The murderous Israeli apartheid regime

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WATCH Gideon Levy: 'Backers of a Two-State Solution Now Are the Biggest Backers of the Occupation!'

"Brave Israeli Jewish journo Gidon Levy speaking at #Palexo this past weekend about the need for a One State Solution with Equal Rights for ALL."

Perhaps Cdn pols didn't get the message...


Jewish Assimilation in US is 'Like a Second Holocaust', Israeli Minister Claims

"The Jewish community 'lost 6 million people' over the last 70 years because of intermarriage and assimilation, [Israeli Education Minister Rafi] Peretz declared in a cabinet meeting, uniting much of that diaspora in shocked offense..."

 Never fear Israel, here in Canada your power and influence is stronger than ever.


Israel's AG Investigating Collusion Between Facebook & Netanyahu

"I've exposed, detailed and documented beyond any reasonable doubt for the benefit of our law enforcement agencies what I'm certain is a massive and illegal election bribe between Facebook and Netanyahu which tilted the outcome of Israel's 2019 elections in Netanyahu's favor. If not stopped teh same bribe deal would also take its toll on our September 2019 elections.

Facebook's reward from Netanyahu for controlling the minds and future of 9 million Israelis was a regulation-free business environment with exactly 0% tax on the billions it makes in revenues here..."


kropotkin1951 wrote:

Paladin1 wrote:

Perhaps they should explore an alternate method to throwing 20 year olds armed with rocks and fireworks at heavily armed police and military.

Nobody is directing those young adults. It seems to me that in human cultures resistance to tyranny always involves some youth taunting death by the enemy's hand as a coming of age rite.  Think about what you would do if you had to live under a military occupation all your life and tell me you would not be angry enough to want to lash out.

What is your remedy for dealing with a murderous occupying force? Are you going to run real weapons into East Jerusalem to arm them or are you suggesting that they ask the nice IDF soldiers to not kill and maim as many of them next year as they have every year of these kids lives?


Canadian Peace Keepers.


Good idea except for the fact that Canada's political elite from all parties claim to be Israel's staunchest supporters. I would prefer a more unbiased peacekeeping force. A joint Chinese and South Korean force might be suitable.


How Israel Indoctrinates School Children

"Miko Peled, Israeli veteran, author and human rights activist joins Rick Sanchez to share his insights into what he calls the 'systemic racism' and anti-Palestinian caricaturing that pervades Israeli education. He also discusses Israel's propaganda efforts, aimed at its youth who study abroad..."

And your youth too Canuckleheads:

"Canada and Israel educational institutions are world class and we love to see them connect! Thank you Brad Chapman & Andrew Petrou of Centennial College for visiting the Consulate to discuss Israel-Canada educational cooperation with DCG Amdur Nissan. Enjoy your visit to Israel."

Zionist power growing apace as does denial of the problem. Stop supporting Apartheid Israel.


Outrage As Israel Knocks Down Palestinian Homes

"In East Jerusalem, Israel has begun removing Palestinian homes in what's being described as one of the largest home demolition operations in years. The PA condemned the demolition and demanded international intervention. This comes as new reports highlight the Israeli military's role in criminal shootings of Palestinians in occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip..."


"Today, Yves Engler and I disrupted Canadian Transport minister Marc Garneau for lavishly supporting Israel. This is the video of my disruption..."

Yes, only 2 there contra. Canada supports Apartheid Israel.


Gideon Levy: It IS Black and White!' (and vid)

"In a must-watch speech, renowned Israeli journalist Gideon Levy says Israel has chosen apartheid and that statesmen who endorse the 2-state solution are 'the biggest supporters of the occupation.'

Don't let your political candidate/representative escape your question about their support for Apartheid Israel. Stop voting for Israel!


In Pictures: 'Israel' Wounds 56 Protesters in Gaza (and vid)

'Canada will always have Israel's back.' - Justin Trudeau-

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According to Gideon Levy, Israel has no intention of allowing a two state solution. They can keep up their military occupation apartheid system for hundreds of years by pkayong the two state manipulation game indefinitely. What Israel doesn’t want is a one state where Jews and Palestinians are equals. That is from NDPP’s video.



