Military coup in Bolivia

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Military coup in Bolivia

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Grayzone: Bolivia Coup Led By Christian Fascist Paramilitary Leader and Multi-Millionaire - With Foreign Support

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton on the key actors behind the Bolivia coup - far right elites, fascists & US-backed orgs.

'In the lead-up to the coup, Camacho met with leaders from right-wing governments in the region to discuss their plans to destabilize Morales. Two months before the putsch, he tweeted gratitude: 'Thank you Colombia! Thank you Venezuela!' he exclaimed, tipping his hat to Juan Guaido's coup operation. He also recognized the far-right government of Jair Bolsonaro, declaring 'Thank you Brazil!

The presidential candidate Boliva's opposition had fielded in the October election, Carlos Mesa, is a 'pro-business' privatizer with extensive ties to Washington. US government cables published by WikiLeaks reveal that he regularly corresponded with American officials in their efforts to destabilize Morales. Mesa is currently listed as an expert at a DC-based think tank funded by the US government's soft-power arm USAID, various oil giants, and a host of multi-national corporations active in Latin America..."


Engler: Canada Backs Coup Against Bolivia's President

"Hours after the military command forced Morales to resign as president of the most Indigenous nation in the Americas, Chrystia Freeland endorsed the coup..."

(Reposted from previous thread given its obvious importance and babblers well known propensity not to read upthread.)


Coincidence that the coup happened just after Morales socialized Bolivia´s Lithium industry, with Tesla´s stocks going way up!


Grayzone - Pushback: on the Bolivia Coup

"Who's behind the Bolivia coup? With Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate, Ben Norton."


Opposition Senator Declares Herself 'Interim President' of Bolivia Without Quorum or Vote

"Opposition politician Jeanine Anez has declared herself  'Interim President' of Bolivia without a vote. Anez's actions echo those of Juan Guaido in Venezuela, who declared himself 'interim president' in January with the backing of Washington and the Organization of American States (OAS). While Guaido has repeatedly failed to oust President Nicolas Maduro, however, the opposition in Bolivia - also backed by the US and OAS [AND CANADA!] - has been able to force the resignation of Morales after the military defected to their side. Washington hastened to hail Morales ouster as 'a significant moment for democracy in the Western Hemisphere..."

Jagmeet Singh and the Hill & Knowlton NDP obviously agree.


WATCH: "The Indigenous of Chile marching together with the Indigenous of Bolivia in Iquique. As Chile is on strike, thousands of Indigenous in the north joined the protests waving Mapuche and Wiphala flags showing solidarity with the Indigenous in Bolivia resisting the right-wing coup."


And still no repudiation of the US-backed Bolivian fascist takeover by the Hill & Knowlton socialist party.  This is completely unacceptable on the part of the Canadian government that supports the coup and the NDP that refuses to denounce it. Shame! So we have no progressive representation in Ottawa on this or the open IDF recruitment in Toronto Canuckleads. What's to do? More denial, pretending it is otherwise and averting the eyes from the disgusting status quo is a dishonourable response that won't cut it anymore folks. Demand Jagmeet Singh  stand up and do his job!

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The NDP has not issued any formal condemnation of the coup in Boliva, and for this it should be criticized. However, it should be noted that a couple of NDP MP's have tweeted personal condemnations of the coup.

Niki Ashton wrote:

President Morales, a left Indigenous leader stood up for the people of his country. The world’s rich and powerful took him down because of it. Canada must condemn the military coup, call for an end to the violence and ensure true democracy prevails

Matthew Green wrote:
This recent escalation by the Bolivian military to seize control during this coup is very troubling. We must support Mexico's call for diplomatic efforts to restore the democratic process in Bolivia. Canada ought to be denouncing this military coup and *not* legitimizing it.

The NDP should also be criticized for allowing Randall Garrison to retweet the IDF:

Randall Garrison wrote:
Islamic Jihad’s launching of rockets at civilian targets in Israel for hours on end from behind civilian shields in Gaza is terrorism and constitutes war crimes. Full stop. No need for qualifications, comparisons, or “balance.” Just condemnation, that’s all that’s required.

epaulo13 epaulo13's picture well as the lithium thing this was happening.

