'Liberal' media takes a hit:Keith Olbermann suspended

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'Liberal' media takes a hit:Keith Olbermann suspended


That's a drag. Still, for the sake of $7.500 he should have known better than to compromise himself like that. His ongoing work was worth more to the party than the donation.

The difference between an network owner and a journalist is that a journalist is supposed to at least keep up the appearance of non-bias, and they can't fire an owner.

Sorry to say so, but it was a stupid move on his part, and I can't imagine how he thought he would get away with it.



He donated his money personally. It was not attached to the network. It was a bogus call and his firing was something a lot bigger than his persoanl donations. It was no surprise to those at MSNBC that he was liberal. Is there a rule that as an individual he can give no money to a political party?


Faux news has no problem doing this and let's face it, short of Keith and a couple of others MSNBC is right wing.


Nah. People on the other side MIGHT get away with it but that does not make it kosher. It is especially not good considering he was covering this election. Even if it is clear from his or her writing that a journalist supports a certain position a monetary donation blows one's credibility completely out of the water.

Do I think there might be more to it and they were looking for an excuse? Of course.

That only makes it more stupid on his part. It was not worth $7,500 worth of staples and printing cost.