On Lache Rien-French Anthem In Solidarity With The Egyptian Revolution!

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Al Jazeera has just announced that Mubarak will meet protesters demands...The Egyptian military council, minus Mubarak, has also made a statement. Clearly these developments are significant and ongoing...

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CNN just announced that the New York Times says Mubarak is stepping down tonight


MB: Mubarak Will Step Down Tonight


Egyptian Army Called to Join Protesters


Arab States Urge US to Back Mubarak


"A US media report has revealed that Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE have followed Israel to lift the pressure on Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.."

and let the record show that the Government of Canada stood with them...shame!


I suspect that the replacement of Mubarak with Suleiman will not satisfy the protesters. They want "regime change", not musical chairs. Mubarak  will resign but the protests will continue until the NDP in Egypt is removed from power and replaced with a caretaker government that will transition Egypt to democratic rule. This is a revolution, not a protest. The protesters will stay until their demands are met. They have nothing better to do(that's the upside of high youth unemployment)! By maintaining the occupation of Tahrir Square they are effectively destroying the tourism sector of the economy. No doubt the affected businesses are putting enormous pressure on the regime as they face bankruptcy.

The professional military has gained enormous prestige from this situation by maintaining a careful neutrality(perhaps too careful, but whatever). No doubt that they will be instrumental in guaranteeing that the transition is constitutional and democratic. We shall see.

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