Israel & Saudi Arabia To Join UN Human Rights Council

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Israel & Saudi Arabia To Join UN Human Rights Council

Israel To Join UN Human Rights Council (and vid)

"The announcement has caused a massive outcry around the world.

Many are concerned about how the work of the United Nations Human Rights Council could be influenced now that both Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are set to be members..."


Sorry, I do not see Israel elected to Council; mods, title needs redrafting:

NDPP misinterprets completely the RU press story: Israel may be admitted to the Western Europe and Other Group (WEOG) of States, but that is entirely up to the WEOG member States; that regional group is composed of Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, and if they accept Israel (the Western Asia and African Groups reject it), their choice

Groups of States then nominate members for the limited number of rotating seats on the HR Council

there have been many many conflicting States as members of the HR Council over the years, nothing new there, China and the US are almost always elected (although the US sat out the first Bush II years);

Libya was famously a HRC member and Chair (2003) during the Khadaffi years, but Israel has never been elected because it was rejected by its natural regional groups, but it remains one of the most active and outspoken Council speakers

HRC backgrounder:

a recent 2013 session: