The murderous Israeli apartheid regime

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Grief Replaces Laughter as Gaza Marks Ramadan

"...Before he was killed, Mousa had succeeded in rescuing another colleague, Palestinian Canadian doctor Tareq Loubani. Mousa treated his colleague's wound after Loubani was shot."


The Flames that Killed Fathi Harb Should Make Us All Burn with Guilt and Shame

"Fathi Harb should have had something to live for but last week the 21 year old extinguished his life in an inferno of flames in central Gaza. It is believed to be the first example of a public act of self-immolation in the enclave. Bouazizi's self-immolation suggests its power to set our consciences on fire..."


To the Palestinian Martyrs of the Great Return March in Gaza

What is to be done by you O 'Canadian progressives'? How much longer will you allow your politicians to so boldly and openly and in your faces support a mass murdering Jewish state?


Canada in Israel

"Commander RCAF, Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger was recently in Israel to attend a conference hosted by the Israeli Air Force..."

We stand on guard for Israel?


Israeli Minister Seeks World Cup TV Ban For Hamas Prisoners

"Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said on Sunday he is seeking to ban Palestinian prisoners who are members of Hamas from watching the World Cup. The minister said he had asked the Israel Prison Service to 'put pressure on jailed members of Hamas.'

'Prisoners who support terrorism cannot benefit from a sporting competition which unites populations,' the minister said. About 6500 Palestinians are detained in Israeli prisons..."

Canada supports.


UPDATE: Gaza Freedom Flotilla breaks the 9-mile nautical mile limit on the way to Limmassol port in Cyprus.


Because He's Jewish...

"Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich just flew to Tel Aviv an instant Israeli citizen because he's Jewish. He won't pay tax for ten years because he's Jewish. Palestinians caged in Gaza try to return to former homes in Israel and they get a sniper's bullet..."

Chosen vs chosen for deletion.


Israel Striking Gaza - 'We Are Under Violent Attack'

"We are under a violent attack. Fear and horror is prevailing everywhere here in Gaza. We're dying a thousand times while listening to these massive explosions. The light of the bombardings that enlighten the prevailing darkness is traumatizing us."


Update: Israel Apprehends Attempted Gaza Concentration Camp Breakout

"The freedom ships sailed from Gaza seaport on Tuesday afternoon, heading for Limasol port in Cyprus. At 12 nautical miles offshore, Israeli naval forces surrounded and towed the ships, wiping away, again, their pursuit to freedom."


Canada Strongly Condemns...

"Canada strongly condemns the mortar attacks launched on Israeli civilians from Gaza, one of which damaged a Kindergarten. Such acts of violence are unacceptable & severely threaten the long term goal of just and lasting peace. Our thoughts are with everyone affected."


Aren't you glad Canada supports Israel !


"Today, Israeli-Canadian human-rights activist Sandra Layaruch confronted the Trade Ministers of Canada & Israel on Justin Trudeau's support for Israel's criminal regime. Here's the video of what happened."


Justin Trumpdeau

Bravo Sandra!

So glad the word is finally getting out to the rest of the world about the essential backwardness of this place and its politics, where 20,000  in Toronto will march for Israel and only 200 will show up against it. 


Behind Israel's Troll Army

"Israel's official propaganda app is sharing a tweet by Justin Trudeau condemning Hamas and Islamic Jihad for rocket attacks. Remember that it took 45 days of lethal force against protestors in Gaza [including the shooting of a Canadian doctor!] before he released a weak, passive voice statement criticizing Israel."


Palestine's Mansur Urges Security Council to Protect Defenseless People of Palestine from Israel (and vid)

"Palestinian representative in the UN, 'We totally reject that narrative driven by Israel, the Occupying Power, which remains unrelenting in its attempt to distort the realities we face, repeatedly casting itself as the victim, when it is the occupier, aggressor and oppressor."

Photo Taken From Gaza, The Land of Smiles and Determination

Canada supports Israel, its IDF Snipers, and their Mushroom bullets for protesters. Do you?


