LIVE: Massive Rallies in Geneva and United States re: Tamil oppression

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LIVE: Massive Rallies in Geneva and United States re: Tamil oppression

Today, there are massive rallies going in front of the UN head office in Geneva and White House in the US.
You can watch the live streaming of the rally in Geneva soon as you enter It is happening as you read the email.
I don't believe the US rally has started yet.
Furthermore, I have heard a story that 50 buses of people went from Canada to the US for the protest. 10 buses were denied entry into the United States because the influence of the Sri Lankan government. This is disgraceful that a foreign government has influence over right Canadian citizen's to organize and protest in North America.
If I get more information, I will pass it on. Please circulate information.


What are the rallies about?


In Geneva:

 The Tamil people are urging UN to act by stopping the Genocide in Sri Lanka. 


 The the USA its about:

Tamil Americans and Tamil Canadians to hold joint rally to draw the attention of President Barack Obama to halt Genocide and bring Justice and Peace to the Tamils in Sri Lanka.


The rally is going live again. It stopped for awhile before.

It's Me D

Thanks for the link and the video, can I suggest you mention it here:

The Conflict of Sri Lanka and Tamil Eelam in the island of Ceylon

(because we're trying to keep the news about Sri Lanka in one place)

I'd love to hear more about the buses turned back from the US... hadn't heard anything about that myself; I guess I'm too busy lately, I'm feeling kinda out of the loop Undecided


I started a seperate thread so people can notice. Is that ok? or should i just continue with the other thread?

It's Me D

If you want to start a thread on the rally specifically then perhaps you should have this one moved to the activism forum; as far as notice I think that anyone who cares will notice this news in the current Sri Lanka thread. I'll warn you though its not likely you'll get a lot of replies anywhere, since you're posting about Sri Lanka. Making lots of threads on one topic in one forum is not the best way to get noticed I think.

Watching the live video is very neat, wish I could be there... wish it would make any difference... or even get a mention on the MSM... Frown