Libya 24: Aftermath

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Libya 24: Aftermath

Tribal Clashes Killed Over 147 in Southern Libya

"Libya's Health Minister says at least 147 people have been killed and many more injured during five days of clashes between tribal groups in Southern Libya.."

NATO Mission Accomplished - Libya is now 'free'.


CSI: Was The Case For R2P In Libya Based on Fraud

"This document was written in March 2012 by Julien Teil, Senior Associate at the Centre for the Study of Inteventionism."


[url=]At least 14 killed and many injured in fighting between rival militias in western Libya[/url]



How The West Used Libya to Hijack the Arab Revolts  -

"...Argues Vijay Prashad in his new book 'Arab Spring Libya Winter', Western powers, helped along by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, used the turmoil in Libya to promote their own agenda - an agenda that incuded transforming  Libya's economy into a neoliberal haven.

As for the Arab states that aligned with the West, Prashad argues that the 'Atlantic pwers' struck a deal with the 'Saudis and the Gulf Oil States that allowed the latter to silence dissent on the Arabian peninsula (Bahrain and Iran) In turn the Gulf states delivered the Arab League and so the UN for a NATO-led intervention in Libya.."


Libya Resistance News: 08-04-2012

"Al Qaeda militias beating Libyans who don't comply with Sharia law.."

what our MPs 'unanimously' helped bring to Libya,,


Libya Resistance News: 11-04-2012

"Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Tripoli Branch, tells women to cover up. Oil giants Total from France and ENI from Italy are just going to have to wait on the sidelines while hungry American and British big boys take their juicy oil slices first.."


Saif-al-Islam Gaddafi 'Determined to Defend Himself Like Milosevic'

"Saif-al-Islam Gaddafi, the second son of the late Libyan leader, told his lawyer he was prepared to defend himself in court, just like former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosovic. But it's still unclear which court will try Gaddafi Jr..."

In which-ever court - he may end up sharing Slobo's fate as well..


Baird Gung Ho for War Before Fall of Gadhafi

"Canada was one of the most hawkish outside nations involved in the Libyan conflict, conducting a disproportionately large percentage of the strike missions and humanitarian support to the rebels.."

and every single one of its complicit-in-war-crimes mps voted for war and rejoiced in the victory afterwards..not one has subsequently expressed any regret for their decision or any concern for their victims.

Lawless Libya (and vid)!


[url=][size=14]GLADIO - NATO'S Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis[/size](e-book)[/url]

 The attack on Libya laid bare the iron fist within the velvet glove of slogans such as "humanitarian intervention." Like the destruction of Yugoslavia and the rape of Afghanistan, the reduction of Libya to a virtual slave colony was performed under the banner of NATO. And what exactly is NATO? Richard Cottrell tells the story of mayhem and murder behind the "alliance for peace" and predicts an emerging military colossus fighting to seize control of strategic resources such as oil, gas, minerals and water anywhere on the planet.
Conceived as rear guard stay-behind operations to frustrate a Soviet invasion, NATO's covert special forces warped into instruments of psychological and physical terror. This was the 'strategy of tension' intended to manufacture a state of fear, driving electors to safe Right-wing governments. ...


Libya, Open For Business: The Corporate Takeover

"Coles shows that NATO's destruction of LIbya was nothing more nor less than the crimes of first degree murder and armed robbery on a grand scale.."


[url=][size=16]Al-Qaeda’s Air Force[/size][/url]


Some Canadian military officers in private...referred to the NATO jets bombing Gadhafi's troops as "al-Qaeda's air force"

Stephen Gowans wrote:
Gaddafi had claimed that "the rebellion had been organized by" Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb "and his old enemies the LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group), who had vowed to overthrow the colonel and return the country to traditional Muslim values, including Sharia law." [2] But this was dismissed by the West as propaganda.

