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The only fascists I see in this matter are Trump and Putin.

This minority of leftist reactionaries therefore exposes a wider tendency that remains largely unchallenged: the concealing of authoritarian politics under the banner of anti-imperialism. As long as anti-imperialist politics is not coupled with anti-authoritarian politics, there is little moral difference between those on the left and right.


The conclusion from article above:

"The solution to this state of affairs is both straightforward and complex. It is straightforward because opposing Russian or Chinese imperialism can be done in the same vein as opposing U.S. imperialism. Yet pressing this argument also requires tankies to decenter “the West” — where they are overwhelmingly located — from their analysis, and in doing so also requires them to decenter themselves.

Only then would these “anti-imperialists” truly oppose that which they claim to oppose: destruction and injustice, regardless of who is committing them. Abandoning such binary camps in favor of truly transnational and anti-authoritarian principles would benefit these activists and their causes."

This is a familiar argument against a strawman.   There is no neutral place from which one can centre themselves within anti-authoritarian politics.  To attempt to do so requires one ignores the existing balance of power among the existing authorities and associated power structures.   Chinese imperialism, French imperialism, Russian imperialism are not similar in scale to US imperialism and this is the crucial point.   The US is the largest most active imperial power on the planet and has been for the last 50 years.    This does not excuse the crimes of others, but it does indicate where the bulk of our attention should lie.   Even moreso when we materially support that imperial power, are in an alliance with it, and our government is actively supporting it's authoritarian projects.

When a larger imperialist power intervenes in an authoritarian undemocratic state, such as US  in Syria, the result is not greater freedom.   Opposition to great power interventions is not support for the existing regime in the target country.   The opposition comes because it's obvious the intervention will not lead to democracy, and was not undertaken to do so.    Discussion or interrogation of the US or Canadian government's actual motives for involvement in an imperial project is crucial to understanding possible successful tactics to oppose it.    It is true that this speculation may expose genuine progressive activists in target countries to be smeared as foreign agents, but that is a regular part of the authoritarian playbook, regardless of who says what online.   And it is also true that sometimes progressive activists in far away countries that we are encouraged to root for and support are not so progressive, or are foreign funded fronts for an imperial project, resting on a genuine grievance or injustice.

Centred in "the West" as we are, within the western media bubble, we have no choice but to consider and investigate these possibilities.   The article above chastises activists as simplistic,  but the proposed solution is so simple it accomplishes nothing.


Trump pardons Flynn, as expected.


Here's hoping Edward Snowden is next.


Trump Pardons Michael Flynn

"I really hope that pardoning Flynn is not the 'final salvo.' The final salvo should include declassifying documents -- including the attribution for the core Russia hacking allegation -- and pardoning Edward Snowden & Julian Assange, foes of the Russiagate fraudsters."