NEWS 1130@NEWS1130

Vancouver-based South American Silver falls 17% after Bolivia seizes its silver deposit and cancels its license after aboriginal protests.


Re: Randall Garrison NDP

NDP MP Randall Garrison's Disgraceful Anti-Palestinian Politics

NDP = NO Difference Party! Get my drift?


What's to do?......

Likewise I remain awaiting the NDP and Greens response!

How many indigenous people serve in the ranks or MPs of the political parties supporting or refusing to denounce this coup?

So the city of El Alto has taken to the streets demanding democratic order be restablished under the Morales Government, while the Federation of Indigenous of Cochabamba are preparing national mobilizations tomorrow to paralyse the country (Cochabamba, remember! The site of the climate change congress...where are the climate change resisters?)

The people leading this coup, are well known militant fascists...bloodshed will not be spared...Indigenous peoples will die.....genocide is being prepared!
Will the Liberal indigenous caucus stand by? What are the positions of the Indigenous organizations in Canada?


WATCH: "Bolivian security forces and racist right-wing mobs are going door to door, rounding up and beating Indigenous people and leftists in impoverished neighbourhoods in La Paz as they try to literally smoke supporters of Evo Morales out."


Putting 2+2 together:

After Evo the Lithium Question Looms Large in Bolivia [ Why Canada supported the Coup, why Jagmeet Singh's Hill & Knowlton NDP won't un-support it]

"...Tesla (US) and Pure Energy Minerals (CANADA),  both showed great interest in having a direct stake in Bolivian lithium. But they could not make a deal that would take into consideration the parameters set by the Morales government. Morales himself was a direct impediment to the takeover of the lithium fields by the non-Chinese transnational firms. He had to go."


George Galloway on Bolivia, Lithium & Attacking China

"With increasing speculation that the coup which ousted Evo Morales in Bolivia might be linked to the lithium contract the country signed with China, the government in Beijing is at a crossroads and not just in Latin America. Few presidents will now risk the grisly fate of Evo Morales, his family and supporters if that is the fate of the friends of Beijing..."

Further explains the distinctly untender mercies of Minister Freeland's involvement on behalf of this US-OAS coup of Morales, as well as the solidarity messaging reported from the USAID-backed Hong Kong 'protesters' to the racist-fascist gangs rampaging La Paz.


Niki Ashton offered a good response.  It's just a shame she's not party leader.  


josh wrote:

Niki Ashton offered a good response.  It's just a shame she's not party leader.  

I saw her tweet and the same thought crossed my mind - not for the first time!



We still require a firm condemnation of Canadian support for this coup from the No Difference Party itself and its leader. And why won't even one of them condemn the outrageous open IDF recruitment of Canadians in Toronto?


PS Joel Harden, ONDP appears to be the first NDP politician who condemned this coup. On Nov 10 he retweeted this by Vijay Prasad:

"In Bolivia's long history, Evo Morales was the first Indigenous president. The old oligarchy could not tolerate it more than 13 years. They wanted their country back. So they got it through a hybrid war coup. This is a state coup."

Significantly, Harden also stood up against Israel's awful treatment of Palestinian activist Khalida Jarrar. Criticizing Israel in any way is almost unheard of by NDP pols.

And also retweeted this on Chile:

For those who still think there's anything to be gained from the Hill & Knowlton NDP socialists, perhaps Harden should go on the shortlist for leadership consideration?

Ken Burch

I'm beginning to like this Harden guy.  Hope the insiders don't break him.


Ken Burch wrote:

I'm beginning to like this Harden guy.  Hope the insiders don't break him.

Me too. Here's hoping he doesn't Soften.

Ken Burch

Unionist wrote:

Ken Burch wrote:

I'm beginning to like this Harden guy.  Hope the insiders don't break him.

Me too. Here's hoping he doesn't Soften.

You had to go there, didn't you?

