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Basically no life. #Gaza

"On third anniversary of the massacre, apartheid Israel continues to persecute 2 million people in the Gaza ghetto and world stays silent."


Israel Turns UNESCO Meeting into 'Politicized Circus'

"Israel again had a hissy fit..."


Why Palestine is Still the Issue   -   by John Pilger

"Arabs, they said, 'nomads'. The words were almost spat out. All over the colonised world, the true sovereignty of indigenous people is feared by those who can never quite cover the fact, and the crime, that they live on stolen land."


Israeli Military Orders Palestinian Leader Khalida Jarrar Imprisoned For Six Months Without Charge or Trial

"Khalida Jarrar, Palestinian national leader, leftist parliamentarian, feminist and advocate for Palestinian political prisoners, was issued a six-month administrative detention order on Wednesday, 12 July, 2017. The order was signed by the Israeli occuption military commander over the West Bank, and it is scheduled to be confirmed at a hearing at the Ofer military court on 17 July, 2017, reported Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association."


Palestinians, Roger Waters and Ken Loach Respond to Tom Yorke's Defence of Radiohead's Tel Aviv Show

"Award-winning film director Ken Loach and Roger Waters have joined Palestinians and activists in responding to comments made by Thom Yorke in defence of Radiohead's scheduled show in Tel Aviv on July 19th."


Israel and Rwanda, Partners in Persecution   -   by Ann Garrison

"The UN Human Rights Council, where Rwanda has pledged to defend its friend Israel, is a human rights abusers council as much as not..."


Protests Rage On As Israel Tightens Grip on Aqsa

"Palestinians say Israel's restrictions at al-Aqsa are meant to expand the Tel Aviv regime's control over the highly-sensitive site and change its status quo..."


Three Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem on Friday. Clashes erupted following a mass prayer in the Palestinian neighborhoods surrounding the Old City, after Israeli authorities closed the Al-Aqsa compound for prayer for second straight Friday


Six Killed As Netanyahu Throws Match Onto Jerusalem Powderkeg


Israel Arrests United Nations Official in Gaza Again

"I find it odd that a UN employee has been in an Israeli prison for four days and there has been no statement from the international body. Is this how they come to the defence of their staff when it's under threat in a police state?"

It is when it's Israel...




Al Aqsa Intifada Begins in Bloody Earnest

"Six dead in Palestine. This is apartheid justice..."



"Israeli bombs. Israeli drones. Israeli-imposed power cuts. And no way to leave. Can you imagine living life like this?"


Former IDF Brig Gen Calls For Destroying Dome of Rock, Islam's Third Holiest Site

"Views which in the past were viewed as delusional or aberrant are now mainstream. The unthinkable is not only thought, it's made real..."


Could this finally be the beginning of the end for Netanyahu?

A deal was signed with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's former chief of staff and confidant Ari Harow Friday which will see him become a state witness in a string of ongoing investigations against Netanyahu involving alleged corruption and bribery.,7340,L-4998699,00.html


Abbas Pledges To Ramp Up Sanctions Against Gaza

"Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been seeking to weaken rival Hamas by cutting payments for power supplies to Gaza..."




Kicked Out

"Israeli authorities evict Palestinian couple from home they lived in for 53 years."


Fatal Hospital Raid

"Video shows Israeli police action which resulted in death."


"To Jews troubled by torches and guns in Charlottesville: come to Israel! We will give you torches and guns to secure our demographic future...

Canada supports



Israeli Minister: Relations With Trump Are More Important Than Calling Out Nazis

"...Trump is the best US leader Israel has ever had. His relations with the prime minister of Israel are wonderful, and after enduring the terrible years of Obama, Trump is the unquestioned leader of the free world, and we must not accept anyone harming him.'

Electronic Intifada co-founder Ali Abunimah wrote: 'Israel wants to make sure not to alienate its white supremacist (Nazi) allies. Zionism is toxic."

Canada supports


Israel Choking Palestinian Economy (and vid)


Rabbi Who Urged Gaza Genocide Excused Rape By Soldiers

"A prominent Israeli rabbi known to have advocated genocide in Gaza - also advised that soldiers may rape during wartime it has emerged. Writing on, a popular Hebrew language website catering to religious Jews, Eliyahu contended that Israeli soldiers would lose their motivation to wage war if they are not allowed to rape non-Jewish women..."


'Friedman Mindset Dominated by Settler Perspective' (and vid)

Richard Silverstein on US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman's comments about the 'alleged' Israeli occupation."

Sean in Ottawa

NDPP wrote:

Israel Choking Palestinian Economy (and vid)


Rabbi Who Urged Gaza Genocide Excused Rape By Soldiers

"A prominent Israeli rabbi known to have advocated genocide in Gaza - also advised that soldiers may rape during wartime it has emerged. Writing on, a popular Hebrew language website catering to religious Jews, Eliyahu contended that Israeli soldiers would lose their motivation to wage war if they are not allowed to rape non-Jewish women..."

Rape is the oldest form of terror attack when employed by occupying and invading forces.

