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Norman Finkelstein: BBC Hardtalk (and vid)


Will the Israeli Left Finally Awaken?  - by Jonathan Cook

"...Netanyahu, meanwhile, has created a national unity government that more precisely reflects the majority mood - an unallayed, aggressive, and xenophobic rightwing consensus.."


US Weapons-Grade Uranium Diverted to Israel: Secret NUMEC Investigation Files Now Online

"Declassified files from long-running investigations of the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) over alleged diversions of US government-owned weapons-grade uranium to Israel are now available online..."

How US Weapons Grade Uranium Was Diverted to Israel

"...Kennedy delivered a final ultimatum to Israel on July 5, 1963, insisting that Dimona undergo serial inspections 'in accordance with international standards', in order to verify its 'peaceful intent'. Simultaneously, the Kennedy Justice Department was waging an intense battle behind closed doors to register and regulate Israel's elite US lobby, the American Zionist Council, which was bringing in funds from overseas to lobby. Kennedy's assassination in November traumatized the nation and led to the complete and permanent reversal of both initatives.."


Nuclear Armed Israel, Image of Apocalyptic Horror: Analyst

"With over 300 to 400 nuclear bombs, Israel has been translated into an image of apocalyptic horror for the entire Middle East if not for the world.."


In Preparation for War Against Iran, US Set to Give Israel Largest Grant of Military Aid Ever

"Israel will receive a record $4 billion in military aid in 2013.."

out of the mouths of the American poor into the bellies of the Zionist rich..


King Bibi Rules Supreme

"...Most pundits and politicians on the left condemned the Netanyahu-Mofez pact as something odious. 'Dirty-trick' was one of the more moderate used.."



VTJP Headlines: Occupied Palestine and Israel 5/18/2012


Jewish Settlers Shoot Palestinians as Israeli Soldiers Stand Idle

"Soldiers stand by and refuse to intervene as extremist Jewish settlers open fire on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank."


VTJP Headlines: Israel-Palestine newslinks 5/21/2012

and the rest of the world does as the Israeli soldiers do - 'stand by and refuse to intervene'

"Canada is Israel's best friend' PM Harper

'I am an ardent supporter of Israel in all situations and instances' - Opposition Leader Mulcair



Killing with Impunity - by Stephen Lendman

"A new initiative called 'Killing Without Consequence' wants justice for Ziad Jilani. Border guard Maxim Vinogradov murdered him with impunity. Systematic Israeli crimes against humanity includes neighborhood incursions, unprovoked violence, air, ground and sea attacks and killing with impunity. Daily offences are commonplace. Accountability is denied..."


HR: The United States - Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012

"The House bill basically provides Israel with a blank check drawn on the US taxpayer to maintain its 'qualitative military edge' over all of its neighbors combined. It requires the White House to prepare an annual report on how that superiority is being maintained. The resolution passed on May 9 by a vote of 411-2 on a 'suspension of the rules', which is intended for non-controversial legislation requiring little debate and a quick vote..."



How I Survived A Tel Aviv Mob Attack (and vid)

"Last night I had to flee a raging mob not too far from my home in south Tel Aviv. After long speeches of incitement by right-wing parliamentarians, the masses stormed after me and a fellow journalist and then turned on African asylum seekers, their businesses and homes. This is how it happened..."

"Not Racist? May You Be Raped!"



"Not Racist? May You Be Raped!"

This video is quite surreal.  The brashness and openness of the racism is mind boggling.  This takes being in some ones face to whole new heights.


The US Additional Funding For Israeli Missiles

"The enrichment of Israel's 1% at the expense of America's 99%..Can President Obama justify this to the electorate? Does the enrichment of Israel's oligarchy justify the sacrifice of America?


EU's Double Standard Toward Palestinian Human Rights Issues (and vid)

"The EU foreign minister issued a statement accusing Israel of accelerating settlement construction and tightening its control over East Jerusalem at the expense of Palestinians.."