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Massive Mobilization in Buenos Aires Against Coup in Bolivia

Thousands of demonstrators marched Tuesday along the main avenue in Argentina's capital to reach the Bolivian Embassy in Buenos Aires, condemning the coup that Bolivia is going through and offering full support to the legitimate president Evo Morales.

A prominent figure of the Bolivian community in that country Iber Mamani thanked the"support offered by the social and political organizations of the popular Argentinian countryside that pronounced themselves against the coup," and demanded the protection of "the lives of the comrades who today are being persecuted, kidnapped and tortured."

The leader of the MST Vilma Ripoll also present at the march, expressed the her "rejection to the coup carried out by the big bosses, the corporations and the armed forces, and endorsed by politicians like Mauricio Macri who until now has not declared anything about it."

In dialogue with Pagina 12, Ripoll added that Evo Morales "had pending tasks in Bolivia, such as the purging of the armed forces."

"We are here to repudiate what has no other qualification than a coup. We are very concerned about Evo's physical integrity, as well as the threat to the region. We have to remember and prevent the return of coups in Latin America," Argentinian Frente de Todos lawmaker Itai Hagman said amid flags and traditional Bolivian dances.

"Jallalla Evo Morales" was the expression most repeated by the Bolivian community installed at the door of the Bolivian Embassy in Argentina, a Quechua Aymara expression that symbolizes the unity of the people, their sense of belonging.

"We will return better, we will fight, we will win and we will return. Long live Evo Morales Ayma," Bolivians living in Argentina chanted in unison.....

The Bolivians community in Argentina vigorously chanted "we will return, we will fight, we will win" | Photo: Nodal


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CUPE statement on situation in Bolivia

CUPE joins the international community in raising our concern about the developing situation in Bolivia, which has led to a coup.

CUPE calls on the Government of Canada to recognize and respect the sovereignty of the Bolivian people to determine their own political future, without military or foreign interference. We further call on the Liberals to stop taking their foreign policy cues from some of the world’s most right-wing governments.

We extend our solidarity and support to the Bolivian people who will be most affected by the social or economic instability that accompanies this attack on their democratic rights.

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Justin Trudeau supports Bolivian coup; Jagmeet Singh condemns it (Video)

Jagmeet Singh wrote:
The worsening situation in Bolivia is alarming. Instead of supporting the self-proclaimed interim President that has a history of attacking Indigenous people, Canada must condemn the anti-democratic actions that led to this coup and are still getting worse. 1/2

Jagmeet Singh wrote:
The Canadian gov’t must support a new election that includes all parties. The gains Bolivia made under the Morales government, in terms of the rights of Indigenous peoples, health, and development, must not be lost - and the safety of Morales & his colleagues must be assured. 2/2

Better late than never!


Good. Thanks for posting LR. Like I said upthread, NDP ditherings often involve complex political calculations as to how best to exploit an incident such as this. Sometimes this involves having one or two MPs tweet something vaguely supportive without the leadership or official party having to take a position. Othertimes something sufficiently twisted and  tortured as to possibly seem to support both sides of an issue simultaneously is carefully crafted. In this case, it appears enough external heat was applied to the ass of the NDP leadership so as to smoke him out and force him to say something. I was at a downtown Toronto protest rally earlier and I can tell you his silence was not taken kindly and was remarked upon by several speakers. As I have also mentioned repeatedly over my time here, I am of the firm opinion when dealing with politicians,  the application of more stick than carrot is usually best.


It would be more of a stronger statement if his position and the position of the NDP were outlined in an official press release.  Not everyone follows twitter.  A press release would be news.  As an indigenous person and an NDP supporter, I too am very disappointed. 


"Cuba denounces  the detention of Cuban medical personnel by police in Bolivia; Dr Yoandra Muro Valle, Medical Brigade Coordinator and other collaborators were detained in La Paz. The Cuban government demands their immediate release."


WATCH: "Military and police shoot [Indigenous] coca growers in Huayllani as they attempt to march to Cochabamba. State violence in Bolivia."


