The Late Margaret Thatcher

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Well if we want to go off on that tangent you could also say that Hitler defeated himself

I'm just sticking with Stockholm's actual point about bad people doing good things.


**Thatcher Special Edition** Chunky Mark, the Artist Taxi Driver


Music for Maggie's Last Party (and vid)


sherpa-finn wrote:

A surprisingly reflective piece by Russell Brand...

"I suppose, that if you opposed Thatcher's ideas it was likely because of their lack of compassion, which is really just a word for love. If love is something you cherish, it is hard to glean much joy from death, even in one's enemies."

Thanks for posting Russell Brand's piece on M. Thatcher. It was a beautifully written piece that touched on the feelings at the time of her reign of terror and how it still affects individuals and society in Britain.


Rabble has a good piece on Maggie and her "legacy."  She hollowed out democracy and instituted the police state in post WWII liberal democracies. My wife and I listened to a lot of the great tunes about her posted above as our way of commemorating her passing into hell.


Thatcher and her ideological ilk wanted to turn back the clock to a time before "the nanny state" -- a golden era when one would pull oneself up by one's own bootstraps. But at the same time, the UK became more watched than ever before. London's ubiquitous electronic surveillance system is rooted in Thatcher’s 1980s paranoia. Her response to Northern Ireland has shaped anti-terrorism legislation around the world.


Margaret Thatcher created the world we've come to know, even shaping many views of what is possible within it. Thatcher's project was not only to kill the welfare state in the UK in her own time, but also to make its future reconstruction impossible. Reagan shared her vision and was as successful in its bitter implementation.


Hers was a brand of conservatism that changed government policy, but also changed what would be possible for future governments. Thatcher put limitations on politicians that were not even born when she came to power. In some ways, she was the architect of New Labour, moving the goal posts to the right, making the British equivalent of the NDP just another manager of the free market rather than the tool to cut against its brutal edges it had once been.




I have to say that as much as I detest everything Thatcher stood for - i can't help but admire how she handles herself in this interview with a Swedish journalist who asks her to jump up in the air:


Glenda Jackson rips the legacy of Thatcherism:



But the basis to Thatcherism - and this is where I come to the spiritual part of what I regard as the desperate, desperately wrong track that Thatcherism took this country into - was that everything I had been taught to regard as a vice - and I still regard them as vices - under Thatcherism was in fact a virtue: greed, selfishness, no care for the weaker, sharp elbows, sharp knees. They were the way forward.




So, you think she should have jumped?? (Before you beat me to the punch...yes, she should have jumped IN A LAKE!)


Stockholm wrote:

I have to say that as much as I detest everything Thatcher stood for - i can't help but admire how she handles herself in this interview with a Swedish journalist who asks her to jump up in the air:

Interesting that you keep saying you detest everything Thatcher stood for, but seem to find one reason after another to praise her.


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@Josh, thanks for that link to MP Jackson's speech - inspriring, as was the ruling from the speaker of the house when the troglodyte tried to raise a point of order.


Lady Thatcher’s death has propelled The Wizard of Oz track ‘Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead’ to number 10 in the Official Singles Chart.
Read more here.


Thanks for the link. On the same site I found a little piece that highlights the real legacy of this nasty individual. Pinochet would be proud of the security arrangements for the funeral of his good friend and "fellow traveler" fascist.


Officers are likely to line the procession route from the Houses of Parliament to the cathedral, and police could make pre-emptive arrests to prevent protesters from disrupting the ceremony for Britain’s first female prime minister, who died on Monday aged 87.

The controversial tactic was employed before the Royal Wedding in 2011 - scores of people were detained in its run-up.

Three forces will be working on the funeral's security, police have confirmed.

A Met spokesman said: “London's police, the MPS, City of London and British Transport Police are working together to deliver a security operation for Baroness Thatcher's funeral.

“Given the nature of the event, our operation will use of a range of appropriate tactics.”

Police concerns have been fuelled by the spate of parties ‘celebrating’ Thatcher’s death, held in Bristol, Leeds, Brixton, Glasgow, Liverpool and Derry.



kropotkin1951 wrote:
I want a copy of that tune.  I loved Chumbawamba.


Here it is. [url=]In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher[/url]

This youtube version ends rather abruptly. I'm not sure if that's a mistake on the part of the person who uploaded it, or whether that's how Chumbawamba released it. Could be the latter, as their excellent album, [url=]Anarchy[/url], also ends mid-phrase.


Mulroney To Join Harper For Thatcher Funeral

"...The Canadian Prime Minister signed the book of condolences for Lady Thatcher at the British High Commission in Ottawa. In it he wrote:

'Canada deeply mourns the passing of Margaret Thatcher, a great friend of our country. Hers was a leadership example for the ages, from which we all benefit to this day - and will for many more to come."


A Hitchenism might be useful on the occasion of Thatcher's death, by stating as a atheist that there are certain times when I wish there was a Hell.


Margaret Thatcher's Criminal Legacy  - by Finian Cunningham

"The beatification of the Iron Lady is well underway..."


