'Mike And I' : Freeland and Pompeo Take Questions...

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'Mike And I' : Freeland and Pompeo Take Questions...

'Mike And I': Freeland And Pompeo Take Questions on China, Venezuela and More...


"Canadians have been proud to stand with you. Today, Canada and United States are indispensable allies..."


OMFG Canada has never had a war monger like her as Foreign Minister. We are in lock step to be turning our True North strong and free into the ballistic missile battleground we have been opposed to for generations. The new plans for NORAD, coupled with the US medium range missile tests that used to be banned, means our worst fears as peace loving Canadians are coming true and no one is really paying attention.


Glad somebody here gets it.

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It really is disgusting. Freeland couldn't possibly be more right wing than she is even if she was running under the Scheer banner.


I don't care if Freeland is left, right, whatever. She's a lapdog of the U.S., a rabid supporter of the neo-Nazi-infested Kiev regime, and a filthy liar who knowingly covered up her Nazi grandfather's crimes for at least 20 years. She belongs in a very ill-designed prison cell, to consider the fate of the victims of those she idolizes. 

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Far and away the worst foreign minister in Canadian history.


And then there's Big Mike...

Pompeo Says God May Have Sent Trump To Save Israel From Iran


Canada's foreign policy is being determined by such people...