"If you want to see what 'western media propaganda' is, compare the reality of what's happening in Boliva over the last week to how the western press has described it. It's like they're talking about a completely different universe."


"No ifs, ands or buts; full solidarity with the people of Bolivia resisting the far-right, anti-indigenous, US/EU/Canada-backed coup against the democratic and popular government of Evo Morales. No recogntion for the illegitimate coup regime."


Canada Will 'Support' Bolivian Opposition Government


Resist Don't Collaborate!



Canada’s Liberal government did not merely welcome the coup from afar. It played a not insignificant role in facilitating it. Following Bolivia’s Oct. 20 presidential election, Ottawa quickly sided with Morales’s right-wing opponents and the Trump administration in declaring the re-election of Bolivia’s president to a fourth term invalid due to voter fraud. It also used its considerable influence in the Organization of American States (OAS) to push for a so-called audit of the results. In a separate statement, last weekend Freeland confirmed that Canada partially financed the audit and also supplied it with its “expertise.”

Underscoring that the audit was nothing more than a thinly veiled pretext to topple Morales, Freeland’s foreign ministry, officially known as Global Affairs Canada, released a statement October 29 declaring the opposition’s allegations of voter fraud to be a proven fact and announcing that Ottawa would not recognize Morales’s government until a further election was held. This was two days before the OAS audit even began....

...while I am grateful for asome statement from the NDP leadership, no doubt they must be watched like a hawk, to make sure they do not cave!

Here in Guate....The National popular assembly is preparing a national meeting Monday to prepare actions on the there is lots of talk that the MLP Presidential Candidate Thelma Cabrera Maya Mam, only lost the election by fraud...if the Bolivia coup is permitted to stand, no Indigenous leader would feel safe!


"Bolivian coup regime-change operative Jhanisse Vaca-Daza worked with poster-child of Hong Kong protests Denise Ho to smear Morales..."


We are witnessing a coordinated global fascist takeover of all non NATO compliant governments. We have nothing to fear in Canada since we already do anything the evil empire wants us to.  We can just relax and talk about UNDRIP while sending the RCMP armed divisions into unceded territories to seize indigenous land. No coup needed here to protect mining and oil interests.


CrossTalk: Bolivia's Coup

"Those who consume corporate media will believe the Bolivian military rightfully overthrew the democratically elected President of Bolivia. The word 'coup' is not mentioned. But this is exactly what happened. The tried and tested color revolution playbook was on display for anyone paying attention..."


WATCH: "Indigenous and socialist protesters are rushing from the working class stronghold of El Alto and taking to the streets of La Paz to demand justice for the wealthy fallen comrades massacred by Bolivian Armed Forces today. You can hear the pro-coup narrators voice tremble with fear."


[quote=Left Turn]

[quote=Jagmeet Singh]

The Canadian gov’t must support a new election that includes all parties...

Better late than never!


Notice how Singh calls for another election. Why? Because that crooked imperialist tool of which Canada is a member, the OAS  called for it after attacking the process and impugning and discrediting Morales' win in the first round. Should the coup fail or be reversed, the coup conspirators would have another crack at it, urged and supported by Singh. This is how NDP/ Hill & Knowlton style politrix works Canuckleheads...

"Examination finds tally sheets consistent with Evo Morales first round victory contrary to a post-election narrative that was supported without evidence by the OAS Electoral Mission..."

It was a coup. OAS helped make it happen. Jagmeet Singh just finessed their fraud for Canadians. No wonder his 'support' email took a little time.


'Stop The Massacre!': Evo Morales Appeals...(and vid GRAPHIC)

"Bolivia's ousted leader Evo Morales pleaded with his country's military to stop firing on unarmed demonstrators protesting the coup-imposed interim leadership. Though the OAS hailed the coup [it helped to orchestrate] in Bolivia as a win for democracy, apparently even it could not ignore the brutality.

