Military coup in Bolivia

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This reminds me of the findings by media recounts in 2001 that Gore actually won Florida, whatever counting rule you use for loose chads. As happened then, the fraudulent result will not be reversed despite overwhelming factual evidence that it should be.


Bolivia's coup leader, Fernando Camacho, has asked the OAS to intervene to stop democratic elections taking place on September 6th.  

Camacho says that "we mustn't allow the elections to become an act of resurrection" for the MAS.

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So bloody sad.


Bolivia's Coup Leader, Fernando Camacho Has Asked OAS to Intervene [Again] to Stop Democratic Elections Taking Place September 6

"This is what happens when the OAS lies about an election, providing the political foundation for a military coup against a democratically elected government, and most of the media goes along for the ride. The damage to democracy is immense and ongoing."

And they wonder why the international community didn't vote for Canada at the UN. Please call Chrystia Freeland to the stand to answer for this and other international crimes one day.


Antigovernment protesters in Bolivia blockaded some of the country’s main roads this past week to challenge the delay of general elections and rebuke the government’s poor response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Socialists Win Landslide Election in Bolivia

"Leftists in Latin America must win by huge margins but still be wary of US aggression backed by local elites, corp media and human rights frauds like HRW and AI."


"Wonder if Chrystia Freeland will reiterate that 'Canada stands with Bolivia and the democratic will of its people' after yesterday's elections, or if that phrase is reserved to shore up support for unelected replacements when the president leaves under military pressure."



Q: 'Do you see a change between President Bush and President Obama?

Evo Morales: 'Just the color of the president.'

Democracy Now: 2010

Some wise words from experience on changing US presidents.


Great news. The question remains will the right accept these results despite a "resounding win" by Morales's party. 

Today, nearly one year after Evo Morales was ousted in a coup facilitated by the Organization of American States (OAS), Bolivia will finally vote in new elections. With Luis Arce, the candidate of Morales’s Movement for Socialism–Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (MAS) party leading in polls, the OAS and the right-wing opposition are laying the groundwork to yet again claim fraud and reject the results.


After the Áñez regime twice postponed scheduled elections this year, Bolivians went to the polls on Sunday. They delivered a resounding victory to presidential candidate Luis Arce, Morales’s former finance minister and the candidate from his Movement Toward Socialism, or MAS, Party. Although official results are still being counted, exit polls from reputable firms show Arce with a blowout victory — over 50 percent against a centrist former president and a far-right coup leader — and Áñez herself conceded that MAS has won. ...

It is difficult to remember the last time a U.S.-approved military coup in Latin America failed so spectacularly. Even with the U.S.-dominated OAS’s instantly dubious claims of electoral fraud, nobody disputed that Morales received more votes in last October’s election than all other candidates (the only question raised by the OAS was whether his margin of victory was sufficient to win on the first round and avoid a run-off).

Despite Morales’s election win, the Bolivian police and then military made clear to Morales that neither he, his family, nor his closest allies would be safe unless he immediately left the country. ...

Lula, in his Guardian interview shortly after the coup where he criticized Morales’s bid for a fourth term, nonetheless emphasized the far more important point: “what they did with him was a crime. It was a coup – this is terrible for Latin America.” ...

Ever since Morales’s election victory almost exactly one year ago today, Bolivians never stopped marching, protesting, risking their liberty and their lives — even in the middle of a pandemic — to demand their rights of democracy and self-governance. Leading up to the election, the coup regime and right-wing factions in the military were menacingly vowing — in response to polls universally showing MAS likely to win — that they would do anything to prevent the return to power of Morales’s party.

At least as of now, though, it looks as though the margin of victory delivered to MAS by the Bolivian people was so stunning, so decisive, that there are few options left for the retrograde forces — in Bolivia, Washington, and Brussels — which tried to destroy the country’s democracy. Anyone who believes in the fundamentals of democracy, regardless of ideology, should be cheering the Bolivians who sacrificed so much to restore their right of self-rule and hoping that the stability and prosperity they enjoyed under Morales expands even further under his first democratically elected successor.


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This is great news! I hope the results are not questioned by the usual agitators and the Bolivians get the leader the democratically elected. Either this morning or last night, CBC Radio News contextualized this election as it following (to paraphrase) "Morales stepping down admist suspicion of election irregularities and selecting the [hard right, racist] opposition leader to take on the role of "acting" President". The report at least acknowledged that Áñez had made numerous anti-Indigenous comments that had led to her unpopularity.


Just to remind everyone, Chrystia Freeland and our Canadian government actively colluded with the United Snakes  for the coup in Bolivia. The return of democracy to Bolivia is no thanks to them and rest assured there will be vengeance and further plots. Perhaps more progressive Canadians should take responsibility to work to defeat and defang our country's share in the coming imperial 'blowback'.

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I will be watching like a hawk (not a war hawk) to see how this government handles the results. I continue to be dismayed by the shoddy misrepresentation of Venezuela.


After one year in power the illegitimate government has likely signed deals with major NATO corporations that give away the country's resources for a pittance.


Indeed.  Although Evo Morales had previously declared Bolivia's democracy only possible with 'total independence from the World Bank and IMF,' in April at the request of the West's coup-installed government, the IMF approved a disbursement of  US $327 M advertised as help for COVID-19 by msm but in reality according to IMF documents as 'support to help cover balance of payments need'. Make no mistake the sabotage and traps for the new government have already been laid.

Ken Burch

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Niki Ashton offered a good response.  It's just a shame she's not party leader.  

I saw her tweet and the same thought crossed my mind - not for the first time!


She ran for the job and the "grown-ups" in the NDP went out of their way to try and discredit, belittle and mock the very idea of her standing for the job.  I still remember the ones on this very board who wouldn't stop throwing tantrums about the fact that she used the word "intersectionality"- as if the term that defines the course the left must take to get to unity was inherently absurd.

Oh no, we couldn't have Niki...we had to have this guy who supposedly had this extreme "charisma" and was going to give the party massive gains in Toronto and Vancouver.  There was no question that it just plain simply HAD to be that guy- the one who ended up leading the party to the lost of almost 40% of its remaining seats.

The one who still holds the leadership, even though there's no good reason for him to be in the job after a showing like that.