Israel Calls for Mass Deportation of Africans (photos)

"...Human rights supporters have decried the move and branded the mass expulsion of migrants as 'immoral'. A law also came into effect on Sunday allowing Israeli authorities to detain illegal immigrants for up to three years without trial or deportation.."

Israel Bans Activist as 'Terrorist' for Refusal to Open Email

"An American peace activist entering Israel has been ordered by airport security officers to open her email account. When she refused, they alleged she is a terrorist and sent her back to the US the next day. Her experience is not unique.."


Israel To Build More West Bank Homes (and vid)

"Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, has approved construction of hundreds (851) more settler homes on Palestinian land, even after the Israeli parliament rejected a bill to retroactively legalise some existing homes.."

Naksa Day Hebron Protest Marks 45 Years of Occupation

"Of all the places I have been in the West Bank, Hebron is by far the most vivid, explicit and depressing manifestation of Israel's total control of Palestinian space, resources and life. Not only for the once bustling market area been reduced to a ghost town, but the streets themselves are segregated, cut not only horizontally but vertically as well, with Palestinian shopkeepers forced to put up a fence in order to avoid garbage. eggs and other materials being thrown at them by the settlers who live above, with the full protection of the army."



Israeli Abduction of Palestinian Theatre Director Condemned by IPSC

"The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) condemned on Wednesday, 6th May, the detention of Nabil Al Raee, the Artistic Director of the Jenin Freedom Theatre, by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank. Martin O'Quigley, IPSC Chairperson said,

'The IPSC condemnds this act of cultural repression by the Israeli occupation forces. The Freedom Theatre is an internationally renowned and respected artistic company. In light of this and previous similar attacks on the theatre, this abduction can only be seen as a targeted act of intimidation and harassment of Palestinian artists by Israel's apartheid regime.."

protests and demand to release Nabil Al Raee;

[email protected]


Amnetsy: Israel Guilty of Torture, Unfairly Detains Palestinians

"Amnesty International says Israel is guilty of torture and human rights violations..."


Israel Bars Disabled Palestinian Athlete from Joining Teammates at Pre-Olympics Celebrations

"Israel has barred a paralyzed Palestinian athlete who lives in Gaza from an Olympics celebration sponsored by the British government. The Israeli military says Khamis Zakout was barred for security reasons. The Shin Bet internal security service had no immediate comment.."


Richard Falk: Moral and Political Cost of Israel-Palestine Policy (going back to USS Liberty) (and vid)


Africans Fear More Violence as Knesset Members Incite Racism

"Israeli parliamentarian Miri Regev described Africans in Israel as a 'cancer' in Israel's body.."


Israel's state watchdog has criticised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the navy's interception of a Gaza-bound flotilla which left nine Turkish activists dead and commandos injured.

In a report, the State Comptroller identified "serious shortcomings" in the way decisions were taken by Mr Netanyahu before the May 2010 incident.


'A Threat to Israel is a Threat To Canada': Peter MacKay to Jewish Commander

"Israel has received private assurances Canada stands ready to help defend the Jewish state, but just how far the Harper government intends to take that commitment remains unclear. Newly released documents say Defence Minister Peter MacKay told Israel's top military commander Maj Gen Gabi Ashkenazi, during a 2011 visit to the Middle East, that 'a threat to Israel is a threat to Canada.'

Canada's miltary and industrial relationship with Israel has grown enormously. The two countries are negotiating or have signed a series of defence-based agreements over the past few years, details of which have been withheld. The two countries do not have a binding defence arrangement, similar to Canada's obligations under NATO, but critics have begun to question the details of the emerging relationship...

Mr Dewar said it's no secret the Conservatives have a one-sided approach to the Middle East, but he believes it will ultimately damage relations with Washington. 'It's fine to say we ae friends with Israel and we support Israel. Sign me up, absolutely,' he said. 'But Canada's role in the world is to be able to talk to people the Americans can't talk to and to go places where the US can't.."

and then report everything back to Washington or Tel Aviv. The brownnosing of these disgusting Zionists grows ever more odious..