While the unrest in Bolivia has only worsened since Morales' removal from office, the new self-appointed 'interim' government led by former opposition senator Jeanine Anez has deflected blame on anyone but itself for the ongoing chaos - ordering Cuban and Venezuelan diplomats stationed in the country to return home under a cloud of accusations. The acting government announced that it would recognize Venezuela's self-declared 'interim' president Juan Guaido..."

Nice work Chrystia Freeland. Will be waiting to see what our  brown-faced/black hearted PM does with your 'star power' (CBC ) in the coming shuffle of deck chairs and new ministers as the Canadian titanic sinks ever deeper into the depths of further shameful outrages, complicity and depravity.


Evo Talks About Bolivian Coup (and vid)

"In his first exclusive interview since being forced into exile in Mexico, following a putsch led by reactionary forces and backed by the military and police, Morales discusses the reality of the political situation in his country and what needs to happen going forward..."


Baroud: Israel is A 'Terrorist State': Seven Times Bolivia & Morales Took A Stance For Palestine

"Palestinians see in Bolivia, although geopolitically removed from the Middle East, a true friend, and a trusted ally. On the other hand, the resignation of Morales is welcomed news in Tel Aviv..."

And Ottawa.


TeleSUR-15-11: 4th Day of Protests Against Coup in Bolivia (and vid)

"Fourth day of big demonstrations in La Paz..."

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'The US Rogue Regime is Terrorizing the World'

"Far-right Evangelical extremist US Secretary of State and former CIA director Mike Pompeo is essentially boasting about the US-backed fascist military coup in Bolivia, and is threatening Venezuela with the same..."


WATCH: "Truck loads of armed soldiers are being mobilised in Bolivia to crush pro-democracy, anti-coup protesters. This military dictatorship has the total support of the US [and Canada] - and that's why these images aren't being shown in the mainstream Western media."


CN Live: Episode 18: '...Brazil & Bolivia (and vid)

Asia Times journo Pepe Escobar discusses Bolsonaro, Lula and Brazil, and Ben Norton of the Grayzone Project talks in depth about the situation in Bolivia:

Starts @ 2:00:00

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Massacre in Cochabamba: Anti-Indigenous Violence Escalates as Mass Protests Denounce Coup in Bolivia

For more, we go directly to Cochabamba, just where the massacre took place. We’re joined by Kathryn Ledebur via Democracy Now! video stream. She’s the director of the Andean Information Network, researcher, activist, analyst, with over two decades of experience in Bolivia.


KATHRYN LEDEBUR: Well, we went, and we investigated the event. We were there Friday night. It’s very clear — we did over 30 interviews with the Harvard Human Rights Clinic — that protesters had been banned. Anyone from the Chapare tropical area had been blocked from entering Cochabamba, searched at gunpoint. And so they attempted to march peacefully. All witnesses state that they had taken their surgical masks off — people are wearing surgical masks because there’s a great deal of tear gas — that they were unarmed, that they were marching peacefully, that the military and police combined forces, fired tear gas and, as they were escaping, fired from bridges, fired directly at them, fired from a helicopter. We have photos of the helicopter with the snipers, people with gunshot wounds at the top of their head, in the forehead, people shot directly in the heart. This is a gross use of excessive use of force. It’s targeting indigenous people. It really is a clear sign of a military brutal dictatorship.


AMY GOODMAN: So, Kathryn Ledebur, take us through this weekend. You have the horror of the massacre on Friday. How was the military armed?

KATHRYN LEDEBUR: The military was armed — we didn’t see any injuries from rubber pellets, but we found at the site of the massacre, during our investigation Friday night, hundreds of tear gas canisters, U.S.-issued tear gas, two different kinds, and hundreds of spent military bullets. It’s interesting to note that the self-proclaimed Bolivian government claims that coca growers were armed and that they had firearms. That is patently false. I’ve worked with the coca growers for over 20 years. Some of them have Chaco War muskets that they use to hunt animals. There was only one kind of bullet. It was a military-issued bullet. I think the forensic medical reports will come out today and confirm that.

AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about the massacre coming one day after the self-proclaimed President Jeanine Áñez issued this decree protecting the military from prosecution for violent acts? And then tell us exactly who Áñez is.

