Largest Military Operation in Afghan War Begins - Civilian Casualties 'Inevitable'

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Sean in Ottawa wrote:


The UN security council has no business there.


The U.N. Security Council is the executive branch of the U.N. It is not "there" in Afghanistan.

One of the greatest myths of the 21st Century is that "The Afghan war is mandated by the U.N."

There is no U.N. Resolution in reference to the effort to bring to justice the suspects alleged to have been involved in the 9/11 crimes that permits or mandates the use of military aggression by any nation against any other nation. Nowhere is the name of Afghanistan even mentioned.


Maybe the UN should intervene in the U.S. to stop capital punishment, discrimination against queers, and impose public health care? And in Canada to defend Indigenous rights? Or are those wrongs not so very wrong as the wrongs committed by the Afghan people to themselves? This discussion, unfortunately, replicates the imperial pretexts for aggression.


Seeing as someone has started a part II, I guess we can close this one.


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