'I am an ardent supporter of Israel in all instances and circumstances' - Thomas Mulcair NDP=No Difference Party


Hot Docs 2012: 5 Broken Cameras (and vid) Must See!


Rabbi Who Called for Slaughter of a Million Palestinians is to Supervise Israel's Red Cross

"A notoriously racist rabbi who once called on Israel to slaughter a million Palestinian civilians has been appointed to head a supervisory comittee for Magen David Adom (MDA) - Israel's equivalent of the Red Cross..."

sounds like blood collection could be right up his alley..


US, Allies [that's you Canada!] Still Silent on Israeli Crimes

"A delegation of UK lawyers criticizes Tel Aviv for its treatment of Palestinian child detainees in military custody. Paul Larudee from the Free Palestine movement, is interviewed"



Israel Stages Holocaust Survivors' Beauty Pageant (and vid)

"A beauty pageant for Holocaust survivors has been held in Israel for the first time, stirring controversy. 'It sounds totally macabre to me', Collete Avital, chairwoman of Israel's Holocaust Survivors' umbrella group told the AP.."


Israeli Culture Similar to Fanatical Islam, says Israeli Author

"Israel qualifies as the 'most racist state' in the developed world, Israeli author Sami Michael said this week, in comments which drew parallels between Israeli culture and fanatical Islam. 'Israel can claim the title of most racist state in the developed world', Michael said at the opening of an international conference of the Association for Israel Studies at an Israeli university, according to a report in Haaretz newspaper.

'From kindergarten to old age we feed our children hatred, suspicion and disgust toward the stranger and the other, and especially toward the Arabs,' he said."


Uncommon Ground: Struggle for a Palestinian Shtetl: A film in progress (and vid)

Lifta is the only remaining Arab village depopulated in Israel's 1948 War of Independence that has not been completely destroyed or repopulated by Jews. Jerusalem plans a development of 250  luxury villas, shops and a hotel on the site. An international coalition is trying to stop it and preserve Lifta as a place of memory. These scenes are from a doco in progress.

One State Two State:

Interview with Miko Peled


Zionist Parties Reach Dead End in Israel: Analyst (and vid)

"growing social injustice and inequality in Israel..."


Benjamin Netanyahu Involved in Smuggling Nuclear Triggers: Report

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was involved in smuggling nuclear triggers out of the US, carried out by a network of front companies, a report says"  [more at]


Israel Slams Door on UN Human Rights Council Over Settlement Row

"Israeli officials say a UN fact-finding mission will not be allowed to enter the country and its occupied territories. On Friday the Geneva-based Human Rights Council appointed three officers to probe Israel's West Bank settlement activity.."


Concern Mounts For the Life of Afran Rikhawi on his 85th Day of Hunger Strike

"The PHR-IL doctor reported alarming deterioration. PHR-IL and Addameer urge the international community to immediately intervene.."

Amir R Gissin, Consul General of Israel (Toronto)

(416) 640-8505 telephone   [email protected]  email



Legalize It! Israel Committee Defies UN, Backs Settlement Expansion

"Israel's outposts on the West Bank which have been condemned at illegal by the UN should be authorized, said an Israeli committee. The settlements are a constant source of conflict and have been repeatedly ruled as a violation of international law. The so-called 'outpost committee' appointed by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in January said that it recommends the legalization of the outposts on the basis that the territory was not occupied.

'Israelis have the legal right to settle in Judea and Samaria and the establishment of settlements cannot, in and of itself, be considered illegal,' claimed the report published by the committee..."


CIJA Meets with the PA in Ramallah

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs has offered to be 'the Canadian interlocutor' between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, (PA) to restart the peace process...The trip also served as an opportunity for CIJA to raise concerns with the PA about issues regarding incitement of hatred against Jews and Israelis that have become 'toxically' entrenched in both the Palestinian media and educational system, Fogel said.  He said he and Koschitzky also asked PA represtentatives why they simply don't recognize Israel as a Jewish state...

