Mexico's drug war starts to spill over to US

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Mexico's drug war starts to spill over to US

Execution style murders, violent home invasions, and a spiraling kidnap rate in Phoenix -- where police reported an average of one abduction a day last year linked to Mexican crime -- are not the only examples along the border.

In southern California, police have investigated cases of Americans abducted by armed groups tied to the Tijuana drug trade. One involved a businesswoman and her teenage daughter snatched in San Diego last year and held to ransom south of the border.

It's elsewhere been noted that Mexico could become a more important site of American foreign policy interest (lucky them) than anywhere in the Middle East due to the trouble the Mexican government is having in controlling the activities of drug cartels.

The LA Times has lots on it here:

Now it's becoming a domestic issue as well.

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Legalize the goddamned drugs!


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Anyone see 60 Minutes last night? They had a feature on teh Mexican drug gangs and it's gotten completely crazy down there. Kidnappings for ransom are rampant. Police officers being killed, their families going into hiding. The gangs are way better armed than the police and army. It's getting totally nuts. Time to wave the white flag in the failed "war on drugs."