The murderous Israeli apartheid regime

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New Video by Norman Finkelstein -

"The Holocaust Industry & the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering."



As Jews, We'll Never Address Racism While Clinging To Zionism

"...Of course none of the Jewish voices commenting on George Floyd in Minneapolis have had a word to say about the killing of Eyad al Halaq or the 21 other killings (so far) this year by Israeli security forces. For our establishment Jewish spokespeople, the death of Eyad al Halaq was, at best, an unfortunate mistake on the part of the Israeli border police. For them it remains a security issue not a race issue.

Our Jewish community leaders and the organisations they represent, are incapable of making the necessary race connection because they are trapped in an ideological bind. That ideological bind is called Zionism. It's a bind which makes you see the actions of the State of Israel through the prism of Jewish history and Jewish security while blinding you to any competing perspectives that could disrupt your Jewish centric outlook. It's impossible..."

'The scourge of racism, intolerance and inequality must end': AIPAC

'By way of deception thou shalt do war': Mossad


Norman Finkelstein on the Great March of Return, the International Criminal Court, and Israeli Annexation Plans (Part 1/4)

"Lifting an immoral, illegal and inhuman siege..."

Canada supports Israel


Trump Was Prepared To Back Israeli Strike on Iran Bolton Says

"...You tell Bibi that if he uses force I will back him. I told him that, but you tell him again,' Trump told Bolton."

Chilling. Good thing Canuckleheads don't pay attention to such things.


Pink Floyd Co-Founder Roger Waters Condemns Israel's Annexation of West Bank, Warns of Nuclear War (and vid)

"Legendary Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters discusses the threat of nuclear war in 2020, why he believes nuclear weapons needs to be abolished across the world, Black Lives Matter protests, Israel's coming illegal annexation of Palestine's West Bank.."


'Taking A Knee' - Apartheid Israel Style

"Here's a frame from one of Israel Tactical's promotional videos..."


Podcast Panel: Israeli Annexation Could Turn the West Bank into a Gaza-Style Open Air Prison (and podcast)

"Palestinian activist Ramzy Baroud, Israeli activist Miko Peled and documentary film-maker Robert Inlakesh join Mintpress to discuss the implications of Israel's coming annexation of the Palestinian West Bank."

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57 MPs have signed the CJPME pledge to oppose annexation. From an email I received in the last hour:

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East wrote:

Our thanks and congratulations go out to the following MPs:

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (Liberal)
Arif Virani (Liberal)
Mario Beaulieu (BQ)*
Stéphane Bergeron (BQ)*
Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe (BQ)*
Louis Plamondon (BQ)
Charlie Angus (NDP)
Niki Ashton (NDP)
Daniel Blaikie (NDP)
Leah Gazan (NDP)
Matthew Green (NDP)
Jack Harris (NDP)
Carol Hughes (NDP)
Rachel Blaney (NDP)
Alexandre Boulerice (NDP)
Laurel Collins (NDP)
Don Davies (NDP)
Scott Duvall (NDP)
Gord Johns (NDP)
Peter Julian (NDP)
Jenny Kwan (NDP)
Alistair MacGregor (NDP)
Brian Masse (NDP)
Lindsay Mathyssen (NDP)
Heather McPherson (NDP)
Mumilaaq Qaqqaq (NDP)
Elizabeth May (Green)
Paul Manly (Green)
Marwan Tabbara (Ind)
* Signed on behalf of entire BQ caucus (32 MPs)

Here is the pledge these principled MPs are supporting:

As a Member of Parliament, I understand that Canada has a responsibility to stand up for international law and human rights. For this reason, the Canadian government must show meaningful opposition to the annexation plans recently announced by Israeli leaders. I call on the Canadian government to consider all reasonable diplomatic and economic options to stop annexation and prompt Israeli compliance with international law. Canadians deserve a Parliament that is willing to oppose Israeli annexation plans.

We commend signatories for taking a stand, but we are also worried that too many MPs have declined to join their voice.


Unfortunately,  asking Ottawa to ask Israel to close the annexation barn door after that horse has pretty much already  bolted probably won't be of much use now. Too little too late [#608]. Nor will Canada's  new UN Ambassador for Israel, Bob Rae. Also, let's have the names of all those who didn't sign, so we can ask them why, like Jagmeet Singh...

[email protected]

I suspect this letter by Canadian  liberal Zios including Bob's wife will probably carry more weight:

Liberal Zionists Fear Bibi's Proposed 'Annexation' of the West Bank Risks International Support For Zionism

"Many liberal Zionists in Canada (and US Jews) have expressed concern over Israel's aggressive plan to 'annex' up to 30% of the West Bank, in defiance of international law and international opinion. They fear that Israel is overreaching, and by making it clear that it has no interest in giving the Palestinians a state, western support for the idea of a Zionist state for Jews might be at risk..."


Israel Chops Off 200 Olive Trees in Deir Istiya

"...The mayor of the village, Saeed Zeidan told QNN that 'the occupying authorities have in the last two months intensified its settlement and land-grabbing activities in addition to the demolition notices and tree uprooting. He stressed that the Israeli army has uprooted thousands of the village's fruit trees since 1967. Zeidan noted that the Israeli army dug a water well to steal water from the village and provide illegal settlers with other 280 million cubic meters of water, depriving the village and all villages around of water."

Just another day of Canada-backed Palestinian genocide/ecocide our new UN Amb. Bob Rae will work hard to see continue.

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How freaking depressing.


 A seemingly never-ending viciousness Canada supports and the world permits to continue...

"Israeli Occupation Forces invaded the home of and arrested Rania Elias director of the Yabous Cultural Centre, one of the most important Palestinian cultural centres in Jerusalem and her husband Suheil Khoury, the director of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music."


The Epidemic and Hizbullah Add to Netanyahoo's Problems

"The Israeli government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahoo faces two crises. Hizbullah, the Lebanese resistance organization, has announced [it will] take revenge for one of its soldiers Israel killed. A botched handling of the COVID-19 epidemic by the government has come under much criticism. Together with the criminal proceedings against Netanyahoo, either could lead to his fall..."


"In the last few days alone, Israel dropped bombs on Syria, opened fire on Palestinian fishermen in Gaza, and today bombarded villages in Lebanon, all in unprovoked attacks. And not even a peep from the international community..."

'But China! But Russia!'


Final Toll of Two-Day Israeli Offensive on Gaza

"Pitiless zionist entity slaughters another 27 human beings in Gaza, Palestine."

 Canada supports. Canadians avert their eyes and curse China/Russia instead.


"Palestinian children in Jerusalem cry 'Where will we live?' as their house is bulldozed in front of their eyes in the middle of the night. This is child abuse. Israel has bulldozed hundreds of Palestinian homes this year so far..."

Settler-states are like that. Canada supports. How could it not?


"Israel is now bombing Gaza to celebrate 'peace' deal with UAE. Eastern and northern areas are under heavy attacks from Israeli warplanes."

For Israel everything is permissible by 'the international community' aka 'the rules based order'.


"This is the greatest advancement toward peace between Israel and the Arab world in the last 26 years, marking the third formal peace between Israel and an Arab nation, after Egypt (1979) and Jordan (1994). I believe we will soon see more Arab countries join this expanding circle of peace...I want to thank President Trump for his critical help in brokering this historic accord and want to thank him for his revolutionary vision for peace pan, which is the most realistic formula for peace in the region." - Netanyahu -


United Arab Emirates Sells Out Palestine For Israel

"Historic' deal formalizes secret ties going back decades..."

('Birds of a feather (vultures) stick together.')

From the River to the Sea - Palestine Will be Free!