Still, a "Canadian intelligence report written in late 2009...described the anti-Gadhafi stronghold of eastern Libya" where the rebellion began, "as an ‘epicentre of Islamist extremism' and said ‘extremist cells' operated in the region." [3]

And Canadian military intelligence noted "in 2004 (that) Libyan troops found a training camp in the country's southern desert that had been used by an Algerian terrorist group that would later change its name to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb or AQIM." [4]

Abdel Hakim Belhaj, who had "joined the U.S.-backed resistance to the Soviet (intervention in) Afghanistan, fighting alongside militants who would go on to form al-Qaeda," was emblematic of the militant Islamic character of the uprising.

"Mr. Belhaj returned to Libya in the 1990s and led the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in fierce confrontations with Col. Gadhafi's" government. The LIFG was aligned with al-Qaeda. [5]

herr Steveler + "Al-Qa'eda" = bff


Peter MacKay Knew Full Cost of Libya Mission: Maj Gen. Vance Confirms

"As reported by Postmedia News on Thursday, figures buried in a Defence Department report tabled in the House of Commons on Tuesday put the full price of the Libya mission at nearly $350 million, including more than $100 million in 'incremental costs'. Vance, speaking at a hastily arranged news conference at National Defence Headquarters on Friday afternoon, said the military had told MacKay before his interview that the incremental costs were less than $50 million - which he noted was about $10 million less than the Defence Department predicted.

"Every time (MacKay) speaks you're going: 'Well, is this the real number or is it going to change by tomorrow?' NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar said. 'The buck stops with Peter MacKay and the bucks aren't being counted properly. And that's his job."

Opposition members refused to call for MacKay's resignation, but that may be only a matter of time.."

Kudos for the NDP! Right to the nub of it again. Did we get our money's worth in Libya? Bravo, looking very promising I must say.


NDPP wrote:
Kudos for the NDP! Right to the nub of it again. Did we get our money's worth in Libya? Bravo, looking very promising I must say.

By comparison it was difficult for the FBI to nail Al Capone for murder. They got him on tax evasion, though. Not as sexy as murder, but it worked. 

Canadians dislike being ripped off. The NDP know what they are doing, just like the IRS Feds and Capone. Pete 'I'm a blithering idiot' MacKay just needs a little more rope, and he should finish the job for the NDP.


Libyan Revolution Update: Enjoying 'Democracy'  - by Tony Cartalucci

"More for Syria to look forward to, after UN/NATO operations.."


NATO Turns Blind Eye to Libyan Collateral Damage - Human Rights Watch (and vid)

"The group slammed NATO for downplaying the extent of civilian deaths inflicted during its drive to topple the Gaddafi government. 'NATO is operating basically like a military dictatorship,' claims Vijay Prashad, director of International Studies at Trinity College in the US, arguing that there is no civilian control over the alliance's actions."



'Things They Don't Do Even in Israel': Another Tale from Free Libya

"The following is from the account of a man from Sirte who was released from a Misrata jail following a large bribe. He's missing his right leg and left arm now, from battle prior to capture. It's not so much what torture he was subjected to as what he witnessed and heard from others that's shocking even to those of us aware of what's going on in 'Free Libya'.."


MacKay's Take on Libya Mission Puzzling - by Scott Taylor

"Seven months after Canada staged a victory flypast in Ottawa, the Libya militias still refuse to disarm, thousands of Libyan civilians are still illegally detained, international observers have reported prisoners being tortured to death, and tens of thousands, mostly sub-Saharan Libyans, were ethnically cleansed from the city of Tawergha.

In addition, the abundance of weaponry and lawlessness in Libya has also been linked to the recent coup in neighbouring Mali. Money well spend indeed, Mr MacKay."

and still not a word of regret from any of the Canadian MPs who unanimously supported it all...


Saif al Islam Gaddafi and the Fight Behind the Scenes Over his Fate - by Alexander Mezayev

"The legal proceedings against Saif al Islam, the son of Muammar Gaddafi, have developed into an unusual situation that has no precedent in the International Criminal Court's (ICC) history. The Court itself is exerting efforts to destroy the case so that the accused would never have to face it.."

Ocampo Misleads UN Security Council on Saif al Islam's Detention

"Along with the denial of Saif al Islam Gaddafi's right to the process necessary to be represented by a lawyer, the OPCO points out that Law 37 passed by the NTC further demonstrates the impossibility of Saif-al Islam Gaddafi being able to get a fair trial in Libya..."