"Israeli authorities have summoned a 3-year-old child Mohammad Elayyan from Issawiyeh in occupied Jerusalem for allegedly 'throwing stones at Israeli military vehicles." [WATCH]



"Balloons, Clowns and Joy...This is how families were celebrating Eid Al Adha at Al Aqsa mosque before Israel's forces and Jewish fanatics repress them."


Palestinian Worshippers Clash With IDF on Eid-al-Adha at Al-Aqsa

"Hundreds of Palestinian Muslims gathered to pray on the Muslim Festival of Eid al Ahda at the Al Aqsa compound on Sunday before clashes broker out between them and Israeli security forces."


"Number of worshippers were injured including elderly people and journalists after storming of Al Aqsa mosque compound by Israeli forces.

How much longer will Canadians allow Apartheid Israel supporters here including the government to continue backing this outrageous and illegitimate settler-state and its racist crimes?


*Are Israel's Spies Stealing Your Data?*

"Graduates of Unit 8200, a technology-focused division within Israel's military, are involved in major spying controversies. Expertise developed in the unit can and has been used to create commercial tech platforms that put consumer security at risk. Technology is key to Israel's economy [Extensive ties and collaborations now exist between Israel and the Candian tech industry] and has enjoyed fast growth in recent times. In a 2008 report, the University of Toronto's Citizens Lab highlighted the use of NSO technology...Amnesty International even took legal action against Israel's defense ministry in an attempt to get the exportation of NSO products revoked. Amnesty said one of its staff was the target of an effort to spy on the organization through the software."


Israel Charges Bedouins To Cover Cost of Demolition of their Village

"Arab Bedouins living in Al Araqeeb have been ordered to pay 1.6 million shekels to cover the cost of the Israeli occupation's demolition of their houses..."

'Oy vey, you think our ethnic cleansing comes free?'


"Glad to host Daniel Koren of Hasbara Fellowships Canada for a discussion about Canada-Israel relations and the upcoming academic year.."


"Thank you Gali Baram and Ambassador Nissan for hosting Hasbara Fellowships Canada at the Israel Consulate in Toronto offices today. It was a pleasure to discuss potential ideas on how we can empower Jewish student leaders to fight for Israel. I look forward to collaborating!"

Openly brainwashing Canadian students for Apartheid Israel with lots of  hasbara and collaboration as Zionization   continues apace.


Sanders reacts to Israel banning Tlaib and Omar:



"Only among democrats do they show more shock over a banning order than weekly massacres of unarmed civilians in Gaza."


WATCH Gaza Fights For Freedom

"...Isn't it time yet? Everyone around the world is sitting there watching us. And they are all comfortable with their lives. Here we are under siege. We have no borders and no life, where are we supposed to go?"

Stop Canadian political/financial support for murderous, racist Apartheid Israel and its fifth column/lobby!


'I have decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything I believe in' - Rashida Tlaib

"I wish you'd come to that realization before writing this humiliating letter promising to abide by the occupier's 'restrictions' and to stay silent. Now the occupier can say 'We magnanimously offered to let her in but she is stubbornly refusing." - Ali Abunimah


'...That Severe Mistreatment Isn't Good For Palestinians Or Israelis': Kenneth Roth

"Typical racist colonialist mentality: 1) occupation isn't bad. The current prime minister is bad. 2) occupation is bad for occupier and occupied equally."

Is Roth Canadian? I have heard this sorry song and dance many times before. It usually also goes on to emphasize the role of  'Likud and Christian evangelicals'.

Free Palestine! Fuck Israel!


NDPP wrote:

Is Roth Canadian?

