The murderous Israeli apartheid regime

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from Debka.....


(Terrorist#) leaders and commanders had already disappeared into underground bunkers in the Gaza Strip in anticipation of a large-scale IDF operation following a rocket attack on central Israel and a spiraling series of terrorist assaults on Israel civilian and military targets. A short time earlier, the IDF stated: Explosions will soon be heard as part of IDF offensive action. Extra vigilance is advised in line with directives.” The heads of local towns and districts in the South reacted by ordering their populations to open shelters, close schools and call off outside activity. Throughout the day, the IDF built up its strength along the Gaza border fence and mobilized reserves, while consolidating the Iron Dome ring of anti-rocket batteries ready to intercept Palestinian rocket fire at population centers including the Tel Aviv region. 
The rail service between the southern town of Ashkelon and Sderot, just outside the Gaza Strip, has been suspended and car traffic thinning out on the roads.

Sources inside the Gaza Strip are describing preparations for a broad confrontation between the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian terrorist groups and the Israeli military. Their bases and command centers have been evacuated and equipment removed. Hamas and Jihad have gone to ground in their large network of underground bunkers. Their rocket arrays are on war preparation.....

#first excuse their bs rhetoric....but they are a source close to the IDF.....

what is crucial to note now, are the preparations of Hezbollah!! Are we into a major escalation?


from Midle East Monitor...Hezbollah is apparently monitoring Israel’s moves on all fronts: “We are an integrated chain, and we cannot separate Gaza from Lebanon. Our enemy is one regardless of the number of fronts involved. We will not let one front face Israel alone.” This indicates the position of the axis, led by Iran, on the potential to engage in fighting on multiple fronts and opens the door to discussions about such a scenario. Are Hamas and the Palestinian factions prepared for this?


'This is what politicians who care look like'.

Ours don't. Nor are they made to.


"Watch our 'LIVE' broadcast of Gaza borders right now - 'Israel' continues to reinforce troops along the Gaza border."

Israel prepares to 'mow the lawn', again...Meanwhile Chrystia Freeland cheers it on.


"Over 40,000 Palestinians protested along the fence surrounding the Gaza Strip today, mark Land Day and one year since the start of the Great March of Return protests. The IDF responded with bullets killing three teenagers and wounding over 300 people."


"Wonderful few days ahead is bringing us even closer together."

Zionist Canada supports Apartheid Israel.


How Much Pro-Israel Money Politicians Attacking Ilhan Omar Received

It really IS all about Israel's 'Benjamins'...


6,000 Palestinian Children Jailed By Israel Since 2015

"You won't hear a peep of condemnation about this from Canada's ambassador to Israel because, after all, these thousands of children are  mere Palestinians..."

Smash Canada's Apartheid Israel lobby. Canadian Complicity is a crime against humanity.


Israel Holds Most Right Wing Elections in its History

"...Openly fascistic policies or redoubled militarism - ...enshrining Jewish supremacy."

Are you not deeply ashamed by Canada's support?


Why the Far-Right Globally Today Idolises Israel

'Fort Apache' and the ultra-Zionism of Geert Wilders - feted by Canada's own Jewish Defence League (JDL) several years ago in Toronto.


Israel's Netanyahu Set To Win Record 5th Term as PM


Senior Israeli Archaeologist Casts Doubt on Jewish Heritage

"On alleged Temple of Solomon, Finkelstein said there is no archaeological evidence to prove it existed. Greenberg told the Jerusalem Post Israelis have been excavating so-called City of David in occupied Jerusalem of Silwan for 2 years to no avail."

But let's pretend it's ours and steal it all anyway.


"You can say it is an act of god punishing Christianity." Israeli rabbi on Notre Dame

If the rabbi said something similar about an IDF bombed mosque in Gaza few would notice or care.


NDPP wrote:

Israel's Netanyahu Set To Win Record 5th Term as PM

I pulled this out of the above lit

Responding to the results, US President Donald Trump told reporters on Wednesday that Netanyahu’s victory was a good sign for “peace” in the region.

Trump probably said this with a smile 


I read Gordon Duff because his info tends to be accurate, even if occasionally I disagree with his politics, and despite the fact his group includes looney articles from time to time, as they say, to ward off the censorship.....

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

War is coming in Syria. The decision has been made, the targets are outlined. Syria has had enough. The fake color revolution has done more than fail, it has united Syrians in rage, their homes destroyed, their factories looted, their heritage peddled in auction houses in London and New York and now over 2 million Syrian refugees held hostage by the United States.

War is coming.

Israel’s bombing campaign won’t stop it. The targets across Israel have been outlined, the ammonia warehouses in Haifa, the “Valley of Technology” and Israel’s military industries. All will be gone in the first salvo with 200 Iskander M missiles easily evading the “Iron Dome” whose command centers will fall in a prelude.

Sources in Syria say hundreds of launchers, protected by BUK, PantirS and S300 defenses are out of Israel’s reach. Syrian scientists, many with years of experience in Russia’s most advanced missile development programs, may well have created even more surprises.


Spain Issues Arrest Warrant For Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Over 2010 Gaza Flotilla Attack

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and seven other former and current government officials are at risk of arrest if they set foot in Spain, after a Spanish judge effectively issued an arrest warrant for the group, it has been reported..."