Muammar Gaddafi - Speech to the UN General Assembly 2009 (and vid)


Pentagon Plunder of Libya - Hated by Arabs

"NATO intervention in LIbya unpopular in Arab world. Look at Libya to see what may happen in Syria. In post-revolutionary Libya there is only an apology for a central government and no rule of law, just heaps of armed men.."


Lockerbie Bomber's Death Reminder of Gadhafi's 'Terrorism': Baird

"Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has welcomed news that the terrorist who took the lives of three Canadians along with 267 others in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988 has died.

'The death of Abdel Basset al Megrahi is a reminder of the state-sponsored terrorism and depravity that the former Libyan regime of Moammar Gadhafi was willing to undertake in the name of this bizarre ideology - an ideology that no longer threatens the peace of the world and the people of Libya who suffered under his dictatorship and who have now been liberated.'"

Megrahi was innocent and Gadhafi delivered to Libyans the highest standards of living in all of Africa. This is what fascism sounds like Canada yet this Minister purports to represent you and acts in your name at meetings with AIPAC, 'Friends of Syria' and elsewhere.  Unfortunately, since all other MPs agreed to support the actions taken in Libya and even approved them afterwards, they are no better. Pleae read #16 above for further info on Baird's 'liberated Free Libya'.

[email protected]


AFP Rewrites The Lockerbie Case (and vid)

"...In a famous documentary, The Maltese Double Cross - Lockerbie (see video below), US journalist Allan Francovich demonstrated that the attack was actually perpetrated by a US agent. For their part the Scottish authorities had admitted that Abdel Basset al Megrahi's conviction was based on false testimony (2) and were prepared to review his case. It is within this contect that the defendent was released on compassionate grounds..:

Secret Lockerbie Document Blames CIA - Linked Group

"There is a growing belief that the CIA used its own agents to bring down PanAm 103.."


Locusts Swarm in Wake of Libya Uprising

"The fall of Gaddafi was an enormous factor, to be honest,' said Keith Cressman, FAO senior locust forecasting officer. 'It depleted the Libyans' capacity to monitor and respond as they normally would. During Muammar Gaddafi's reign, Libya had an effective and well-resourced locust control programme,' Mr Cressman said."


After Gaddafi, Libya Splits into Disparate Militia Zones

"...At Tripoli's luxurious Rixos Hotel, I met NTC member Musa al Koni amid rolling lawns and burbling fountains. The fondness of NTC executives for rooms here, at taxpayers' expense, is a staple of the capitali's booming media. 'We made so many mistakes, so many,' Kony says..."


Saif Gaddafi's Appointed Legal Counsel, Melinda Taylor, Moved to Zintan Jail

"The four man ICC legal team detained in Zintan on a visit to Saif Qaddafi has been transferred from house arrest to a prison in the town and will be held for 45 days while investigations into their conduct continue, according to the militia chief who detained them. Taylor is accused of seeking to exchange documents with Qaddafi which were 'a danger to the Libyan state'. Angry citizens have been demonstrating in Zintan demanding that the ICC four be prosecuted.."

marvelous idea!


Major Powers Demand Release of ICC Lawyer from Libya

"While the detention of the legal team, which has been appointed to act as defence counsel for Saif, is a flagrant violation of legal and democratic rights, it also highlights the criminal character of the entire NATO-led operation in Libya."


Gaddafi v Africom and the Recolonisation of Africa (and vid)

"The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan showed the West wars in which their own citizens get killed are not popular. AFRICOM is designed to ensure that in the coming colonial wars against AFrica, it will be Africans who do the fighting and dying, not Westerners. The forces of the African Union are to become integrated into AFRICOM under a US-led chain of command. Gaddafi would never have stood for it; that is why he had to go. And if you want a vision of Africa under AFRICOM tutelage, look no further than Libya. The new rule of colonialism in Africa must not be allowed to advance another inch.."


