strike

"Where is the world...?"


Hamas Military Wing Gives Israel 24 Hours To Respond to Mass Hunger Strike

"We warn the enemy not to ignore the just and legitimate demands of the prisoners, and we say we are giving the enemy leadership 24 hours to respond..."


The Prisoners' Revolt: The Real Reasons Behind the Palestinian Hunger Strike

"According to prisoners' rights group Addameer, more than 800,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned under military rule since Israel commenced its occupation of Palestinian territories...That is 40 percent of the entire male population of the Occupied Territories.

The current prisoners' hunger strike began on April 17 in commemoration of 'Prisoners Day' in Palestine.

On the eighth days of the strike, as the health of Marwan Barghouti deteriorated, Abbas was in Kuwait meeting a group of lavishly dressed Arab singers.

However, Trump has no plan. He is giving Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, carte blanche to do as he pleases. In this unequal reality, only Israel decides the fate of Palestinians.

Why then, should Palestinians be quiet? It is under this backdrop that the hunger strike becomes far more urgent than the need to improve the conditions of incarcerated Palestinians..."


CIJA A Key Partner Of Quebec Premier's Forthcoming Trade Delegation To Israel

"...CIJA Quebec, the advocacy arm of Federation CJA has been a privileged partner in the planning of the upcoming Quebec mission to Israel. The mission will be a historic milestone in the growing relationship between Quebec and Israel..."

Zionization proceeds apace.


Anti-BDS Intelligence Chief Revealed as Shar Har - Zvi

"Shar Har-Zvi is the head of the intelligence branch in the Ministry of Strategic Affairs who is responsible for the struggle [war] against BDS; he is a Lieutenant Colonel (Reserve). Har Zvi may well be connected to Mossad, or one of Israel's  other spy agencies.

Israeli journalist Yossi Melman also reported that the ministry is involved in 'blackops' against the Palestine solidarity movement..."

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Israelis, Palestinians are ready to accept international consensus

A recent poll conducted by the The Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research and the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion on an outline for a final-status agreement. The poll presented a “permanent agreement package” based on previous rounds of negotiation between Israelis and Palestinians, based on mutual recognition between Israel and Palestine, establishing a demilitarized Palestinian state within 1967 borders, annexing a number of settlement blocs to Israel in exchange for land swaps, and turning West Jerusalem into Israel’s capital and East Jerusalem into the capital of Palestine (with the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall under Israeli sovereignty). Palestinian refugees will have the right to return to the Palestinian state; 100,000 of them will return to Israel as part of a family unification program, while the rest will be monetarily compensated.

Forty-eight percent of Israelis (41 percent of Jews and 88 percent of Arab citizens) and 42 percent of Palestinians in the occupied territories said they support this outline....


For Arab Gulf States, Israel is Emerging As An Ally

"Sunni monarchies, led by Saudi Arabia, increasingly see the Jewish state as a partner in a common struggle against Shiite Iran."


Jewish Diaspora is an Intelligence Asset, Cotton Says

"The reach of Jewish communities worldwide has proven a unique intelligence asset for the state of Israel - and for its allies, a senior US lawmaker said..."

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

NDPP wrote:
Jewish Diaspora is an Intelligence Asset, Cotton Says

"The reach of Jewish communities worldwide has proven a unique intelligence asset for the state of Israel - and for its allies, a senior US lawmaker said..."

This story strikes me as the perfect way to stoke the fires of anti-semitism everywhere. Haters can point at it to justify their persecution of Jews because, after all, they're just a bunch of spies for Israel and the U.S.


Israel's New Cultural War of Aggression  -  by Richard Falk

"Israel's most ardent and powerful backers are transforming the debate on Israel/Palestine policy into a cultural war of aggression. The adverse consequences for academic freedom and freedom of though in a democratic society should not be underestimated..."

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European trade unions statement in solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers


As European trade unionists we are alarmed that despite this clear injustice inflicted on the people of Palestine, European states, the European Union (EU) and representative institutions have failed to fulfil their duty to hold Israel accountable for its grave violations of international law and human rights. The EU and multinational corporations reap profits by facilitating the continued oppression and imprisonment of Palestinians.

The European Union includes the Israeli National Police in research projects, like LAW TRAIN, funded by the EU taxpayers money, that aims to further develop interrogation techniques.

