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Justice For Kurds


"We will look into it:' Amnesty on RT's #JusticeForKurds petition after Moscow's reproach.

Erdogan Threatens Kurds Would Follow 'Armenian Fate' - UK Kurdish Community to RT



Situation in Turkey's Kurdish SE, 'Resembles Collective Punishment' - Amnesty Intl to RT (and vid)


"Since the Turkish army began its operations against Kurdish militia in December, there has been an escalation of violence and 'clear use of heavy weaponry' in residential areas, Andrew Gardner, a Turkey expert with Amnesty International told RT..."


Thanks for this focus!

21.03.2016 Author: Seth Ferris Qamishli: Fledgling Kurdish State Born from Turkey’s Failed Diplomacy

...I also have been watching carefully the situation in both SE Turkey and Northern Syria with fascination and as an activist!

I was particularly empressed with the movements in Barcelona, enaging as activists with the Kurdish Peoples of Rojava-Qamishli