Major humanitarian crisis is unfolding in northern Sri Lanka - 350,000 lives at risk

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Major humanitarian crisis is unfolding in northern Sri Lanka - 350,000 lives at risk

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Translation of the Video is the following:

Mother: I lived Siva-Eri-Malai. I am originally from Adampan, Mannar. From there the Sri Lankan Army has been chasing us. By them chasing us, we are in this situation. As they bomb us, we have come here after a long journey. They came chasing us in Valiathu for awhile, then from Vannari, from Vannari to Konaavil, from Konnavil we have been lastly displaced here. We are here in front of a school which we don't know the name; we don't know even the village’s name.

Child: Visvamadu!

Mother: They have displaced us to Visvamadu School. We don't have any space, no toilet facilities, kids cannot take a bath, and we cannot dry out clothes. We are living on the streets like dogs. Bombardments! What? Bombardments. From there, the bombardments have come to here. Where do we go?

The planes are flying above us. The TRO centre is the one who saved us by bringing us here. Otherwise, I and my kids would have died due to bombardments. We have left our husbands, kids, and we are living on the streets. It’s because of shelling and KFIRS. The damn shelling.

In the morning, they dropped some shells. Who knows where? We nearly escaped. We don't have anything to pawn. If TRO didn't come, I would have pawned my ear rings. We don't have anything else to pawn because for travelling this far we have pawned our assets one by one.

At last we don't even have any way to pawn at a bank anymore. Now, we are in this situation. I have my children here, and the rain is going to come. I don't know what to do. We don't even have a tent. We have these old stuff with us; I don't think we can survive. We never had "Pachai" rice in our history. Even fish is 400 rupees; we don't have any way to buy it.

We are the ones who are going to chase the army. That’s what is going to happen. One side they are bombarding KFIRS the other side is shelling. We just survived by a bit, else we would have died. Seven families would have died together.