American, but why would you ask? So you're saying he doesn't pass the purity test then:


voice of the damned

NDPP wrote:

'I have decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything I believe in' - Rashida Tlaib

"I wish you'd come to that realization before writing this humiliating letter promising to abide by the occupier's 'restrictions' and to stay silent. Now the occupier can say 'We magnanimously offered to let her in but she is stubbornly refusing." - Ali Abunimah

I think this guy might be overstating the difference it would make politically had Tlaib refused to sign. Instead of saying that her renunciation of the letter was a rejection of Israel's magnanimity, her opponents would just say that her refusal to sign in the first place was a rejection of Israel's magnanimity.


"...On the other hand, this may finally be the straw that breaks the back of officially mandated support for Israel in institutional American Judaism."

Whither the officially mandated support for Israel in institutional Canadian Judaism?


Message To The World From A Mad Zionist - 'I will bomb who I please and nobody will stop me.'

"In a major operational effort, we have thwarted an attack against Israel by the Iranian Quds Force and Shi'ite militias. I reiterate: Iran has no immuity anywhere. Our forces operate in every sector against the Iranian aggression. If someone rises up to kill you, kill him first."

This dangerous, mad, murderous leader and his evil Apartheid state are supported by every sitting political party in Canada.  Why do we permit this disgusting status quo to continue? 


Israel Bombs Iraq

"An Israeli bombing of a weapons depot  allegedly used by Iran is the first Israeli strike on Iraq in nearly forty years and a major escalation of Israel's campaign against Tehran. The attack also underscores how Israeli violence on its neighbors has been normalized..."

But China...


'Playing the Child of the Holocaust Survivors Card' in the Canadian Wine Dispute

"...Thanks, Ron,' I wrote in a rebuttal the Canadian Jewish News declined to publish. 'Just one question: How is it possible to write a commentary about someone - essentially a work of character assassination, capped by a large head-shot of the targeted party - without having actually spoken to them?"

Like the boycott of South African wines during the Apartheid era, there should be no Israeli wines sold in Canadian outlets.


Gaza: Still Alive (RT Documentary)

"Mental health in the encaged enclave..."


Full Show: Israel Attacks 4 Countries in 48 Hours

"In less than 48 hours Israel reportedly launched military airstrikes on Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq..."


Hassan Nasrallah: 'We Will Confront Israeli Drones in Lebanon, We Will Retaliate Against Israel'

"What happened last night was an attack by a suicide drone against a target in Dahieh in South Beirut, Lebanon. It will be very dangerous to Lebanon if we remain silent over this violation. Gone are the days in which Israeli planes bomb Lebanon while the plundering entity in Palestine remains safe in any of its areas. The Israeli political parties used to hold elections  over the blood of the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Syrians, the Iraqis and the peoples of the rest of the region. This time around however, Netanyahu holds elections over your blood, oh Israelis..."

Canada: Why are you still  supporting the crimes of Apartheid Israel?






Will Hezbollah Respond to Israel? When? And at What Cost?

Elijah J. Magnier 28 August 2019

The “Axis of the Resistance” has been informed about Hezbollah’s intention to respond to Israel imminently, confirmed sources within the decision-making leadership. The main offices of militant leadership and all gathering of forces have been abandoned or forbidden, and a state of full alert has been declared in preparation for a possible Israeli decision to go to war. In Iran, Syria and Palestine, the finger is on the trigger. Is the Middle East going to war? Actually, it all depends on how far- and in which direction- the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to go: and the degree to which he will accept, or not, the hit back from Hezbollah.

This all snowballed when, from al-Ayen in the Bekaa Valley, HezbollahSecretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah launched his threatagainst Israel. He swore to down drones violating Lebanese sovereignty and threatened to kill Israelis.

This is would be carried out in retaliation for the Israeli killing of two Hezbollah members in Syria, and for sending suicide drones to hit Hezbollah high-value objectives and capabilities in the suburbs of Beirut. Netanyahu responded a few hours late by bombing a position of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP-GC)- in the same Bekaa Valley, to send a clear message to Sayyed Nasrallah:  Hezbollah’s challenge is being acknowledged, and answered with another Israeli challenge. Now it is only a question of when, how, and at what cost the Hezbollah “bloody retaliation” will be, bloody because it is inevitable that Israeli soldiers will be killed.

