At least the Poles are consistent

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At least the Poles are consistent

Poland's equality minister, Elzbieta Radziszewska, wants to expand a Polish law prohibiting the production of fascist and totalitarian propaganda so that it includes clothing and anything else that could carry an image related to an authoritarian system.

[b]The proposal, which could see the faces of some of the leading lights of communist history such as Lenin and Trotsky removed from t-shirts and flags, reflects a Polish view on communism far different from the rose-tinted and romantic images often found in the West.[/b]

"Communism was a terrible, murderous system that claimed millions of lives," said Professor Wojciech Roszkowski, a leading Polish historian and member of the European parliament.

[b]"It was very similar to National Socialism, and there is no reason to treat those two systems, and their symbols, differently. Their glorification should be prohibited."[/b]

I think Professor Roszkowski does have a point. If you are going ban Nazi symbols you should ban Communist symbols as well. Communism does have a higher body count than the Nazis. The Nazis murdered people based on their ethnicity while the Communist murdered individuals based on their class and committed horrible acts of persecution of ethnic groups based on perceived threats to Communist regimes.

But, I am glad I live in a nation that I can check out Mein Kampf and Das Kapital at the same public library. Not that I hope people would fall for either repugnant ideologies. In a free and democratic society, we should not be afraid to shield the public from the crazy views of mass murderers like Lenin, Stalin, Che Guevara, Castro, Hitler, Mao.......



I have a feeling you're going to get along here swimmingly.  Or it could just be those pills I've been taking lately.

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First of all isn't state banning a tad on the, um, totalitarian side?

Secondly, WTF?

Thirdly, so I guess images of the U.S. flag will be banned as well?

Closing this thread, and a warning to ksagousa to not post items that compare socialism/Marxism to Nazis.

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