Michael Ruppert R.I.P.

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Michael Ruppert R.I.P.

From a post back here back in Dec. 2008 on 9/11 by aka Mycroft. He was quoting from a website called counterknowldege.com

With one or two exceptions (notably Michael Ruppert), 9/11 conspiracy theorists and their supporters do not actually outline a scenario which explains how and why the US government (in cahoots with the Israelis, or the military-industrial complex, or whoever else) slaughtered nearly 3,000 people - most of whom were American citizens - in a co-ordinated series of attacks which were then blamed on Arab Islamist terrorists. Most truthers lack sufficient moral courage to produce a real theory about 9/11 being an ‘inside job’ which combines motive with method and which can be tested against the evidence.




(15) Finally, if the US government is institutionally ruthless enough to organise the massacre of thousands of its own citizens in a series of “false flag” attacks, then why is it too squeamish to arrange for the deaths of the supposed “truth-seekers” (David Griffin, Kevin Barrett, Steven Jones, Richard Gage, the Loose Change team, Alex Jones, etc.) who have exposed their complicity in one of the most heinous crimes a government can commit against its own people? Why are these people still alive and well, and in a position to publicise their “theories” on radio, television, in print and online?


Well Michael Ruppert is no longer alive and well.

May he R.I.P.

Given all that Michael revealed re: 9/11 and more, I always feared he would be a prime target for the FBI/CIA et al.
Until proven guilty I will believe he was 'suicided' like so many other 9/11 whistleblowers have been up until now.

I will miss him very much. His was one of the truly great 9/11 voices digging deep into the sordid truth of what happened on that day.