KATHRYN LEDEBUR: This decree — and this is very important to note — in periods, very undemocratic periods and periods of great violence in Bolivia, that this is a supreme decree that’s issued, that’s not public. It’s not published in the listing of decrees. And so it’s something that was passed without public knowledge. And then the movement for excessive use of force, and now their targeting MAS senators for sedition, is something that’s very shocking. It’s important to note that the Inter-American Human RightsCommission has called this licensed-to-kill, guaranteed-impunity decree a profound violation of human rights. It’s the kind of systematic step to smother democracy, to smother alternative voices. You have to understand that coca grower radio stations, that their Facebook pages, that other community radios have been burned, shut down, their frequency blocked. And so, what we’re seeing is a silencing, that’s systematic, of indigenous people and their rights in this process, and that all of the affected people in the massacre highlighted that focus against them as indigenous people.

Jeanine Áñez is a senator. She was the second secretary — the second vice president of the Senate, and no constitutional right in the line of succession at all. This self-proclaimed senator from the lowland Beni region is focused on the extreme right, an extreme form of Christianity. Her tweets, that have been verified, although they’ve been erased, point to mocking indigenous people, mocking indigenous religions, very discriminatory things, as have her other ministers said. And this Cabinet and this focus is not behaving as a traditional — a transitional government should. We had a transitional government in 2005. They’re supposed to call elections, not change policy. I think it’s very dramatic that Áñez’s first act as self-proclaimed president was to name a new military high command. And now the military — the day after Morales resigned, the military has been out on the streets, and we have seen indigenous people killed and hundreds of indigenous people shot with live ammunition.

AMY GOODMAN: So, can you talk more about the people who have filled the vacuum since Morales was forced out, now in Mexico? For example, can you talk about Luis Fernando Camacho, part of a group of people, fiercely anti-indigenous, a fundamentalist Christian, a pro-fascist — for example, Luis Fernando Camacho?

KATHRYN LEDEBUR: I think it’s important to note that in the electoral process — and, you know, the opposition, although it was not united, the main candidate was Carlos Mesa, who was supposed to be a centrist opposition leader. Camacho was never a candidate. But Camacho, increasingly in the past few weeks, has begun to drive the discourse of the opposition. And you see these centrist leaders folding into this far-right extreme approach. It’s important to know that Camacho, a Santa Cruz leader, got his start as leader of the Santa Cruz Youth League. This is an organization that uses the Nazi salute in their meetings. This is something that’s terrifying. He then became president of the Pro-Santa Cruz Civic Committee. He was elected by less than 250 people. You see a charismatic Christian gloss on a message of hate, a laying of hands on opposition leaders, statements that God has granted Mesa the right to be president, and a virtual control of Santa Cruz, where citizens are forced to obtain from this committee, that has no legal right, to get the permission to go from one place to the next and permission to actually go to the airport. This is a terrifying situation. And [inaudible] this coup, pitched in, been submitted, and people’s fundamental rights and due process and human rights have been smothered in a period of a week is really quite terrifying and something the international community needs to attend to.

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"In addition to lethal violence against those protesting the coup, there are many indications the regime has begun the process of systematically targeting the most popular party in Bolivia and its elected representatives. Áñez has stated that Evo Morales will face arrest if he returns to complete his term of office, even though the majority in the chamber of deputies has not accepted his resignation because it was forced by the military and abetted by paramilitary violence targeting Morales’ family and those of other government ministers. The coup regime is not content just to ban the most popular political figure in the country; it’s targeting his whole party.

This is a dynamic that has played out in recent coup d'états backed by Canadian governments, both Liberal and Conservative. In 2004 in Haiti and 2009 in Honduras, the removal of the elected president was followed by years of repression targeting progressive political forces and social movements. (Far from the mainstream media’s radar, a months-long popular rebellion in Haiti continues to call for the ouster of that country’s corrupt and discredited president.)

