The murderous Israeli apartheid regime

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kropotkin1951 wrote:

I hate theocracies like Israel and Iran. Religion has no place in any determination of who has citizen rights except the right to practice your own delusion in peace.

Does that include Canada where Christian school boards get government suppprt and where Christian holidays are civic holidays?


ICC Launches Palestine War Crimes Probe

"The International Criminal Court has opened a formal investigation into war crimes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda confirmed on Wednesday. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will likely be subjected to ICC scrutiny, branded the investigation as 'the essence of anti-Semitism..."

see more in CMOT's 'all hail the peacemakers' thread


Do you suggest that religion has no place in the states of Europe ? They were mostly succesors to the Christian (since 313AD) Roman Empire. Christianity legitimized their regimes and their imperialism. They were Saviours of the World and retained this faith after the Reformation and the Enlightenment. Non-Christians (mostly Jews) were often victims.  Is it any wonder that some of them, especially after the Holocaust wanted a Jewish country?  They should have stuck  with around 50%.  Now some of them want around 90% leaving little to the Palestinians.

Since 1948, the expansionists have used non-recognition by Arab states to their advantage.


JKR wrote:

kropotkin1951 wrote:

I hate theocracies like Israel and Iran. Religion has no place in any determination of who has citizen rights except the right to practice your own delusion in peace.

Does that include Canada where Christian school boards get government suppprt and where Christian holidays are civic holidays?

It certainly includes government support of religious schools. Something I have fought against since for ever. As for how holidays are named I really don't care. Its okay by me that we chose to celebrate Family Day across much of the country in February when most of the worlds population is celebrating Lunar New Year. I don't think we need to rename Christmas to Sol Invictus for historical accuracy nor move it to the 21 to make it line up with the Solstice. Almost every "religious" holiday is somehow or other tied to the solar and lunar cycles so I guess we could just go with that in naming our holidays. But frankly I couldn't care less.


'Map of Hatred': Half of Israeli Religious Teens would Strip Arab Right to Vote: Poll

"There's no shortage of 'anti-gentilism' amongst secular, traditional and national-religious Jews in Israel, but polls show ultra-Orthodox Israelis are likeliest to hate non-Jews. If Jewish courts say they're not humans, then they don't deserve human rights."

But let's continue to allow our politicians to support Apartheid Israel no matter how vile.


Israel jails Palestinian politicians ahead of PA elections

"The only democracy in the universe is once again jailing Palestinian MPs using their apartheid kangaroo court system."


"Israeli Occupation authorities have revoked the VIP permit of the Palestinian Foreign Minister Ryad al Maliki after he returned to the Occupied West Bank from a trip to the International Criminal Court in the Hague..."


"Israel has no has Zionism, incurable, terminal Zionism."

Canadians must stop their politicians from supporting  the genocidal terror-state that is Apartheid Israel. This will entail you stop voting for those that do. And tell them so upfront. Stop voting for Zionist apartheid.


Netherlands asks Israel about confiscation of Palestine FM's travel pass

"The ICC must be able to work without interference; Israel's banning of a Palestinian official's right to travel is an unlawful act of hindrance."

 Why didn't our great virtue signaller on international human rights Justin Trudeau ask? Why not tell him to?

[email protected]


'Israeli Air Force: 3000 years ago today'

"I saw this so now you have to. Happy Passover!"


How Netanyahu brought Israel's biggest racists seats and legitimacy

"My latest on the results of the Israeli elections, and on Netanyahu helping the Kahanists re-enter the Knesset: 'The legacy left to us by Israel's longest-serving prime minister: the mainstreaming of the most murderous movement in modern Jewish history."

Yet JDL Canada, an organization devoted to Kahane led by his disciple Meir Weinstein, continues to be funded and supported to continue harassing BDS activists in Toronto. And not even the NDP dares take a stand.


'If that's not Apartheid, what is?' (and vid)

"Israel has been boasting about its vaccine rollout while refusing to vaccinate Palestinians living under occupation."

Russia and China have contributed hundreds of thousands of doses.


Wife of Osama Mansour Killed Today by UK-Armed Israeli Forces (and vid)

"We were heading home when the Israeli army stopped us and asked us to turn off the engine. We did. Then they said 'go' so we moved, before they showered us with bullets. My husband fell in my lap and died."

Why does the NDP leadership support Apartheid Israel's continuing international criminality and suppress members' reformist BDS attempts? Resist don't collaborate.