Libya: Baghdadi Mahmoudi's Defence Committee Considers His Extradition Unlawful

"Counsel Lila Mestiri described the decision to extradite Mahmoudi to the Libyan authorities as 'illegal' adding that 'the expectation had been conducted secretly, during a day off and in a shameful way.' For his part, Mr Maher Amayed described the decision taken by the Interim Prime Minister to extradite Baghdadi Mahmoud as a violation of all the laws and commitments of Tunisia to international human rights.."


Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki has said that his country's extradition of Libya's former Prime Minister al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi was "illegal".

Mr Mahmoudi, 70, had fled to Tunisia during the uprising against Col Muammar Gaddafi last year.

Mr Marzouki's office said in a statement that the decision to extradite Mr Mahmoudi was taken without consultation and without his agreement.

Mr Mahmoudi is the first senior Libyan official to be returned for trial.

Mr Marzouki had promised earlier this year to hand over Mr Mahmoudi if he were guaranteed a fair trial in Libya, but in May he said he was in principle opposed to the move.


[url= men rally for Islamic law in Libya's Benghazi[/size][/url]

U.S.-Qa'eda pushing for sharia law in newly created Islamic emirate in the maghreb. Global war on democracy continues.

The glasnost is half full.


Extradition to Libya - Extradition to Torture (and vid)

"The reports that the former Libyan prime minister who was extradited by Tunisia to Libya was tortured, highlight the lack of justice and proper institutions in post Gaddafi Libya believes journalist Lizzie Phelan.."


And it continues and continues. I am asking for help here. Probably sometime in March of last year I heard a CBC radio interview with a young Libyan girl living in (Windsor ?) who was full of hope for her country. I think it was on As It Happens but I could be wrong. She gushed with happiness at what was happening in her country.

Do you remember it ?

I remember thinking at the time that it would all go wrong. It did.

Such a sweet girl. So full of hope and joy. Sad now when we look at what really happened.

I have this uncontrollable urge to hold CBC's feet to the fire over this interview.

I am praying that someone here remembers and can direct me to the broadcast. Surely someone here has a better memory than I.


Always good to see someone else outraged at what was done to Libya,  Unbiased. None of our 'representatives' who voted unanimously for war have shown any curiosity at all as to what was accomplished, beyond congratulations to all who participated in it including the Canadian NATO General who led the operation.. Furthermore they have shown every sign of willingness to do it again in Syria.

You can search for the interview you seek here:


Protesters Storm Libya Election Office in Benghazi

"Libyan protesters and militiamen stormed the headquarters of the election commission in the eastern city of Benghazi on Sunday, setting the voting slips on fire, a militia commander said, a week before the country holds its first general election in nearly five decades.."


Militia Close Three Oil Refineries in Eastern Libya

"Libyan militia have shut down three oil refineries in the eastern part of the African state on the eve of the country's first democratic elections..."

of course 'democratic' what else?


The Libya Election Farce -  by Tony Cartalucci

"All candidates are neo-imperial candidates - Wall Street proxy Jibril of 'National Forces Alliance'


Libya: 'Efforts to Dismantle the Tribes are Underway' (and vid)

"It is the Tribes that make Libya what it is. Without them the culture will disappear. The tribal elders have hitherto managed conflict and resolution.." 'Aziel' interviewed



congratulations again to the Libyan people on their transitional election:


...full results could not be unknown until the end of the week as the election commission has decided to bring ballot papers to Tripoli for a centralised count in the first elections since the fall of Gaddafi last year.

The United Nation's top official in Libya applauded on Sunday how the country conducted its first free and fair election in more than four decades, saying it went better than anyone could "reasonably have expected".

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Ian Martin, spoke in Tripoli and said he hoped that the lengthy procedure of counting the ballots would not be a source of suspicion.

If the results are confirmed, Libya, unlike neighbouring Tunisia and Egypt whose strongmen were also ousted in last year's Arab Spring, will buck the trend of electoral success for Islamists.

"But it is a tight race for us in the south," added Sawan, a former political prisoner and member of Libya's Muslim Brotherhood, which launched the party.

Libyans 'winners'

In a country with no history of political parties and no national surveys, forecasting results is virtually impossible, but early media reports seemed to back the party leaders' claims.