The PA's responses were not 'entirely satisfying' he said...Fogel said in his opinion, there is no equivalence between incitement by some 'hard-line' individuals in Israel and a state-sponsored system of incitement by the PA.."

So Palestinians,  stop with the kvetching about armed settlers, genocide and colonialism, recognize our right to murder you, steal your lands and deny you equal rights in Israel, over any Jewish immigrant from anywhere in the world,  but stop with the anti-semitism immediately! What a perfect Canadian 'interlocutor' much of our tax dollars are going into Israel's CIJA operation Canuckleheads? No sense voting NDP either, Mulcair says he's  'an ardent supporter of Israel in all situations and instances'. Zionized from pole to pole it would appear..


A Palestinian State is Emerging, Settler Laments

" his view, Israeli Arabs, comprising 20 percent of Israel's population, cannot ever be loyal citizens and are a 'cancer' in Israel's body politic. 'They are a cancer because of what who they are and what they believe,' he observed, saying they owe their religious and natural allegiance to the greater Arab world. 'Basically, they are intrinsically disloyal to Israel, they have to be transferred to an Arab country. It will have to happen in the course of a very major war. Israel's basic security is threatened..,"


Of Shamir and Olmert: The Most Successful Terrorist of the 20th Century?  - by Uri Avnery

"...In the summer of 1940 the Irgun split. One of the commanders, Avrahan Stern, founded the organization known to the British as the 'Stern Gang!' Stern was a logical person. The aim was to set up a Jewish state in all of Palestine. The enemy was the British empire. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Therefore we must cooperate with the Nazis. He sent several emissaries to contact the Germans. Some were intercepted by the British, the others were ignored by the Nazis. I could not accept this atrocious logic and did not join. Shamir did..."


The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine (and vid)

Mike Peled - Israeli Peace Activist


In 2002, Nearly 50% of Jewish Israelis Supported Forcibly Removing Palestinians from the Occupied Territories

"What are the numbers today?"




Israeli Troops Steal 1000 Goats from Southern Lebanon

"Israeli military forces have stolen 1000 goats from Shebaa farms in southern Lebanon following their failure to abduct two shepherds. The Israeli military frequently violates Lebanon's airspace, territorial waters and border..."


Pro-Palestinian Ads Ignite Firestorm of Controversy (and vid)

"Anti-Semitic and offensive to Jews"...



For What?  by Richard Falk

"...I find it particularly satisfying the extent to which my two reports each year on the Israeli occupation of Palestine provide a truthful witness to the unspeakable ordeal of this prolonged and harsh occupation. Actually, it is less and less an occupation and more and more an apartheid style form of annexation, aggravated by continuous land grabs, various instruments of ethnic cleansing, and a range of gratuitous cruelties most recently dramatized by a series of heroic hunger strikes by Palestinians protesting those aspects of their plight resulting from violent arrest procedures, administrative detentions, and deplorable prison conditions falling far below accepted international standards.."


Palestinian Prisoner on 100th Day of Hunger Strike

"...Akram Rekhawi was detained on June 2004 at an Israeli military checkpoint on the main road as he headed from Gaza City to his home in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Palestinian minister of prisoners affairs Issa Qarage told Maan Friday that Rekhawi is in real danger as he has lost more than 33 kilograms since he started his hunger strike. He currently weighs only 40 kilograms..."


UN Envoy Slams 'Appalling' Abuse of Child Prisoners

"Israel's use of solitary confinement against children flagrantly violates international human rights standards,' Falk said, referring to punishment of hunger-strikers in Israeli jails, according to the UN News Centre. He said using solitary confinement as a punishment for Palestinian children who wish to peacefully protest their situation is 'an appalling abuse of child prisoners.' 'This pattern of abuse by Israel is grave...It is inhumane, cruel, degrading and unlawful, and most worrying, it is likely to adversely affect the mental and physical health of underage detainees.."



