Jewish National Fund Rips Off Canadian Taxpayers to Pay IDF

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Israel's New Bank - The Jewish National Fund

"The racist Jewish National Fund, which has enjoyed charitable status in Canada under successive Liberal and Conservative governments, is aiding and abetting war crimes by purchasing land in occupied Palestinian territory."

Canadian schmucks tax dollars hard at work supporting Apartheid Israel & Palestinian genocide. Mazel Tov!


Why do you allow this disgusting collaboration? Ban/Prosecute JNF!  Stop Supporting Apartheid Israel! Free Palestine!

Great March of Return: Nov 8

At least 72 Palestinians were reportedly injured during the Great March of Return protest...


Exclusive Documents Reveal Decades of Close Cooperation Between JNF and Elad

"The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has allowed settlement group Elad to pursue legal actions on its behalf since the 1980s, an internal report reveals. The collaboration has led to the eviction of Palestinians while bolstering Jewish presence in East Jerusalem."

JNF Toronto

"JNF Canada is building the foundations of Israel's future."

Such activities would never have been permitted by our anti-apartheid movement against South Africa. Who's protecting these genocidal Zionist collaborators? Shut them down now!