Al-Assima TV said the coalition was far ahead in the capital, scooping 80 per cent in the district of Tripoli Centre and 90 per cent in the impoverished district of Abu Slim.




CIA - Linked Jibril Wins in Libya?

"...As the number two man in the Libyan government, Jibril organized the deregulation of Libya's socialist economy and the privatization of its public enterprises. Jibril has studied in the USA and is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.."


Ottawa Voices Support for First Free National Election in Libya since Gadhafi

"A spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Canada 'stands with the Libyan people', as they work to entrench the values of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law for all in the country. 'We are inspired by all who, after battling tyranny and believing a better, brighter future was indeed possible, toady turned to cast a ballot and have a say in who should lead the country forward,' Rick Roth said in a statement..."


Libya Election is a 'Liberation Party'

"Libyans are euphoric and voting 'went off like a charm' in the country's first parliamentary election after last year's overthrow and killing of longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi, MP Jim Karygiannis said as he drove toward Tripoli Saturday night. The Liberal critic for multiculturalism, who is leading a team of 10 Canadians in Libya to observe the General National Congress elections, visited 25 polling stations in and around Tripoli and nearby cities that day. 'The elections were made our elections in Canada, unfortunately...look like a joke,' Karygiannis said."

They are Jim, as are you and all the other Canadian pols who helped vote this abomination via NATO bombs into reality. Once again MSM helps keep Canucklheads stupid and misinformed..and it sure seems to be working.


and radical does their bit with this:

Global Press Review: Libya's Elections

"...The moderate National Forces Alliance of wartime prime minister Mahmoud Jibril won the Libyan elections, the first in a generation. The vote was mostly peaceful and the results have been well received by most Libyans and their political parties.."



NDPP wrote:

and radical does their bit with this:

Global Press Review: Libya's Elections

"...The moderate National Forces Alliance of wartime prime minister Mahmoud Jibril won the Libyan elections, the first in a generation. The vote was mostly peaceful and the results have been well received by most Libyans and their political parties.."

Thanks for the heads up on that one. My reply is at the end of the article, along with a query to Rabble editors.


I'm thinking it must be an NDP thing..



... that would be good!

and good work Rabble editors,  less support here for falling dictators would make sense,

esp. after the Libyan people have spoken





The cheerleaders of  imperial aggression are cheerfully indifferent to  the poly-thugocracy their intervention has created. US asset Jabril's NTC has legalized torture by "revolutionaries".
From The Independent:

Last week Amnesty produced a devastating report – "Libya: Rule of law or rule of militias?" – based on meticulous and lengthy investigations, portraying Libya as a country where violent and predatory militia gangs have become the real power in the land. They jail, torture and kill individuals and persecute whole communities that oppose them now, did so in the past, or simply get in their way. A few actions by these out-of control militiamen have gained publicity, such as taking over Tripoli airport, shooting up the convoy of the British ambassador in Benghazi, and arresting staff members of the International Criminal Court.

But the widespread arbitrary detention and torture of people picked up at checkpoint by the thuwwar (revolutionaries) is not publicised because the Libyan government wants to play them down, or people are frightened of criticising the perpetrators and becoming targets..."things are not getting better" ...


Human Rights Disaster Unfolding in Libya

"Nine months after the US/NATO-led overthrow of the Muammar Gaddafi government in Libya, the country remains entrenched in violence and disorder, human rights abuses are rampant. Nearly 40 percent of eligible voters boycotted the elections..."


Peter MacKay's Stated Cost of Libya Mission 'A Political Truth', DND Email Says

"A senior Canadian general was prepared to admit he's made a mistake after Defence Minister Peter MacKay directly contradicted him in May by saying he did not know the Libya mission was estimated to cost more than $100-million. But while Maj. Gen. Jonathan Vance was ready to 'own up' to making an error, a military public affairs officer waved him off by telling Vance he wasn't necessarily wrong, and that 'a political truth can sometimes be different,'.."