Aerial Footage of Israel Killing 6 Yr Old in Gaza (and vid)

"Relatives are mourning a six year old Palestine boy who was killed by an Israeli strike on the Gaza Strip. Israel confirmed the strikes which also wounded 20 other people..."


Making Palestinian Life Impossible: Israel's Push to Annex the West Bank

"The push to annex the West Bank has accelerated as of late.."



Israeli Regime, Military Officials Arrested for Child Abuse

"Israeli police have arrested more than two dozen suspected pedophiles including regime and military officials who attempted to seduce children into sexual contact.."


Investigators Say Senior Mossad Official Should Be Charged with Fraud

"Israeli police have recommended an indictement should be issued for a senior Mossad official for crimes involving financial misconduct.."

perhaps he took 'by way of deception' too literally...


Canada-Israel 'Solidarity' Includes Defence Partnership

"Israel has received private assurances Canada stands ready to help defend the Jewish state, but just how far the Harper government intends to take that commitment remains unclear...

Also last year, Brig-Gen Eden Atias was quietly named as Israel's defense attache in Ottawa, the first to be appointed in North America outside of Washington since 1948.."


Atias, former Commander of IAFB Nevatim, is a named Gaza warcriminal on the 'Dirty 200' list, and has also been cited for his involvement in the Mavi Marmara attacks. There has thus far been no mention or criticism of Atias's disgraceful past by any Canadian media, mainstream or alternative.

Identified Mavi Marmara Perpetrators - Are They Already Hiding in United States?

"Turkey has compiled a wanted list of 174 Israelis, the list includes Binyamin Netanyahu who according to Turkey was involved in the attack on the Mavi Marmara. The suspected killers identified thus far are...

Eden Atias,"

See also:

Arrest Israel's New Defence Attache Eden Attias as a Gaza War Criminal


West Bank Under Fire (and vid)

the rise in settler violence against Palestinians is discussed...



The End of the Bedouin  -  by Jillian Kestler-D'amours

"Israel's plan to uproot the Bedouin of the Negev..."


The America and Israel Global War Project: 'Mad Dog' Leaders  -  by Stephen Lendman

"A common thread defining Obama and Netanyahu. Their agenda threatens humanity..."

and no Canadian politician ever refuses them


So which Israeli side will win this debate?

Olmert: Israeli strike on Iran without U.S. okay 'irresponsible'Olmert tells crowd in northern Israeli college that the Iranian nuclear project has not 'reached a level that forces Israel to act immediately or in the near future,'


Israel's Netanyahu Attempts to Shame UN  -  by Tony Cartalucci

"Netanyahu regime 'leaks' conversation with UN's Ban Ki Moon to shame him over decision to attend Non-Aligned Movement Conference (NAM) in Tehran, Iran. Pulls 'anti-semitic' card..."




A casus belli — real or contrived — would be highly desirable prior to an attack on Iran. A provocation in the Gulf would be one way to achieve this. Iran’s alleged fomenting of terrorism would be another.

In my op-ed of July 30, I suggested that Netanyahu’s incredibly swift blaming of Iran for the terrorist killing of five Israelis in Bulgaria on July 18 may have been intended as a pretext for attacking Iran. If so, sadly for Netanyahu, it didn’t work. It seems the Obama administration didn’t buy the “rock-solid evidence” Netanyahu adduced to tie Iran to the attack in Bulgaria.

If at first you don’t succeed … Here’s another idea: let’s say there is new reporting that shows Iran to be dangerously close to getting a nuclear weapon, and that previous estimates that Iran had stopped work on weaponization was either wrong or overtaken by new evidence.

According to recent Israeli and Western media reports, citing Western diplomats and senior Israeli officials, U.S. intelligence has acquired new information — “a bombshell” report — that shows precisely that. Imagine.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israeli Radio that the new report is “very close to our [Israel’s] own estimates, I would say, as opposed to earlier American estimates. It transforms the Iranian situation to an even more urgent one.”

