The Monstrosity that is Fox News

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The Monstrosity that is Fox News

Monstrosity - something that is outrageously or offensively wrong.

Fox News Set the Stage for America’s Poor Coronavirus Response

The network has conditioned its viewers to hate experts and to trust miracle cures for 25 years.


For months, Fox’s hosts have downplayed the coronavirus, denying that it poses a serious threat and casting the pandemic as a Democratic ploy to undermine Trump. Guests like Nunes have mocked public health orders to slow the virus’ spread.

Now, Fox may face consequences.

"Fox is now lawyering up, bracing for a litany of public-interest lawsuits and letters of condemnation for peddling misinformation for weeks prior to coronavirus’s explosion in the U.S.,” reports Caleb Ecarma of Vanity Fair.

Lawsuits may raise First Amendment concerns.


This meme came to mind, I guess because all the billionaire media, not just FOX, have been pushing the anti-government message for so long.


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