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Vatican Official Reports 40 Civilians Dead In Tripoli

"The Catholic Bishop in Tripoli has indicated that dozens of civilians have been killed in the Tajoura neighborhood following NATO airstrikes. 'The airstrikes are meant to protect civilians but they are killing dozens of civilians,' Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, the apostolic vicar of Tripoli, told Reuters.."

Italy Has Already Lost The Libya War  - by Daniele Scalea

"by joining the military aggression against its former colony, Italy is waging war against its own interests..."


NDPP wrote:

The Mire of Shame: NATO's Fascist War  - by Fidel Castro

If Gaddafi honors the traditions of his people and decides to fight to the last breath,  as he has promised, together with the Libyans who are facing the worst bombing a country has ever suffered. NATO and its criminal projects will sink into the mire . .."

thanks for the tip, NDPP:

many of us had suspected he was slipping into crackpottery, now confirmed...



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