Is South Africa the model for a solution of the 70+ year Israel/ Palestine conflict?  One state with a Palestinian majority and a Palestinian president.  When Palestinians proclame "Free Palestine" do they mean the occupied territories (since 1967) or all of historical Palestine including what became the Jewish state of Israel after 1948?



Media reports disclose Bin Salman's collaboration with Tel Aviv in recent coup in Jordan

"Saudi butcher worked with Israel in Jordan coup. MBS aims to seize custodianship of Al Aqsa Mosque from the Hashemite dynasty as his family did with Mecca..."


BREAKING: Alarms go off near Israel's nuclear reactor amid reports of explosions and missile defence system being activiated

"Sirens have pierced the air in Israel's southern Negev province near the secretive Dimona nuclear facility, with reports of multiple blasts heard far away from the site, and anti-missile systems responding.

The Israeli Defense Forces issued a statement online confirming that sirens had been activated in the village, adding in a follow-up that officials believe a surface-to-air missile was launched from Syrian territory and that a counter-attack had been carried out. In response the IDF attacked the battery that launched the missile and other surface-to-air missile batteries in Syrian territory.' the military said..."

Apartheid Israel of course continues to bomb Syria whenever it feels like it and it barely registers in the western msm. Rest assured this will.


Iranian general appears to take responsibility for rocket attack targeting Israeli nuclear site

"Why does Israel arrogantly believe there will be no consequences for its state terror attacks on Iran? Is it prepared to see Dimona go up in smoke in order to pursue its hopeless jihad against Iran? And what is Biden doing to stop this?"

Now that the capability to strike Dimona has been demonstrated, perhaps the very real dangers of Israel's nuclear weapons capability will begin to take precedence over Iran's nonexistent one.


"Israeli fascists are attacking the homes of Palestinians in the Old City of Jerusalem [Al Quds]. All night long Jewish groups have been roaming streets, shouting death to Arabs. Can you imagine the fear?"

And yet we let them recruit their soldiers here. The South African solution must come to Apartheid Israel. Canada must stop collaborating and start eliminating the base of support.


A threshold crossed: Israeli authorities and the crimes of apartheid & Persecution

"US corporate PR agency HRW finally admits that Israel is committing crimes against Humanity, including at times the crime of Apartheid; but it does not recognise Israel as an apartheid state which must be dismantled."


Israel forbids Palestinian fishermen from accessing Gaza sea

"The Israeli occupation army said on Monday it is closing the fishing zone off the already blockaded Gaza Strip, preventing fishermen from going out to sea."

Canada supports Israel. But unanimous condemntation by our parliamentary sellouts on nonexistent 'Chinese genocide'.


Debating Apartheid in Jerusalem (and vid)

"If I don't steal it someone else is going to steal it..."

It seems the rationalizations and justifications for illegal settler occupation are much the same the world over...


"Young European and American Zionists mock indigenous Palestinian woman as she and her family are about to be evicted from Jerusalem's Sheik Jarrah neighborhood, and replaced by the colonizers."

Alas our elected representatives are mostly on side with the colonizers. This will remain so until they are more afraid of you than the Israel lobby.

Keith McClary

"US corporate PR agency HRW finally admits that Israel is committing crimes against Humanity, including at times the crime of Apartheid; but it does not recognise Israel as an apartheid state which must be dismantled."

You didn't learn that from the CBC:

Canada’s blackout of Israel’s crimes against humanity

Why did Canada’s leading news organisations choose not to cover HRW’s damning report on Israel?

But today, our fearless CBC journalists are not afraid to publish this HRW story:

20 years after end of Taliban rule, Afghan women still face poor access to health care

Human Rights Watch says health facilities are poorly staffed, difficult to get to


Watch: Israel Again Attacks Syria on the West Side

"...As Syria and Russia combat DAESH in the eastern desert. From South Front, 5 May, 2021..."

The apartheid-Israel terror state continues to play with matches in hopes of starting a conflagration America will win for Israel. This may not work out well for anyone. Attention should be paid.



"Imagine a gang of religious fanatics broke into your house, told you god gave them the land and that you had to leave, then abused and attacked you for objecting. Then imagine the entire state apparatus - the courts, army and government - backed these fanatics %100."

Now add most Canadian politicians as backers of Apartheid Israel. Now ask yourself why the imperial dogwhistle directs you instead to 'more concentration camps than the Nazis' lies about Uyghurs in China, rather than real genocide of Palestinians.