Corporations like Hewlett-Packard (HP) and G4S profit from the imprisonment of Palestinians: aside from providing services to the Israeli occupation army and biometric technology that enables Israel to control and enforce its system of racial segregation and apartheid against Palestinians, HP is deeply complicit in technologically enabling the torture-laden Israeli prison system. British-Danish security corporation G4S still has contracts in training Israeli police and as such, remains complicit in Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights.

We believe that as trade unionists and conscious citizens of this world, we have duty and power to take a stand. We stand in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in their demand for fair treatment and justice. We commit to working within our respective unions not to renew contracts with corporations like HP and G4S profiting from the imprisonment of Palestinians. In addition we call on the EU and European member states to end their complicity and hold Israel accountable for its gross violations of human rights.

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Canadian Labour Congress resolution of support for prisoners’ strike joins growing labor solidarity for Palestinian freedom

Emergency Resolution

CLC Supports Palestinian Prisoners’ Dignity Strike

The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) will:

a) Call on the Canadian Government to pressure Israel to stop violating international law by illegally detaining Palestinians and depriving them of their basic human, civil and political rights;

b) Work with global union federations, affiliates and civil society organizations in Canada on campaigns in support of Palestinian prisoners.

BECAUSE More than 1600 Palestinian prisoners have been on a hunger strike since April 17, 2017; and

BECAUSE Key demands of the hunger strike include: end to the denial of family visits, the right to appropriate health care, the right to education in prison and an end to solitary confinement and “administrative detention”; and

BECAUSE The CLC supports the right of the Palestinian people to national self-determination and an end to the illegal Israeli occupation as the basis for a just peace in the region.

This important resolution follows on strong, growing international labor movement and trade union support for Palestinian prisoners and the Palestinian struggle for justice, self-determination and liberation.

On 12 May, the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO), which represents nearly one million workers in Norway, endorsed a full international economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel as a necessary means to support fundamental Palestinian rights....


20,000 Walk For Israel/JNA in Toronto

Israel not Russia...

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..thrall provides an interesting take re trump and israel. here's a bit of it.

Palestinian Hunger Strikers in Israeli Jails Protest Trump's Visit to Israel


So, I think that what we’re facing right now is great uncertainty on both sides with respect to Trump, which both sides both regard as a threat and an opportunity. There is a sense that there’s real ignorance, both on the part of the president and the team around him, and so much so that each side could potentially take advantage of that ignorance and change or shift U.S. policy in their direction. So, everybody is walking on eggshells right now and trying very much not to upset Trump, very uncertain whether he’s capable of retaliating against one side if he feels that they are an obstacle to his achieving what appears to be a real priority for him, and the real—real priority for both sides is to try and stay on Trump’s good side for now, without doing anything that’s too domestically difficult for each one.


NATHAN THRALL: Sure. I mean, there’s a sense that Trump is not at all beholden to the views of the U.S. foreign policy establishment really on anything, but especially on this conflict. And he—there’s a sense that he does look at this as a real estate transaction. He has a bold subheading inside his book, The Art of the Deal, that’s called "Use Your Leverage." And that’s really the locus of the fear on the Israeli side with respect to Trump. It’s the notion that he could really try and exert pressure on Israel, threaten real consequences in the U.S.-Israeli relationship, if Israel were not to agree to, let’s say, the outlines of an American proposal for a settlement of the conflict or the outlines of an American proposal on which the two sides would negotiate and work out the details. And Trump has—you know, during his campaign, he said some things that were frightening to supporters of Israel. He refused to blame one side for the impasse. And he even refused to back down when he was criticized for refusing to do so. And he does appear to really prioritize this conflict and see it as something that could create a legacy for him. And so, the question is: Does he intend to use his leverage? Is he capable of using his leverage? And if he is, then we’re looking at a totally different Israeli-Palestinian peace process than we’ve seen in the past.


Parochial Israeli Reception Makes Even Vulgar President Trump Look Statesmanlike

"US President Donald Trump is a man well versed in vulgarity. But even he must have been surprised by what awaited him in Israel on Monday..."


The Intercept: Hacked Emails Show Top UAE Diplomat Coordinating With Pro-Israel Think Tank Against Iran

The email account of one of Washington's most connected and influential foreign operatives has been hacked...

