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In the mean time, I'll begin burrying stores of water and food in my underground bunker.


The Consequences of Gun-at-the-Head Diplomacy

The US kill rate in the 1950-53 Korean War equaled more than one 9-11 every day… for the whole 1,100 day war…The US may have killed 20% of the population of Korea, said General Curtis Lemay, who was involved in the US air war on Korea.


Lemay was definitely one who 'loved the smell of napalm in the morning' or indeed at any time



The Need to Work for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

"...While the details of US - North Korea relations are complex, the story is relatively simple. In brief, the US government continues to reject possibilities for normalizing relations with North Korea and promoting peace on the Korean peninsula in favour of a dangerous policy of regime change.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the US media supports this policy choice with a deliberately one sided presentation of events designed to make North Korea appear to be an unwilling and untrustworthy negotiating partner..."


North and South Korea Exchanged Fire Monday Across Maritime Border - Report