Washington Post neocon pundit Jennifer Rubin was quick to pick up the cue, expressing a wistful hope on Thursday that the new report on the Iranian nuclear program “would be a complete turnabout from the infamous 2007 National Intelligence Estimate that asserted that Iran had dropped its nuclear weapons program.”

“Infamous?” Indeed. Rubin warned, “The 2007 NIE report stands as a tribute and warning regarding the determined obliviousness of our national intelligence apparatus,” adding that “no responsible policymaker thinks the 2007 NIE is accurate.”

Yet, the NIE still stands as the prevailing U.S. intelligence assessment on Iran’s nuclear intentions, reaffirmed by top U.S. officials repeatedly over the past five years. Rubin’s definition of “responsible” seems to apply only to U.S. policymakers who would cede control of U.S. foreign policy to Netanyahu.

The 2007 NIE reported, with “high confidence,” the unanimous judgment of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies that Iran stopped working on a nuclear weapon in the fall of 2003 and had not restarted it. George W. Bush’s own memoir and remarks by Dick Cheney make it clear that this honest NIE shoved a steel rod into the wheels of the juggernaut that had begun rolling off toward war on Iran in 2008, the last year of the Bush/Cheney administration.

The key judgments of the 2007 NIE have been re-asserted every year since by the Director of National Intelligence in formal testimony to Congress.

And, unfortunately for Rubin and others hoping to parlay the reportedly “new,” more alarmist “intelligence” into an even more bellicose posture toward Iran, a National Security Council spokesman on Thursday threw cold water on the “new” information, saying that “the U.S. intelligence assessment of Iran’s nuclear activities had not changed.”

Relying on the unconfirmed Israeli claim about “new” U.S. information regarding Iran’s nuclear program, Rubin had already declared the Obama administration’s Iran policy a failure, writing:

“Foreign policy experts can debate whether a sanctions strategy was flawed from its inception, incorrectly assessing the motivations of the Iranian regime, or they can debate whether the execution of sanctions policy (too slow, too porous) was to blame. But we are more than 3 1/2 years into the Obama administration, and Iran is much closer to its goal than at the start. By any reasonable measure, the Obama approach has been a failure, whatever the NIE report might say.”

Israel, mulling attack on Iran, plunges into unprecedented debate about war

"The hot topic on the Israeli street is when will the war break out and where to take cover in the event of a missile attack," Melman wrote


Since when does Israel make others aware, ahead of time, what its attack plans are going to be?


Israeli Academics Call on Pilots to Disobey Orders to Bomb Iran



Iran's president says Israel's existence is an "insult to all humanity."

It's one of his sharpest attacks yet against the Jewish state. It comes as Israel openly debates whether to attack Iran over its nuclear program.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said confronting Israel is an effort to "protect the dignity of all human beings."


Caissa wrote:

Iran's president says Israel's existence is an "insult to all humanity."

It's one of his sharpest attacks yet against the Jewish state. It comes as Israel openly debates whether to attack Iran over its nuclear program.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said confronting Israel is an effort to "protect the dignity of all human beings."

I think it's risky to quote as fact a U.S. reporter from Tehran, which cites partial sentences, and refers to Israel as "the Jewish state".

Iran's official account of what he said is very strong language indeed, but it does not include any of the made-up stuff in the AP report. In fact, his entire attack is against "the Zionist regime" of Israel. Is Iran in the habit of watering down Ahmadinejad's speeches? Did the U.S. reporter do his own translation (in which case, let's see the whole transcript)?

When you read the AP article carefully, you see that it never attributes any motive for Iran's hatred for "the Jewish state". But every time it mentions that Israel is planning to wage aggressive war against Iran, it gives the "reason".

This is warmongering propaganda, and it should not be presented as news without at least a disclaimer.


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