I can get into examples of Israel supporting terror on populations but I am sure others can catalog this themselves.

Much of the anger against Israel is fueled by its apparent hypocrisy.


Canadian Teacher Nadia Shoufani Defeats Silencing Campaign Against Her For Palestinian Freedom

"Organizations including B'NAI BRITH CANADA, THE CENTER FOR ISRAEL AND JEWISH AFFAIRS (CIJA), and THE FRIENDS OF SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER CANADA, were actively involved in the campaign to silence shoufani..."

It is too bad that the Government of Canada and ALL its political parties support this kind of crimninal harrassment by such a malevolent and ill-intentioned foreign power. Such organizations and their activities should be criminalized for aiding and abetting Israeli terrorism.


EU Refuses To Condemn Israeli Genocide Plan

Netanyahu gives stamp of approval to genocidal plan 'to dismantle the Palestinian national collective'.



US Opens First Permanent Military Base in Israel

"As tensions with Iran rise..."


Israel Refuses To Stop Arms Sales To Myanmar Despite Rohingya Massacre

"Meanwhile TAR Ideal Concepts has trained Burmese special forces in Myanmar's restive western state of Rakhine, where a wave of serious communal violence continues unabated."


By The Grace of Israel - The Barzani Clan And Kurdish Independence

"Israel was the only state that supported a referendum. That sympathy (or political convenience) runs both ways: In Kurdistan's Erbil, the polling station head shouted out: 'We are the second Israel!"


"How can Israeli oligarch sell half Israel's largest bank for $800 million to Canadian fund & the identity is secret? @ Bill_Morneau  "

"Israeli oligarch, Shari Arison sells half of Bank HaPoalim for $800 - million to myserious, secret Canadian buyer."

No Canadian msm coverage - no surprise.


Israel Aims To Make Its Dystopic Prison Initiative World Model


Are You Ready For Another ME War by Israel?

IDF Brass: Israel Faces 'Catastrophic Defeat' if Next Hezbollah War Exceeds Ten Days

"...We are naturally unhappy about the fact that Lebanon will be largely destroyed. Ask Iran why this may well happen. But be assurred that it won't drag on for anything close to 34 days like last time (July 2006). We urge all civilians to leave Hezbollah controlled neighborhoods.' 9/27/2017 - an aide to Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman MK Avi Dichter who asked that his name not be made public.

Israel is broadcasting widely the IDF's message that 'Lebanon and Hezbollah will both be Israel's enemies and equally targeted in the next war,' hoping that it will create deterrence until the IDF is ready for its planned quick war..."

epaulo13 epaulo13's picture

"We will stop the next war": Thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women from the נשים עושות שלום - نساء يصنعن السلام - Women Wage Peace group have marched through the desert calling for peace.



Israel Turns Bus Into Torture Chamber

"I saw death in their eyes."


Quebec MNA Amir Khadir Scolded For 'Israel Lobby' Comment

"A member of the Quebec National Assembly is being accused by B'nai Brith Canada of promoting 'anti-Semitic tropes'...Khadir can also be seen telling Melanie Messier that, 'the dynamics of politics is completely controlled when it comes to the Palestinian the Israel lobby.

Later he says, 'Unfortunately, as we know, money talks a lot in politics...In that case, the pro-Israeli, the pro-extremist politics of  [the] Israel-lobby is very strong."

Canada supports.


Israel Provides Fire Support For Head-Chopping Wahhabis Who Attack Syrian Army



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has held talks with the Russian defense minister in East Jerusalem al-Quds, saying Tel Aviv will not allow Iran to establish a military presence in Syria.

“The meeting mostly dealt with Iran’s attempt to establish itself militarily in Syria,” Netanyahu’s office said in a statement on Tuesday.


And from Debka.....¨Red Alert across Israeli (sic) Golan Heights¨

...this explains the constant Israeli missile attacks to the Syrian side....

Will USA and Canada back the Israeli Government on this initial preparations for war


Will Netanyahu Risk Exposing Israel's Ugliest Secret?

"New law would define Israel as belonging to a global Jewish nation rather than its citizens, ending any pretense it is a liberal democracy, experts say."

Canada supports.


Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu Is Leading President Trump To War With Iran

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A massive mural of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump engaged in a passionate kiss was unveiled this morning, painted on the West Bank security barrier near the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

A massive mural of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump engaged in a passionate kiss was unveiled Sunday morning, October 29, 2017, painted on the West Bank security barrier near the West Bank city of Bethlehem. REUTERS/Mussa Qawasma

by Graffiti Artist Lushsux




Video From Recent Syria Attack Shows Israel Assisting, Opening Border Gate For Terrorists


NOVEMBER 3, 2017

By Brandon Turbeville

It has long been known that Israel is acting in direct support of terrorists in Syria by virtue of routine aerial assaults, intelligence, and medical care. However, if there was any doubt regarding this support, recent video evidence should easily do away with that doubt entirely.