[Canada,] US and Europe Line Up Behind Israel Over Gaza Recent Attacks

"Palestinians in Gaza face death by a thousand cuts..."


"I'm Noam Chomsky. I support Gaza. The blockade must be ended. I hope you'll join me in supporting Gaza."


BREAKING: Israeli Forces Open Fire at Palestinian Gaza Strip Protesters


Palestine and World Community: What's Next?

"It is just 2 weeks since US President Donald Trump defied nearly the entire international community, and his own military advisors, and moved the US embassy in Apartheid Israel to Jerusalem. Israel celebrated this event by killing 60 unarmed, peaceful Palestinians who were participating in a demonstration to demand their internationally guaranteed right of return.

These protesters were not on Israeli land; they were on Palestinian land, but this did not prevent Israeli snipers from shooting thousands of them..."

And the shooting continues. Canada supports.


Israel Murders Nurse

"An Israeli sniper shot and killed Razan Al Najjari, a 21 year old Palestinian nurse known for her daily presence at the Great Return March in Gaza. Her memory as a hero and angel of mercy will outlast her murderer."


My Canada, Our Israel and the Global Community

Keynote by Hon Chrystia Freeland. 

Zionization proceeds apace. 


'Why Does Israel Get Impunity?': US Vetoes UNSC Proposal to Ensure Protection For Palestinians

"The message given by the council today, as it votes against this, is that the occupying power enjoys an exception,' the Kuwaiti representative said, after the proposal was vetoed. 

'Why do Palestinians continue to suffer? Why does the international community fail to act? Why does Israel enjoy impunity? Why are all these lives lost and all this blood shed?' he asked..."

Good questions. Why don't YOU act? 


'Deliberate War Crime: Palestinians Decry Murder of 21 Year Old Female Paramedic At Gaza Border (and vid)

"The murder of 21-year-old medical volunteer, Razan Al Najar, is a direct violation of all international treaties and conventions that ensure the protection of medical staff in the conflict zones, Palestinian Minister of Health, Jawad Awwad, said late Friday, noting that the shooting of the paramedic must have been deliberate and amounted to a war-crime..."


"We Applaud Canada's Political Leaders For Stating Clearly That Israel Must Defend Itself Against Terrorism." - CIJA

They have sold out to Israel. +20,000 Zionists march for Israel in Toronto. Only 200 opposed. Are you really going to just avert your eyes and pretend this isn't happening?


Israel's IDF deletes this tweet after they sniper shot a nurse in the chest killing her.

"...And we know where every bullet landed."


The European Colony in Palestine

"How a European revivalist movement colonized Palestine pretending to return to ancestral lands..."


 The Hidden History of Zionism

Prof Ralph Schoenman, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation


Canada To Work on 'Public Safety', 'Artificial Intelligence' With Israel (and vid)

"Last night in front of a zionist audience in Toronto, Canada's ambassador to Israel Deborah Lyons recited the long list of Canadian politicians who have made the pilgrimage to the world's Mecca of apartheid in the last 2 years.

In the course of doing so, the esteemed ambassador revealed that the war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu is very anxious to develop artificial intelligence with Canada, and that the Canadian and Israeli governments 'are back and forth - learning from one another,' on 'public safety'. 

So Canada's government is working closely on 'public safety' and artificial intelligence with a corrupt, racist, war-criminal. What could possibly go wrong?"

See also:

Canada-Israel Strategic Partnership


The Canada-Israel 'Public Security' Agreement

Canadian Zionization proceeding apace.


"A few days ago, Reetaj Hanada celebrated her 6th birthday in the hospital with her father Mohammed, who was shot and injured by IOF while participating in the Great Return March protests. Today Reetah is mourning her father who died of his wounds."


"Israeli Knesset Member, Betzalel Simutrch, talking on Israel's Channel 7, called for blocking of medicine into the Gaza Strip, and said he hoped for Gaza residents to die of starvation and malaria."

Canada Supports - Canadians Ignore.