Sayyed Nasrallah had no option but to respond to the Israeli violation of the Rule of Engagement (ROE) established since the 2006 third Israeli war on Lebanon. If he fails to hit Israel and accepts the ongoing international mediation and politico-financial temptations offered to the Lebanese government to persuade him to renounce his promised attack, he loses his credibility, which is substantial right now. Moreover, Israel would then be encouraged to hit more targets in Lebanon as it is doing in Iraq and in Syria for some years now, against hundreds of objectives. If Hezbollah refrains from responding as promised,  Netanyahu will “get away with it”: this boosts his chances in the forthcoming election.

ill Hezbollah Respond to Israel? Whe


WATCH: Israel Attacks PMU Bases in Iraq

Netanyahu knows that the 'rules-based-international-order' will not lift a finger against the zio mad dog Apartheid Israel and more importantly that nothing stirs the Israeli electorate like murdering and making war on 'the Arabs'.


How Israel Gets Away With It...

"Lobbying behemoth The Centre For Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) continues to bombard Canadian federal politicians and civil servants with its pro-Israel propaganda."

As they did with the Apartheid South African regime, when will progressive Canadians seriously begin to attack and dismantle the domestic Zionist funding/support base that keeps our politicians silent and the influence of Israel so strong?

'We consider you to be the 5th tribe alongside the four tribes in Israel who see the whole Jewish world as partners. I came here to thank you for your support for Israel. Canada supports us also because of your ability to make the case for the Zionist movement in the Land of Israel.'  - Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel-


GrayZone: Israeli Attacks Provoke Iran, Hezbollah and Could Help Jihadists

"With its bombings of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, is Israel trying to stop an attack from Iran and its allies as it claims, or is it trying to provide one? Rania Khalek analyzes Israel's escalating violence and how it could potentially help jihadist groups in the region."

These  extremely dangerous Israeli provocations threaten to explode the Middle East, but western 'progressives' focus as directed by msm on Hong Kong instead.


'Gangster Paradise'

"[US Coup-installed] President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez arrived in Israel a short while ago..."


'This place is only for Jews'

"This is what Israeli Apartheid looks like. Jewish settlers take over springs on Arab-owned land and deny Arabs access. Why do US liberals remain silent."

Because Zios call them nasty names if they don't.


Hezbollah's Response Begins: Israeli Soldiers "Killed And Wounded" In Missile Attack

by Tyler Durden

Sun, 09/01/2019 - 10:27

It begins  Hezbollah issued the following statement amid Israeli confirmation that its forces came under attack Sunday: 

At 4:15 PM, Martyrs Hassan Zbeeb and Yasser Daher Group destroyed an IDF military vehicle near the road of the Avivim military base, killing and wounding vehicle’s occupants.


Netanyahu Repeats Pledge to Annex Israeli Settlements in Occupied West Bank

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to annex Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, Reuters reported him saying on Sunday..."


The missile itself, according to Ian Greenhalgh, was manufactured in Iran from Russian design. There were two hits, at least one perfect, guaranteeing all would die.

Israel made a huge error here, they denied the attack, even stating that a missile landed near an Israeli village, based on the original video released days ago. They didn’t know this one was out there, one that showed how good Hezbollah’s intelligence really is or how effective their weapons are........from veteranstoday this a game changer? That Hezbollah has such effective weaponry, whether from Iran of Russian design, or captured via ISIS and Al Qaeda from the USA?


Hezbollah Chief Says All Israeli Forces At Risk In Case of New Attack on Lebanon (and vid)

"Hezbollah's Sunday attack [see vid link] came in response to an Israeli air raid last week that killed two of its fighters in Syria as well as an Israeli drone attack on southern Beirut, which saw the deployed aircraft crashing into the movement's media offices. According to the Lebanese resistance movement, the missiles launched from Lebanon destroyed an armoured personnel carrier in Avivim, killing or wounding those inside it.