On November 3, Israel acted in direct military support of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and the Free Syrian Army by providing artillery cover as the two terror groups assaulted the Syrian government-held and predominately Druze town of Hader. The move was an attempt to break the siege of Beit Jinn, an area controlled by terrorists.

As al-Masdar News reported,

On Friday morning, Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) and allied Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions based in the Golan Heights launched an assault on the government-held town of Hader amid a wider bid to reach and break the siege of the nearby Beit Jinn opposition pocket.

With direct artillery support from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), jihadist fighters attacked the predominately Druze town of Hader from its western and northern axes at daybreak; although the clashes themselves are yet to halt, HTS has broken through the first line of defense set up by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and National Defence Forces (NDF).

So far, at least two HTS suicide bombings have struck the outskirts of the town while rebel forces have captured the entire rural area directly west of Hader, thereby establishing a narrow corridor through to the Beit Jinn pocket which no longer is under siege.

Sadly, many civilians were trapped in the initial crossfire while others were caught up by the impact of the car bombings. Before noon, a total of six civilians in Hader were confirmed dead while over 20 non-combatants had sustained injuries.

However, Israeli support was more than artillery support as video by al-Mayadeen TV has shown.

The video appears to show terrorists marching in unison to battle on the Israeli side of the Quneitrah border fence in the Golan area only to have the Israeli forces open the gates for them to enter Syria. This is yet another stunning open demonstration of the connection between Israel and the terrorists operating in Syria.

The Syrian army was able to stop the advance of the Israel/terrorist coalition and retake several points. The SAA is now focused on retaking all the areas lost in the November 3rd assault.

After having provided materials to terrorists in Syria across the border, routinely launching military support operations in the form of artillery and aerial bombing, and providing medical care to the same terrorists in Israeli hospitals, it should be abundantly clear to the world that Israel is operating in direct support of jihadists.......

...does this make Canada and its aid NGOs to Israel complicit?


Machsom: Mornings At Checkpoint 300    -    a film by Peter Morgan

"Look, see how they treat us like animals!"


Syria Slams West For Supplying Nuclear Material To Israel

"Jaafari noted that the West enabled Israel to possess nuclear weapons by supplying the regime with nuclear materials and technology including German submarines capable of launching nuclear missiles delivered to Israel for free..."


Israeli Police Reportedly Obtain Enough Evidence To Charge PM on Bribery (and vid)

"Israeli media say police have now obtained sufficient evidence to charge the PM..."


Why Harvey Weinstein Turned To Israeli Intelligence Veterans To Suppress His Sex Abuse Accusers  -  by Max Blumenthal

"Through a firm of former Mossad agents, the movie mogul found the mercenaries he needed for an especially dirty deed..."


Israel Warplanes Launch Airstrike Near Damascus, Syria - Reports (and vid)

"Aircraft from the Israel Defense Forces have launched a number of missiles at a strategic target close to the Syrian capital, Damascus, Israeli and Arab media report...Other sources claim the target was an Iranian militia base in the Kiswah area, some 13 kilometers (8 miles) from the city of Damascus. The warplanes reportedly launched the missiles from Lebanese airspace..." (But it's Israel so it's allowed, right?)

IDF Tanks & Jets Attack Hamas Positions...

"The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have staged an attack on Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip, using tanks and fighter jets, local media report. The IDF claims it is retaliation for a mortar shelling of an Israeli outpost by another militant group. However, the IDF also said that, 'in accordance with its established policy,' it holds Hamas responsible..." (But it's Israel so it's allowed, right?)

Donald Trump Expected To Declare Jerusalem The Capital of Israel on Wednesday

"President Donald Trump is likely to announce next week that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital..." (But it's Israel, so it's allowed, right?)

Canada Supports.



Looks like there's not only Russian bots out there. From a FOIA, Hebrew outlets discover the Israeli government paid news orgs $100,000 to publish political content (mostly in English) and nearly $1 million for promoting the propaganda on social media.


"Big protests in Israel...Thousands of protesters march for fifth consecutive week, calling on Israeli PM Netanyahu to resign. Iran watching closely for human-rights violations..."


Israel Blocks Omar Barghouti From Travel For Mom's Surgery

"Israel is preventing Omar Barghouti from traveling to Jordan to be with his mother for cancer surgery. Gilad Erdan, the Israeli minister in charge of combating BDS, has said activists should 'pay the price' for their work..."


Israel Says Jewish Voice For Peace On BDS Blacklist, Activists Will Not Be Allowed Entry

"Strategic Affairs Ministry, which is compiling the list, refuses to name 19 other organizations whose members will be barred from entering the country..."

laine lowe laine lowe's picture

I believe CodePink has been put on that list as well.


And the Quakers too...

'Bibi Go Home!'

"Thousands take to the streets demanding Netanyahu resign..."


When you feel you have to ban the Quakers, it's time to take a good look in the mirror.  But it's safe to say that no one in the current government at least will not be doing that.


Sins of the Father

"Pressure is mounting on Benjamin Netanyahu after a recording involving his son was leaked to the press..."


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