IJV: An Urgent Call To Canadian Jews of Conscience

"An urgent call for solidarity in support of justice and peace for Palestine, especially reaching out to Canadian Jews of Conscience. Become members of Independent Jewish Voices Canada. Increase our numbers. Join today -- don't wait! We are not a fringe organization. We are the voices! Let's make sure we are heard!"

"These murders are being committed in our names. Every Jew and every Jewish institution must forcefully and unequivocally condemn this. Which side are you on?"


"Speaking to QNN, Razan's mother said her daughter only fought the Israeli occupation with her medical kit and was murdered for helping wounded demonstrators who were demanding their civil rights.

'Send our message to the world: Keep sleeping...Keep sleeping until we are killed one by one while you remain silent. You paved the way for them to do this to us. You must act and not remain silent. You have to stand up and see the injustice Palestinians are facing."


"Occupation removes Israel's public TV station from TVs in prisons where it holds Palestinian political detainees to prevent them from watching the World Cup."

Do you support this? Your representatives do. What are you going to do about it? 


Sacrificing Gaza: The Great March of Zionist Hypocrisy

"...Western governments and media have fashioned, and are doing their utmost to sustain, an ethico-political universe where Israel can lay siege to a million people, bomb them occasionally, and then kill them when they show up at the wall to throw rocks. Is there a way anymore of not seeing the racism of Zionism?

The price of a Jewish state is the permanent and irrevocable violation of Palestinians' rights...If you support Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state in a country whose indigenous Palestinian people today form half the population, then you must come to terms with the inevitability of massacres..."

Which is why, in Toronto, 20,000 'Walk With Israel' and only 200 stand against. While the liberals sit on their fenceposts, avert their eyes from the murdering, ignore the collaboration of their 'representatives' and keep the great, shameful omerta of their silent support.


"This Palestinian from Gaza challenged Canada's Trade Minister's promotion of the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement during a meeting with the Israeli Trade Minister: 'If you respect Canadian values, then enforce the boundaries of international law and hold Israel accountable!"


"Seriously, What the F**k will it take before Israel's held accountable for this massacre?"


"Curiously, the 'former journalist' has trouble acknowledging the truth about the massacre and murders in Gaza of innocents, including young Palestinian medics and journalists. So, I clarified it for her."

You are the 'International Community' Gazan Palestinians hope will see their sacrifice and do something to help. You can start by telling your 'representatives' to STOP SUPPORTING MURDEROUS, APARTHEID ISRAEL!

[email protected]


'Jewish Heritage Month' Used as a Cover For Israeli Nationalism

Should 'Jewish Heritage Month' be used as a cover for Israeli nationalism and to suppress Palestinian protests? A recent incident at a Toronto high school demonstrates the depravity of the pro-Israel lobby..."

Canada supports - Canadians ignore.


Israel's Nazified 'Silent Majority'

Canada supports. 


Canada supports - Canadians ignore........

It is more insidious then you let on......just attended a very successful protest against the Jewish National Fund, in Vancouver, a key player from Canada in the legitimizing of the occupation forces in Palestine, supported by the Government of Canada via RCA's charitable donations status....but for Canada and via its media it was a non event...interesting to note that the majority of the people in protest were from immigant to Canada populations, clearly populations who's voices don't count with our prestigious media....

Canadians may in fact be concerned about the growing cataclysms we face........but you'll never know by watching our MSM...they must be condemned and challenged legally on this....endless legal challenges are necessary, based on Sectiion 3 of the Charter, and in this case, Canada's own Anti terrorist Act, based on the Rome Convention establishing the International Criminal Court.


"WATCH Activists From IJV and CJPME disrupt McGill U awarding an honourary doctorate to pro-Apartheid propagandist, Hillel Neuer the founder of UN Watch, which routinely smears UN officials who defend the rights of Palestinians."


"Breaking: Argentina has cancelled its 'friendly' match with the Israeli Occupation set to be held in Occupied Jerusalem. The team responded to creative campaigning from fans around the world denouncing Israel's sports-washing of its crimes against Palestinians..."