As of Monday evening, thousands remained on the streets of La Paz and other cities demanding the restoration of the democratic and constitutional government of Bolivia. Many of the chants note the failure of the international media to cover their opposition to the coup.

Some in Canada have declined to condemn events in Bolivia as a coup, and failed to press the Trudeau government for a reversal of its support for the racist, self-declared interim president. This has in many cases been presented as 'nuance,' or as acknowledging wrongdoing on 'both sides.' In reality it is a failure to provide the most basic solidarity required, especially from those of us living in a country backing the coup."

You can't be neutral about the racist coup d'état in Bolivia


Perhaps Morales and his close supporters were unwise and were too close to Communist Cuba, the only Marxist one-party state outside of Asia.  This could have helped to mobilize the opposition and their US backers.  I'm a real fan of Cuba -several visits- and proud that our PM Diefenbaker didn't follow the US after Castro took power.  I wonder about Venezuela too.  Is Maduro too close to Cuba.  Why provoke your enemies !


In Union there is goes the refrain...this is important to appreciate....if you try to build an alternative social and economic system, especially during the Transition we must develop allies!

To establish a secure medical system (therefore the Alliance with Cuba) a financial system to develop your self reliant industry and resource extraction, you need allies! So the need to join the one belt one road network in Alliance with Russia and China...and finally you need support to defend yourself.....

...if we are serious about building alternatives to Finance capital and the Deep State we must think strategically!


The OAS [Including CANADA!] Lied To the Public About the Bolivian Election and Coup

"Check how this concludes. Mark Weisbrot is offering a reward to the first journalist to get substantive answers from the OAS officials to some basic questions he includes re Bolivia's election results."


And FUCK the Washington Post for their critical support in making exactly this happen.


"Latest reports form El Alto Bolivia confirm more deaths at the hands of police/military under the de facto regime. There are also reports of many missing/disappeared. Widespread censorship in Bolivian media about the violence, deaths and repression under the coup regime."

And special acknowledgement of Chrystia Freeland for her own hands-on participation.


The Rise of Militant Religious Right in Latin America...from

Wayne Madsen

November 20, 2019 have to wonder who is behind these Christo fascists in latin America...what is their connection to Canada and its evangelical missions...what are the evangelical churches saying about Bolivia and the riddance of the ´satanic´forces of Bolivia (wishful thinking!)...

And by the way...when will the NDP make their first statement on the fascist coup?



How Human Rights Watch (HRW) Whitewashed a Right-Wing Massacre in Bolivia

"While some may be surprised by its response to the Bolivian crisis, Human Rights Watch's support for a US-backed right-wing coup is no aberration..."


That MI-6 Takeover of The Guardian is Producing Some Grotesque Results

"Morales' claim that he was ousted by an old-style military coup is not justified by the facts. Democracy is still working in Bolivia, just..."

 NYT, WaPo, The Guardian?  No wonder some babblers always end up going the wrong way.

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Québec solidaire condemns the coup in Bolivia

Québec solidaire, meeting for its annual policy congress over the weekend in Longueuil, passed a motion condemning the overthrow of Morales and the violent repression that has targeted coup opponents, progressive activists and Indigenous communities. Ricochet has translated and published the preamble and motion, which has not been reported on by English-language media in Canada, passed by Québec solidaire on Nov. 17.

In order to denounce this dramatic blow to democracy and human rights, the representative for Laurier-Dorion, Andrés Fontecilla, and the delegate from Verdun, Zachary Williams, presented the following urgent motion to the congress of Québec solidaire:


Bolivian President Evo Morales received the most support in Bolivia’s presidential elections; President Morales gave his consent to a second round election, even though, according to Bolivian election law, the results and support he received did not require a second round election; and, whereas the coup d'état put in power an illegitimate government in Bolivia which has promoted violence against progressive Bolivian activists and Indigenous peoples.

It is proposed:

That Québec solidaire formally denounce the coup d'état in Bolivia and the foreign interference through the OAS.

And that Québec solidaire denounce the violence of the extreme right towards President Evo Morales, the popular movements and Indigenous communities of Bolivia.