[It's Official] THE INVASION OF IRAQ WAS ILLEGAL!!...so...?

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[It's Official] THE INVASION OF IRAQ WAS ILLEGAL!!...so...?

British Invasion of Iraq was Illegal


"The UK cannot lawfully use force against Iraq."

"Insufficient legitimacy under international law."

"the use of force had not been authorised by the Security Council, and had no other legal basis in international law..."

somebody get a rope...


Um one gov't lawyer said that and it was not the determination of that inquiry as yet.  A bit premature don't you think?  We don't normally hang someone after a individuals testimony but rather after all testimony is heard and a judgement rendered.


I guess it'll have to wait (sigh)


Cool Sorry to rain on your parade but Im sure the result you want will still happen!  Just be patient then light the faggots


I can totally see people going to jail over this!


The Iraq war is illegal. Good. Let's hope this spurs LAW (Lawyers Against War) and peace groups to call an inquiry into the Afghan war. The Afghan war is also illegal for the same reasons that the Iraq war is illegal. The only difference is that it was claimed that Saddam Hussein had WMDs (which he didn't). Afghanistan had its equivalent - that the Afghan Taliban government was harboring terrorists (Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda).

According to the Nuremberg Trials, the Nuremberg Principles, the Geneva Conventions and the U.N. Charter, waging aggressive war is illegal. The 1986 International Court of Justice case Nicaragua vs the U.S.A. established the precedent that the claim that a country is harboring terrorists is insuffient grounds to militarily attack or go to war against a country.

Let's hope that this is the start of a process where we "beat swords into ploughshares."


And yet Obomba continues to kill and murder people all over the world. At last count he had authorized terror bombings in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

And Guantanamo is still open.

And he refused to release the pictures from Abu Graihb prison in Iraq.

And now his forces have invaded Haiti and are commiting crimes (murdered a "looter" yesterday).

Change we can believe in!


Iraq - 2003 - Present:

1.5 Million Dead (Lancet Report)

200,000 Reported Missing (official)

at least 2 Million Maimed (official)

5 Million Exiled and Internally Displaced (official)

2 Million Widows (official)

4.5 - 5 Million Orphans (official)

"The ongoing silence, the complete silence is worse than the Crime...

What is the American plan for Iraq