Apartheid, Genocide and Colonization are not a game! Boycott Israel!


"Al Jazeera, the Qatari-based network hailed in the West as a model of independence, NIXES investigative [US] Israeli Lobby documentary on grounds of 'national security'.

Zionist Power includes the ability to suppress discussion of Zionist Power.


Izz-ad-Din Tamimi Murdered by Israel

"Tamimi family has lost another member to Israeli terror. Palestinian teenager Izz ad Din Tamimi has died of his critical wounds, sustained shortly ago, by Israeli bullets in the village of Nabi Saleh."


Remembering Razan

"Palestinians were given a plastic bag and asked to open it. Their reactions when they found Razan Najjar's stained-with-her-blood vest was heartbreaking."

Canada Supports - Canadians Ignore


So What is NATO Doing About Israeli Killings? Training with the Perpetrators!

"Iraeli troops are currently taking part in NATO military exercises with 10 countries..."


How Israel Solves Its Image Problem : Five Years in Jail For Filming IDF Soldiers

Criminalizing recording IDF abuses fuelling international condemnation of the Occupation now in effect.


Pinkwashing Israel

"It is absurd for EU in Israel to try to pinkwash Tel Aviv as a lovely progressive place. The Israeli apartheid regime doesn't allow marriage between Jews and Palestinians of non-same-sex, let alone same-sex marriage of any kind..."


"Breaking: Parole Committee refuses Ahed Tamimi's request for an early release based on a Shin Bet report claiming she's still 'potentially dangerous'..."


"This is Izzedin al Tamimi. He was murdered in cold-blood by Israeli forces on Wednesday in his hometown village of Nabi Saleh. Rest in peace."


Canada Pinkwashes Israel

"Happy Pride 2018! Our Official Residence in Israel is all decked up and ready to go...come join us tomorrow for Tel Aviv annual Pride Parade. #CanadaforPride."

No Pride in Zionism - No Pride in Apartheid and Genocide. Free Palestine!


Child Among 4 Killed by Israeli Forces in Gaza

"Israeli Occupation Forces killed 4 Palestinians, including a child, and injured hundreds more on the 11th consecutive Friday Great March of Return rallies in Gaza. Reporters Without Borders has urged the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel's targeting of journalists in Gaza as war crimes. Israeli forces has also continued to target health workers. In a poignant act, Razan al Najjari's mother - at one point donning her daughter's bloodstained vest - helped treat injured protestors on Friday. Many Muslims around the world mark the last Friday in Ramadan as International Al Quds Day, to express support for Palestinians who oppose Israel's occupation of Jerusalem..."


"If the protest by Palestinian youth in Ramallah and the West Bank continue against the sanctions and blocked system imposed on Gaza by Israel and the PA, we will soon see the collapse of this system..."

Fuck Israel! Free Palestine!


Young Fathers Bullied By German Festival & New Threat To Free Speech in Canada [scroll down]

"...The Zionist movement has a long history of seeking and making alliances with fascists, including Nazis. Now the relationship between Israel and Europe's far-right is being refounded on shared values of extreme, resurgent ethno-nationalism, xenophobia and a hatred of Muslims that carries ominous echoes of the anti-Semitism which in the past preceded genocide...

The incoming provincial premier Doug Ford wasted no time attacking Palestine solidarity activists..."


IDF Likes To Shoot Them In The Face...

"See if you can get him in the face with your gas-can... Mazel Tov!"

"Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that Palestinians killed by IOF in Gaza protests 'DIED ACCIDENTALLY!'

Canada Supports


'How Many Palestinians Do You Think You Will Kill?'

This is Israel. This what Israeli teaches and trains its kids to do: to hate and to want to kill Palestinians."


Gaza And The Psychopaths

"Indifference is complicity and yes, psychopathic..."

Canada is not indifferent - it supports Israel. And you? 


