Is it time for another "Slave Revolt" in Haiti?

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[url=]Haiti: getting the picture[/url]

Obama is committed to maintaining the coup government, the sweatshop oligarchy and the phoney elections. The troops are there because the Haitian population is seen not merely as pathetic supplicants but as a threat. The very sophisticated networks of community and solidarity that have been developed in Haiti under dictatorship and terror, and which are best placed to deliver assistance to those in need of it, are precisely the problem as far as the US government is concerned. It is they, the 'gangs' who refuse to assimilate to America's benevolent programme of racial uplift, whom successive US governments have attempted to destroy, whether through the IMF or the Tonton Macoutes. It cannot be long before the marines find themselves gunning down some restless ingrates, and there is certainly no prospect that the Obama administration will allow Aristide to return to his country.


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Socialist Voice has provided links to a few [url=]Radical perspectives on the catastrophe in Haiti[/url]. Some of these have already been posted on babble, and some have not.


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Neoliberalism strikes again...


[url=]IMF to Haiti: Freeze Public Wages[/url]

Now, in its attempts to help Haiti, the IMF is pursuing the same kinds of policies that made Haiti a geography of precariousness even before the quake. To great fanfare, the IMF announced a new $100 million loan to Haiti on Thursday. In one crucial way, the loan is a good thing; Haiti is in dire straits and needs a massive cash infusion. But the new loan was made through the IMF's extended credit facility, to which Haiti already has $165 million in debt. Debt relief activists tell me that these loans came with conditions, including raising prices for electricity, refusing pay increases to all public employees except those making minimum wage and keeping inflation low. They say that the new loans would impose these same conditions. In other words, in the face of this latest tragedy, the IMF is still using crisis and debt as leverage to compel neoliberal reforms.


Nicaragua's Ortega Raises Spectre of US Intervention

"As paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division took control of the airport in Port-au-Prince, spearheading a force of 10,000 US troops deployed to Haiti, Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega raised fears about a new Yankee occupation of the Caribbean nation.

"What is happening in Haiti, seriously concerns me," Ortega said Jan. 17. "It seems that the bases [in Latin America] are not sufficient." He added, "there is no logic that US troops landed in Haiti, Haiti seeks humanitarian aid, not troops..."

Chavez: US Uses Earthquake to Occupy Haiti:

"Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused the United States of taking advantage of the deadly earthquake in Haiti to occupy the Caribbean country.

They are occupying Haiti undercover, he said."

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