'Mark Sept 1, 2019 as the onset of a new stage in our support for Lebanon's borders,' Nasrallah told Tel Aviv. As a result of Hezbollah's response Israel has taken all of its forces and military vehicles away from Lebanon's border and stopped patrolling near the frontier. Nasrallah underlined that the operation came despite ongoing Tel Aviv threats, asserting that the warnings scare neither the movement nor the Lebanese authorities."


CIFTA (Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement) In Force

"Trudeau's trade deal with [Apartheid] Israel has been condemned by the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Amnesty International for violating international law..."


"Israel flags abound at the 'Straight Pride' parade in Boston..."

Shared values.


"I am the Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour, from Reineh near the city of Nazareth. I am reaching out to all of you as I am once again facing political persecution by the State of Israel for writing and publishing..."

Please spread the word.


The Case Against The Zionist 'Left'

"Yoav Litvin: Liberal Zionism intrinsically promotes reactionary regimes and interest groups which share Zionism's ethnocentric, xenophobic, misognynistic and hyper-capitalist worldviews..."


Israel Bombs Gaza Positions For An Entire Hour. Palestinian Sources

"Israel has launched a lengthy bombardment of Gaza..."

It's Israel, they're allowed. By all means continue to campaign and vote for all the Canadian parliamentary parties that support Apartheid Israel and its lobby here. Oh and as the big billboards  in Toronto say: 'Buy Israel Bonds'!


'Enraged' Israelis Against The Wall [But Not THAT Wall]

"The US Embassy in Jerusalem has begun work on a 5.8 mter high (19-foot) wall around the building, which neighbors say will block their view and mar the neighborhood..."

Cry me a river. Looks good on them.


Netanyahu Vows To Annex West Bank, Jordan Valley After Israeli Election

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said if reelected he will annex the Jordan Valley, part of the occupied West Bank and home to Israeli settlements..."

With a little help from his friends...

"Not long ago you called for a 'New Israeli Order'. One in which the Four Tribes should work in partnership for the betterment of Israel. Later you added a Fifth Tribe - Jews living in the Diaspora and asked World Jewry to join with all Israelis to make Israel and the world safer..."

'Our Common Destiny'


Pompeo: Israel's Errand Boy

"...Then we have Mike Pompeo, Israel's errand boy delivering threats on Netanyahu's behalf to Lebanon...The intent is to cow the small relatively defenseless state of Lebanon..."


"Egyptian media report that a delegation of Canada's Centre For Israel And Jewish Affairs just met with the psychopathic, murderous dictator of Egypt and 'hailed his efforts to boost the values of tolerance and peace."

More errand boys for Israel. Canada supports.


How Israel Steals Palestine's Offshore Oil and Gas Revenues. Outright Theft. Billions of Dollars Stolen

"The Palestinian people are denied the right to exploit oil and gas natural resources and thereby deprived of billions of dollars in revenue..."

Steal the land, steal the resources, genocide the owners. Canada supports. Canadians ignore.


WATCH: Out of the Mouths Of Babes: 'Killing Arabs  - I felt Happy!'


Canada supports. Canadians ignore..

the reckoning is coming...Canada and Canadians depend on their untarnished reputation in the pursuit of their globalization and trading initiatives....your attempts to reveal the reality will be promoted in the elimination of that reputation!


The Israel lobby and diaspora in Russia is as powerful and politically influential as the one here.

Russia Warns Against Annexing Jordan Valley on Eve of Netanyahu-Putin Meet,L-5586886,00.html

Has Trudeau or Trump issued similar warnings yet?



Everybody who is right-wing.  Especially timely 5 days before an election where Netanyahu is trying to peel away Russian votes.


Israel Reportedly Planted Mysterious Spy Devices Near Whitehouse; Netanyahu: Total Lie

"According to former top US officials who spoke to Politico, the cellphone surveillance devices were uncovered during the Trump presidency and meant to track him..."

If it could be pinned on Russia the story would be wall to wall.