UN General Assembly Adopts Resolution on Protecting Palestinian Civilians Following Rejection of US Amendment To Condemn Hamas Rocket Fire. Illegal Israeli Actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Protection of the Palestinian Civilian Population

"...Deplores the use of any excessive; disproportionate and indiscriminate force by the Israeli forces against Palestinian Civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem and particularly in the Gaza Strip, including  the use of live ammunition against civilian protesters, including children, as well as medical personnel and journalists, and expresses its grave concern at the loss of innocent lives,

Demands that Israel, the occupying power, refrain from such actions and fully abide by its legal obligations and responsibilities under the fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Person in Time of War, of 12 August 1949;

4. Deplores any acts that could provoke violence and endanger civilian lives and calls upon all countries to ensure that protests remain peaceful.

5 Also deplores the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip against Israeli civilian areas;

10. Also calls for immediate steps towards ending the closure and the restrictions imposed by Israel on movement and access into and out of the Gaza Strip, including through the sustained opening of the crossing points of the Gaza Strip for the flow of humanitarian aid, commercial goods and persons in accordance with international law..."




General Assembly Adopts Resolution on Protecting Palestinian Civilians

"...The representative of Canada expressed concern that the resolution did not explicitly refer to Hamas and its role in recent violence. For that reason, Canada had supported the United States' amendment. On the main text, he had hoped that it would have more clearly reflected the situation on the ground, and therefore he had abstained..."

CIJA - "Canada is a friend of Israel and has been a world leader in opposing initiatives aimed at isolating and singling out our close ally. While we acknowledge Canada's support for the proposed yet ultimately unsuccessful amendment condemning Hamas, it is deeply disappointing and troubling that the Government chose to abstain on today's General Assembly resolution..."   - CIJA : Canadian. Jewish. Advocacy.

Dear CIJA   cry me a river. Fuck Israel!


'Imagine Outcry if Israelis Were Held in Open Air Prison Like Gaza & 120 Were Shot Dead'

"Investigative journalist Rick Sterling told RT that the UN condemnation of Israel's use of deadly force shows the isolation of the US and Israel on this issue."

Cowardly Canada abstained - see above


"Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper has found his new calling in life: Ambassador of Apartheid."

All Canadian PMs are the same. Slaves of Israel.


"Wonderful ceremony this morning as Lyons in Israel presented IDF-WO with 50 Blue Jays tickets donated by Herb and Barry Singer of Toronto for the Israeli kids travelling to Canada..." [What about baseball tickets for Palestinian kids locked up in the Jewish State's Gaza concentration camp? Why only for children of the IDF?]


"Thank You AIPAC Wall Street Division for an exciting evening in Manhattan! Enjoyed meeting finance industry leaders united together in Support of Israel!"

Zionism In Our Name : Canadians Should Be Ashamed...


Israeli Lawmaker Proclaims Supremacy of 'Jewish Race'

"The Jewish people and the Jewish race are of the highest human capital that exists. What can you do? We were blessed by God...and I will continue to say that at every opportunity. I don't have to be ashamed about the Jewish people being the Chosen People, the smartest, most special people in the world."


"Israeli sniper shot a woman's finger off as she was making a victory sign far from Gaza fence, an eye-witness told HRW."


Impose Sanctions on Netanyahu For Gaza War Crimes Says HRW

"The international community needs to rip up the old playbook where Israel investigates itself and the US blocks accountability with its UN Security Council veto', Sarah Lea Whitson, the group's ME director states. Whitson says the world must begin to 'impose real costs' on Israel for its 'blatant disregard for Palestinian lives.' 'Third countries should impose targeted sanctions against officials responsible for ongoing serious human rights violations,' HRW says."


Canadian Synagogues Support Israel

"Montreal synagogues are stepping up to purchase a firefighting trailer that will help in the fight to save Israeli farmland from Gazan incendiary kites. An amazing way for Canadians to support Israeli first responders and farmers!"

For a Global Boycott and Criminal Sanctions - Apartheid Israel's got to Go - 'Burn, Baby Burn!'


