Israel primed to strike Iran nuclear sites

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Israel primed to strike Iran nuclear sites

So Israel is talking its usual murderous war mongering insanity, is the US going to let them destroy millions more innocent lives?

Israel's military is preparing so it could launch major aerial attacks on Iranian nuclear sites if ordered to by the new government, a British newspaper said on Saturday, quoting Israeli defence and intelligence sources.

"Israel wants to know that if its forces were given the green light, they could strike at Iran in a matter of days, even hours," an unnamed senior defence official told The Times.

"They are making preparations on every level for this eventuality. The message to Iran is that the threat is not just words."

Israeli officials quoted by The Times said more than a dozen targets could be envisaged, including Tehran's main nuclear sites at Natanz, Isfahan and Arak.

Amid increasing suggestions that Israel might attack Iran's nuclear facilities, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates warned this week that such a strike would have dangerous consequences, and asserted that Tehran's acquisition of a bomb can be prevented only if "Iranians themselves decide it's too costly."

Using his strongest language on the subject to date, Gates told a group of Marine Corps students that a strike would probably delay Tehran's nuclear program from one to three years. A strike, however, would unify Iran, "cement their determination to have a nuclear program, and also build into the whole country an undying hatred of whoever hits them," he said.

Vice President Joe Biden said Israel's new conservative prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, would be "ill advised" to launch a strike.

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I guess "we think it's a bad idea" is better than "go for it", but still falls far short of the kind of condemnation this deserves.

Iran is a signatory to the NNPT, which grants it the right to develop nuclear power. The same can't be said about several nuclear-armed nations in the region who have demonstrated hostility to Iran - neither Pakistan, India, or Israel are signatories.

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Apparently Iran has gone to the UN over the threats. However, it does seem like the US is not going to support Israel in this, one can only hope they pull funding.