I'll say...see the real truth and 'costs' of our Libya R2P 'mission' below and perhaps note none of the MPS who voted unanimously for NATO warcrimes have ventured any words on the consequences of their heinous handiwork other than congratulations to our glorious warcriminals such as NATO's Canadian Commander in Libya, RCAF Brig-Gen. Charles, 'the Butcher' Bouchard. For all those cheerleading for the same in Syria, this is what you are supporting...


Is Libya the Next Somalia?  -  by Thomas Mountain

"Libya seems well on its way to becoming the next Somalia, with much of the country already ruled by tribal/clan based armed militias. As was the case in Somalia, Libya is in the process of separation, with the eastern, oil rich, Cyrenica region having issued a de facto declaration of independence...

In 2011 Libya was destroyed by an almost unprecedented aerial bombardment, over 10,000 bombing runs with some 40,000 pieces of high explosive ordinance dropped on the country over a period of 8 months or so. 40,000 bombs, killed two people per bomb and you are talking about 80,000 Libyans killed by NATO in 2011? And all of them on a very small population of 6 million?

NATO's destruction of Libya was the equivalent of almost 100,000 bombing runs on Britain, with some 400,000 bombs blasting the UK killing 800,000 people. 800,000 dead Brits in 8 months gives you an idea of the scale of the wrath NATO vented upon Libya.

Today NATO exports over 90% of its prewar oil and gas production, almost 2 million barrels a day of some of the best oil found on the planet. Where the almost $200 million a day, $6 billion a month, over $70 billion by the end of 2012 is going still remains mostly a mystery..

Elections run by a 'government' installed by NATO can only be a charade..."

as is our own 'opposition' which isn't at all...


Canada Wecomes Libya's Election Results

"On behalf of all Canadians, I congratulate the people of Libya on holding successful, historic, democratic elections...Canada will continue to help Libyans build a society that respects democracy, human rights and the rule of law."

The blot on all who voted 'yes' for NATO's war - will never be forgotten..


NDPP wrote:
The blot on all who voted 'yes' for NATO's war - will never be forgotten..

Yeah they were: the USSA, France, and U.K. with support from absolute monarchies in Arabia.

Russia, China and three other real countries abstained. And Steve "The Toadie" Harper likely received a pat on the head for his excellent cheerleading from the sidelines.

What a national embarrassment these Reform Party retreads have been. We get the feeling that if Uncle Whiskers instructed them to jump, their only response would be:

[size=14]How high, Uncle Sam, aye-aye on the double-double![/size]


Libya's New Neo-Liberal 'Democracy'  -  by Seth Rutledge

"The recent Libyan elections have been praised by the Western media, reporting Libya has finally set off on the path towards prosperity. But how free and open were the elections and what can we expect for the future? It seems that once again the Western powers have exported democracy for international corporations and already the plundering has begun."


Saif Gaddafi Update

"NATO's ICC and NATO's Libyan government are locked in a dispute over where Saif should be tried.."


Libya Power Transition: Who Can Stop the Chaos? (and vid)

"I think the US is very happy if Libya becomes a chaotic place where there is no real central power opposing anything they do,' he shared adding that 'political stability and having the oil flow are two very different things.."


Assassinations in Benghazi Target Senior Officials (and vid)

"A series of assassinations in Benghazi in eastern Libya have mostly targeted former members of the Qaddafi regime. The attacks may be motivated by revenge. But they could be an attempt to increase the influence of the east within the government..."


Saif al Islam Gadaffi To Go on Trial in September

"Saif al Islam is set to go on trial in September in the Libyan city of Zintan..."


Libya's Sufism Being Bulldozed to the Ground

"Religious sectarian tensions are reaching record breaking levels in post-Gaddafi Libya, with two Sufi religious sites attacked and destroyed in just two days by Salafi activists. Friday saw another attack on Sufi worship sites in the city of Zlitan. Ultra-Conservative Islamists destroyed the tomb of a 15th century Sufi scholar and set the Mosque's library on fire. Following the ousting of Colonel Gaddafi, cultural clashes between followers of the mystical Sufi tradition and ultra-Conservative Sufis have taken central state in the new Libya..."

way to go Canada!