The Ethnic Cleansing of Jerusalem (radio)

"Israeli-American activist and author Miko Peled says that only through boycott, divestment and sanctions can the international community force an end to Israeli Apartheid and ethnic-cleansing practices. Jess and Jamal disrupt the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem as Israeli colonial settlers push to evict Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood."


Breaking: At least one Palestinian killed and many others injured, including children, in an Israeli bombardment which targeted civilians in Beit Haroun, north of the Gaza Strip.


"There is no alternative but to bring the horrific Zionist system in Palestine to an end and replace it with democracy, equality, full rights for all and restitution for its Palestinian victims. Palestinians cannot 'coexist' with a Zionist system that seeks their destruction."


'But  China's Uyghur concentration camps!!!'


Hezbollah raises war readiness to 100%: report

"Hezbollah summoned a portion of its members to the South and raised its readiness to 100%, as the Israeli army is currently repeating the same steps that preceded the 2006 July war..."


Escalation in Palestine

"...After four elections Israel still has no new government. Prime Minister Netanyahu is on trial for corruption. A larger war that can be spun into a victory could help him to avoid a judgment and gain votes for the likely soon coming next election."

Perhaps Netanyahu's Al Aqsa Ramadan provocation will have the desired effect and prolong his leadership further.


Israel's barbarism against Palestinians (and vid)

"How many videos do we have to do explaining that Israel is a shit entity?"


Israel attacks Gaza after Jerusalem defeat

"Israel bombing kills 20 Palestinians including 9 children..."

Israel is not a country it is a military occupation. Time to end it.


WATCH: "Goulish Israeli colonists celebrate as they see fire in the Al Aqsa Mosque - what has Jerusalem become?"

Illegally Occupied by a genocidal enemy.


Watch: Behind Jerusalem violence is an Israel overtaken by religious zealotry

"Why Israel is ratcheting up the racism for Ramadan this year."

laine lowe laine lowe's picture

This situation is so horrifying and indefensible and yet most governments and media never acknowledge that if there is a case for genocide this is it. Damn, it is extremely shameful that countries like Canada and the US hearing that "settlers are kicking out Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalim" do not pause and think of their own settler history of displacing people from their lands and survival as a people. This dissonance is why no matter what attempts at Truth and Reconcilliation happen, they will be meaningless at core because we are shit people, greedy and entitled, and racist.


Quds News Network (Updating)

"A Palestinian youth initiative at providing the full picture of occupied Palestine objectively through social media.

'Israeli daily Maariv wrote in its main news item today: 'The state of Israel is burning.'

Unfortunately due to lots of official western support and complicity, Palestine is burning more.


At this time allow me to acknowledge the hard work of all the Canadian parliamentarians and other politicians as well as the CBC and all our msm, who helped make this possible. We understand your sudden wave of Tweets suggesting otherwise must be seen in the context of your longstanding and steadfast support for 'a land without a people for a people without a land.' As the Prime Minister himself has said: 'Canada must always have [Apartheid] Israel's back.'

Fuck you very much.

Free Palestine!


Israel's military continues airstrikes on Gaza as it prepares for an 'indefinite' operation

"...The timing of the crackdown on Jerusalem Day - the anniversary of Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem from Jordan following the 1967 War - ahead of the planned Flags March by settler groups and far right forces through Arab neighbourhoods was planned to precipitate a war with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu, speaking after the first Gaza rockets were targeted on Monday evening, proclaimed that the Palestinians had 'crossed a read line' and that 'Israel will respond with great force.' Netanyahu's preparations for war against the Palestinians come in the wake of his failure to form a new coalition government that would ensure his ability to evade a trial exposing his corrupt relations with media..."

And so for this and other worthy purposes - what better time for the Israeli 'lawn-mower' to mow down the Palestinians once again? Let us hope the aftermath isn't a full-court press by the international community to force upon Palestinians the 'two-state' final solution Israel and its collaborators have always hoped for to settle outstanding 'land-claims' perhaps with a liberal' trick or treaty' Canadian style approach and  'extinguishment by consent.'


Al Jazeera Coverage Live

Coverage courtesy of Gulf monarchy Qatar, another new 'friend' of Israel well known to suck and blow simultaneously. Still, anything better than CBC (where is Duncan McCue for his sin against Zionist order?) etc.