"...Israel and the Gulf Monarchies have grown closer in recent years, as both sides fear that Iran is moving closer to normalization with the West and will therefore increase its own influence and power in the region. But admission of the alliance between the two are still rare in public.

One high-level Israeli official, discussing the relationship on background for a previous HuffPost profile of Otaiba, laid out the politics of it. 'Israel and the Arabs standing together is the ultimate ace in the hole. Because it takes it out of the politics and the ideology. When Israel and the Arab states are standing together, it's powerful,' he said.

The hacked emails demonstrate a remarkable level of backchannel cooperation between a leading neoconservative think-tank  -  FDD is funded by pro-Israel billionaire [and largest Trump donor] Sheldon Adelson, an ally of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is one of the largest political donors in the US - and a Gulf monarchy..."


"This is how Palestine has changed over the years as the state of Israel was being established..."

Eaten alive by the Jewish State with the help of  all its 'friends' in Canada and around the world. 


Trump, Israel and Saudi Arabia - Targeting Iran   -    by Chandra Muzaffar

"Some reflections on areas of conflict..."

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So how you guys liking trump now? You loved him in the elections... 8-/



Blame Putin,  Caw!


Toon Of The Day -- Apartheid Woman v Mother Palestine : Wonder Woman Is Palestine's Newest Enemy

"Wonder Woman opens in theaters today, starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot in the title role. The film is getting great reviews, but many are refusing to see it over Gadot's support for the Israeli military, especially during the 2014 onslaught on Gaza.

Here, Carlos Latuff imagines Gadot's Wonder Woman being outmatched by her latest opponent, Mother Palestine."


Israel's Tzipi Livni Faces Swiss War Crimes Probe

Israel's Tzipi Livni, wanted in Europe for crimes, boasted about Israel 'going wild' against Palestinians in Gaza.

Canada supports...



Israel Approves Largest West Bank Settlement Construction in 25 Years

"Israel has greeenlighted plans for over 8,000 new homes in the West Bank, with over a third for 'immediate' construction, the defense minister revealed on Sunday, making it the largest expansion of Jewish settlements in the area in 25 years.

The construction of settlements in the region is considered illegal under international law."

Canada supports Israel.


Al Quds International Day Means Freedom Comes Before Peace

"...And justice means rejecting so-called solutions which are essentially unjust, that reward the oppressor for their crimes and grants them legitimacy for returning a few crumbs of what they have stolen..."


Gaza Is On 2.5 Hours of Electricity A Day

"The entire [Canadian and] American media and political class is silent. It will take Israel electing Putin for them to cry out for Gaza."



Here's my perspective on this issue. If you're too busy working, then chances are you're not going to be as pissed off that you don't have the opportunity to apply yourself (directed to Palestinian) instead of expanding outward (suburban crawl) expand up (hi rise condos) directed to Israel. Again, don't look to s biased player as the US is to resolve any issue in the Middle East or any white European nation for that matter.


Israeli Minister Calls For Full Saudi Ties and Official Riyadh Visit

Wahhabism and Zionism were made for each other. Canada supports both.

Doug Woodard

If Israel were smart:

But Israel is being run by people who don't want any kind of coexistence in Palestine; they want the Palestinians east of the Jordan (for now); transfer. In the meantime they want them as powerless as possible. To paraphrase Moshe Dayan (who may actually have been talking about the consequences of "no-peace") "Let them live like dogs, and we will see what happens."


Palestinian Parties Condemn Israel's Detention of Female Lawmaker

"Palestinian politicians and activists have strongly condemned the detention by Israel of a female legislator and senior member of the PFLP. Israeli troops raided the home of 55-year-old Khalida Jarra in the central West Bank city of Ramallah on Sunday morning and arrested her.

She is also the head of the Prisoners' Commission of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and is vice chairperson of the board of directors of Palestinian prisoners' rights group, Addameer.

Head of the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Qarage denounced Israel for arresting Jarrar, saying the detention is 'a violation of international law and of immunity given to elected Parliament members.' Qarage urged all Arab and foreign governments to intervene and ensure the release of Jarrar as well as 12 other PLC members currently imprisoned in Israeli detention centers.

Israel's internal spy agency, Shin Bet, announced in a statement on Sunday that Jarrar was arrested along with a Palestinian activist for 'promoting terror activities,' without providing any further information..."

Israel Embassy Canada:

[email protected]

"The only democracy in the Middle East"

Canada supports


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