Keiser Report: Ep 430 (and vid)

"In this episode of the Keiser report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert explore the myth of whether Margaret Thatcher 'saved Britain'..."


[url= song hits top of U.K. pop chart[/url]

... and the BBC is in a bind as to whether to play it on air or not!

Do you think Maggie is still threatening them from the beyond??


It's a fun song, but grossly unfair to witches.

People, most of them women, accused of witchcraft, were terribly persecuted, as were their feline familiars.


and their little dogs too....


Anti-Thatcher Predators Gather in Trafalgar Square (and vid)

"Socialists, students and anti-capitalist protesters were joined by former miners for a demonstration in London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday. According to the UK media, protesters were estimated to number 3,000..."

Artist Taxi Driver Rant - Thatcher etc (and vid)


Stockholm wrote:

I will say one thing in praise of Margaret Thatcher...(there will be hundreds of years in which to discuss all the horrible things she did). I do think she did the right thing by going to war against the fascist dictatorship in Argentina after it invaded the Falkland Islands. An indirect by-product of her defending the Falklands from invasion was the collapse of the military dictatorship in Buonos Aires and the restoration of democracy in Argentina.


Argentinians should be grateful to Thatcher for being the catalyst that led to the collapse of their evil government.

Here is a good rebuttal to this ridiculous claim.


“Thatcher went to war with the South American country to protect her citizens in the South Atlantic and ended up, indirectly, may have helped democracy return to Argentina. Maybe history down the road will remember her like that (though probably not by Argentine history textbooks),” the commentator stated, under the subtitle “Margaret Thatcher returned democracy to Argentina”. And why not? The facts seem to line up impeccably: war in April 1982, defeat by June, and the complete collapse of the military government by the following year. There is a slight problem with this perspective, however – the fact that it is based on a pernicious, western-biased fallacy that takes responsibility away from the populations of developing nations, who clearly are not equipped to fight for their own freedom without the aid of our kind-hearted carers in the west.


The Belgrano, more than any other event and certainly more than the idea of having brought back democracy, will be the defining moment of Thatcher’s relationship with the Argentine people. The Falklands War deserves to be remembered in simpler terms, a desperate fight between two administrations that were failing fast, and needed to regain legitimacy at the barrel of a gun. Thinking of this differently, despite what we have been taught of our leader’s actions in the West, is an affront to every young man and woman who perished at the hands of the military junta as they strived to re-establish freedom, not from a comfortable London office but in the streets of Buenos Aires and throughout the nation. In the same month that we mourn those who went to the Falklands and never came back, on April 2nd 1982, these brave individuals, and not the ‘Iron Lady’, are our true democratic heroes.



Trafalgar Square 'Mourns' Thatcher April 13, 2013 (and vid)

"Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! Dead, Dead, Dead!..."


I hope some babblers will be on hand to greet Harper in London:

Evil spawn

Of Maggie and Ron.


I'm no poet, but I was moved to compose a modest elegy for the Iron Lady. Rust in hell, Maggie...

Thanks for the memories…


Thanks for theme park Rule Britannia and the Falklands war,

Thanks for strategic unemployment and hatred of the poor.


Thanks for single parent scapegoats, one of whom was mine.  

I see your kids, with all your backing, did not turn out so fine.


Thanks for the Poll Tax, Orgreave and “the enemy within”

Thanks for treating greed as virtue and compassion as a sin.


Thanks for backing Pinochet while Mandela stayed in gaol
Thanks for allowing immigration, but only if they’re pale.


Thanks for class war waged by police on nice fat overtime,

Thanks for a country divided and for “managed slow decline”


Thanks for all the memories and for Section 28,

Thanks for passing into law intolerance and hate.


Thanks again for Hillsborough and your indifference to pain,

Thanks for taking care of cops so fans could take the blame.


“There is no such thing as society” once upon a time she said;

So now she’s gone, with due respect, let’s turn it on its head:


“There is no such thing as Margaret Thatcher”



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As I stood watching, a man walked past and remarked to me in a gruff Scottish accent "You can see how much we loved her here, can't you?"


Lovely. I sent this to a friend from Clydeside (who lives in Amsterdam now). He's probably seen it, but will enjoy people sharing a bit of gallows humour.


Funny, The Economist thinks the Argentinians were the ones who did Thatcher the favour:

And they got Tony Blair pegged, even if much of the editorial is tripe.


Ding! Dong! Death


Artist Taxi Driver: Thatcher Funeral Special (and vid)



Thatcher took the humanity out of government by changing the way we talk about it. Let's change it back.


Thatcher took the humanity out of government by changing the way we talk about it. Let's change it back.


Maybe they shouldn't have re-elected her, twice.


Dance on Thatcher's Grave, But Remember There Has Been a Coup in Britain  -  by John Pilger

"The corruption and inhumanity under Thatcher knew no bounds. When Ed Milliband, in his unctuous 'tribute' caricatured Thatcher as a 'brave' feminist hero whose achievements he personally 'honored', you knew the old killer had not died at all."