Death toll from relentless Israeli air strikes in Gaza soars to 56

"The death toll from Israeli strikes on Gaza has climbed to 56, including 14 children as the UN warned of 'full-scale war'. Israel's Defense Minister Benny Gantz vowed more attacks on embattled Gaza before considering a ceasefire. 'The army will continue to attack to bring a total, long-term quiet. Only when we reach that goal will we be able to speak about a truce,' Gantz said..."

And so one again the mowing begins while the world watches and western politicians urge 'restraint on both sides'.

Free Palestine! Fuck Israel!


Pogroms and attacks on Arabs by Jews continue in Israel (and vid)

Watch: "A Zionist is driving around with a loudspeaker asking, 'Give me the addresses of all Arabs in Natanya..."

'The Purge' in progress by fanatical zionists in in occupied Palestine. Joe Biden could stop this now with one phone call to Bibi Netanyahu. He won't. Ask yourself why.


'This is Israel'

"We are witnessing lynch mobs - in person and on TV. This is happening in Haifa, Akka, Lydd, Yaffa and elsewhere. It's being done with Israeli police and government backing. This is not just the so-called settler extremists. This is Israel"


"In less than 24 hours, Israel bombed more than 3 towers which host most of local and international media outlets working in Gaza. This is alarming where Israel is imposing a blackout on media. This is a step to cover up more and more war crimes."


'Absolutely Revolting' (and vid)

"Israeli thugs lynch a Palestinian, smashing his head on the pavement countless times. Again, flash back to Yitzhak Rabin's 'Breaking Bones' policy. If you don't know what that is, look it up."

'Israel, a light among nations'...


Biden is Blocking a UN Statement Calling For A Ceasefire

"As the death toll rises in Gaza, the Biden administration is blocking the release of a UN Security Council statement calling for a ceasefire."


'Astonishing live coverage from Youmna Al Sayed in Gaza' (and vid)

"In what other context could a state destroy a building hosting media organizations on live television without facing massive condemnation from journalists across the world."

Canadian journos are scared shitless of criticizing Israel. Look what CBC did to announcer Duncan McCue just for mentioning the word 'Palestine.' He was forced to apologize and disappeared. Canadian media is highly subservient to power, hence the minimal criticism of Apartheid Israel and favourable coverage of Zionism generally.


German media, like Canada's, is highly subservient to Zionist power:

'Free Speech only exists when you do not challenge the establishment. Share this interview widely...'

"Cowardly German state media dwnews has apologized for interviewing me and removed my interview. There's no free speech in Europe about fascist Israel's horrific crimes."



"This is the guy the western media are selling as the 'centre- left' alternative for Netanyahu."


Israelis hunting Palestinians house-to-house in Haifa

"Criminal settlers, holding white weapons, tried to break into a Palestinian family's home to attack the members..."

"I will spare you the trauma of a video that shows a Palestinian man lynched by a settler mob with his own tshirt. His daughter screaming in distress and armed police walking out casually. Just know that 73 years of your flimsy condemnations without action led to this."

But surely now that Bob Rae's at the UN things will change, no.


Israeli Terror in Palestine (and vid)

"Hosts Eugene Puryear & Rania Khalek, joined by Asad Abukhalil, Max Blumenthal, Mike Prysner and Dan Cohen, discuss the atrocities Israelis are committing as bombs rain down on Gaza."


'We need to kill Arabs' (and vid)

"Abby Martin interviews Israelis in West Jerusalem. It's not just ultra-religious, extremist settlers who use the language of genocide against Palestinians."


'Messiah Mode' (slide-show)

"After tonight's state-permitted pogrom-a-thon across the country, I wonder if even my harshest critiques of Israeli policies pulled their punches."


Gideon Levy: Those who thirst for blood

"All they want is to see more blood. Arab blood, as much as possible - blood, the more the better - blood, the main thing is that Arab blood is spilled. Residential towers are collapsing, like houses of cards in Gaza, and ruined worlds beneath them are a mild joke for them. They want to see blood, not only ruins, fear and destruction.

Dozens of dead during the first 24 hours, about half of them women and children, are nothing to them. They want much more blood. Until rivers of blood flood Gaza, and with it Lod, if possible, their appetite will be only partially satiated. Until the Palestinians get down on their knees, bow down before Israel and surrender to it without conditions, for eternity - they won't be satisfied.

"They want a victory photo, one victory of the lie that they so greatly desire and that will never be attained..."


Gaza Under Attack


The Truth about Israel (and vid)

"You are either on the side of the oppressed, the Palestinians, or with the Israeli oppressors and colonizers. There is no in between."