Life in Gaza With Norman Finkelstein (and vid)

Chris Hedges interviews Norman Finkelstein on life inside 'the world's largest concentration camp', Gaza. Importantly, as Finkelstein points out,

"One of the facts about Gaza's non-violent resistance is that it can't succeed without our support any more than the African-Americans in the South could have brought about desegregation successfully on their own."

Canadian complicity and/or studied indifference to Israeli crimes of ethnic cleansing, especially by Canadian 'representatives' must not continue. The presence of active Zionists who work for Israel while holding political office must also stop. You can help. Why don't you? Send this program to your representatives and support BDS.


"This is the child Zakaria Bashbash, 13, who succumbed to wounds earlier today sustained by Israeli forces during the Great March of Return. Zakaria posed no threat and was shot in the back!"

Your politicians actively support the ghouls that did this. And 25,000+ Toronto Zios annually Walk For Israel in support of these same ghouls.  Why?


Zionist Psychopaths Celebrate Burning To Death of Palestinian Toddler

"Ali's on the grill!"


350 Palestinian Children Were Imprisoned in Israeli Occupation Jails At the End of 2017

So why only Trump's 'caged kids' noticed?

For A Global Boycott - Down With The Apartheid Jewish State!


Palestinian Protesters Raise the Flag of Palestine at Gaza-Occupied Palestine Separation Fence


Siege, Censorship & Subversion: The International Assault on Palestine

Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton and Ali Abunimah discuss the global asssault on Palestine.


Israel's Butchering of Gaza 'Great March of Return' Protesters

"Max Blumenthal & Ben Norton speak with journalist Ali Abunimah."


"Can you imagine Justin Trudeau or Chrystia Freeland ever doing this? I know it's an absurd rhetorical question."

Or Jagmeet Singh?


"Royal Bank of Canada just announced research cooperation with Ben Gurion University in Artificial Intelligence and Cyber with a $2M investment in the BGU Cyber Security Research Center.."


Gazans Mark International Day in Support of Victims of Torture (and vid)

"Palestinians in Gaza have marked International Day in Support of Victims of Torture with emphasis on the torture of Palestinians in Israeli custody."


Imagine...Israel Bombed Gaza Last Week Because of Kites (and vid)


Cry Baby Israel

"With Israel's back to the wall, Israeli leaders predictably huddle behind the 'Terrorist' Card and the Victim Card that hide Israel's cruelty and justify its atrocities..."


2 KILLED, 300+ Wounded, Israeli Drone Shot Down in Latest Gaza Clashes (and vid)

"Palestinian protesters have shot down an Israeli surveillance drone amid heavy clashes during the latest weekly Great March of Return protest in which the IDF killed 2 people and injured over 300 more at the border fence..."

Down with Israeli Apartheid & Genocide! Free Palestine!


Trump's Plan For Palestine Being Organized By Four American Zionist Jews and Netanyahu

What could possibly go wrong?


Start Up Nation, Apartheid Style: The Myth of 'Peaceful' R&D in Israel

"Israel's hightech market helps to normalize international relations with its apartheid settler state. On top of pinkwashing, we are seeing the techwashing of the Israeli state."

Zionized Canada collaborates 


Birthright Walkout is Met With Vitriolic Rage in Israel - 'Radicals' - 'You Will Get Raped.' (and vid)

"The former congressman Brian Baird once said that when you criticize Israel even privately to Israeli officials, they flip out on you, even if you're a congressman; and this is the most important take away of the wonderful Birthright walkout that happened yesterday and that is now all over the Jewish press.

A group of five young American Jewish women on their free propaganda trip to Israel kept demanding information about the occupation, and at last left the group to join a tour of occupied Hebron by the Israeli dissident group Breaking the Silence. And the Israelis went crazy..."


 Join us at 8PM (Jerusalem time) & Support Palestinian Women in Gaza

"Participate in the social media campaign #WomensMarchGaza #WomenUnderSiege "