Days of Palestine (and vid)

"Football fans in Chile don't just raise the Palestinian flag - they raise it big time across more than two-thirds of the stadium."

In Zionized Canada it would be far more likely to find an Israeli flag so rendered. 


'Gaza Militants Fire 250 Rockets'

"This is a stunningly irresponsible and misleading headline. Israel shot dozens of unarmed Palestinians protesters in Gaza on Friday and killed 4 Palestinians, including two protesters in Gaza before any projectiles were launched."


'Israel Has No Right To Self Defence Against Gaza'

"Journalists reporting Israeli 'responses' to attacks from Gaza should read this..."


Israel Again Bombs Gaza - But Is It 'In Response?'

"This fake reporting saying that Israel 'responds' is nothing new. In this case it is undoubtedly the Palestinian side that is responding to Israeli violence. But even if Palestinians would fire missiles without an immediate cause it would be within the full rights of the Palestinian people.

In its 1982 Resolution 37/43 The General Assembly of the United Nations reaffirmed: 'The legitimacy of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, including armed struggle.'

The UNGA resolution is standing international law. The Palestinian people have the right to resist..."

As do the  Wet'suwet'en, Secwepemc, Mohawk etc.


Civilian Infrastructure in Gaza Regular Target of Israeli Strikes (and vid)

"Since 2008 until now Gaza was under three intensive Israeli aggressions that led to the death of thousands of Palestinians and the destruction of thousands of housing units, especially the intensive Israeli aggression of 2014, which left more than 2,200 Palestinians dead, thousands of Palestinians injured and about 10,000 housing units completely destroyed. Unfortunately, the international community did not do more than condemnation. Nothing was done to put an end to the Israeli occupation, Israeli siege or blockade of the Palestinian territories. And we are expecting further Israeli aggression this time..."


Justin Trudeau Has Israel's Back

'Walks With Israel'


'Criticism in Israel From Right and Left About Ceasefire Announced Tonight'

"Justice portfolio MK Bezalel Smotrich said that the round of violence in Gaza should have ended with '700 dead terrorists and with massive physical damage to Hamas - so it'd take them years to recover."


"Palestinians wouldn't resort to military resistance if they had alternatives, but the so-called international community [collaborators!] refuses to enforce the law on [genocidal] aggressor, occupier and besieger and so Palestinians exercise their right to resistance and self-defense."


Foreign Policy CAN - Whatever Israel Says

"The anti-Palestinian racism of Justin Trudeau's government is on display yet again. Far more Palestinian civilians have been killed by the IDF than Israelis have been killed by Gaza's rockets. But Trudeau's government refuses to condemn Israel's murderous crimes."


'When Jewish Canadians Are Celebrating Israel's 71st Birthday From Coast to Coast'

"On Yom Haatzmaut, when Jewish Canadians are celebrating Israel's 71st birthday from coast to coast, we are very pleased legislation modernizing the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement has just passed the Senate. The bonds between our two countries have never been stronger!"

Zionization proceeds apace.


"Armenia's FM says 'Israel's arms trade is a weapon of death for our people..."


'Deal of the Century' Adds 'New' to the Four Thousand Year Old Name 'Palestine': Miko Peled

"The apartheid regime we know as 'Israel' was built on the very ruins of Palestine and imposed a brutal regime..."

And a brutal regime supported by compromised and collaborating Canadian politicians which are nonetheless supported despite this awful support each and every election cycle on and off this 'progressive' board. It should be a demand of every politician running by the voters that they cease supporting Apartheid Israel as a condition of their candidacy. 


Cohen: The Enemy is Not Resistance

"Palestinians continue to resist legally. They do not owe their occupier passive surrender. Hamas is no rogue militant group, with anonymous shadowy operators. It will not disappear or shirk its leadership responsibility. It remains an authentic and powerful part of the Palestinian experience..."


"Our people reaffirm today that all plans aiming to obliterate the [Palestinian] cause will fail,' Hamas leader Khalid Hayyeh said.'Our elderly passed on to their children their love of Palestine..."


"They were celebrating on Nakba Day while a few miles away Israeli snipers were shooting at unarmed civilians caged in the Gaza ghetto. Official Europe is depraved and sociopathic."

Apartheid Israel's all-party Canadian friends ditto.


"As 10,000 Palestinians gather in Gaza for this most commemorative day, Israel shoots 65 & sprays skunk water over crowds."  #Nakba71


"Facebook busts Israeli campaign to disrupt elections in African, Asian and Latin American nations - Haaretz."



Vltchek: Israeli Indifference is Killing People

"The most striking thing is not their brutality, but their detachment, indifference and selfishness..."

Sounds very similar to Canadians where even NDP 'do-gooders' seem to have no difficulty averting their eyes from the pro-Apartheid Israel stance of their party.


The Day After UNRWA

"...If not through UNRWA, how will aid reach Gaza?"

Another catastrophe for Palestine and Gaza engineered by USrael. 


"Benjamin Netanyahu is now Israel's: - Defence Minister - Health Minister - AND -  Justice Minister...while he faces criminal charges. This is the so-called 'only democracy in the Middle East."


"German author and journalist says he couldn't have 'demonstrated more peacefully' at Gaza's march; Israel shot him in the back anyway."


US Medical Team Removes Bullet From Palestinian Baby's Head

"American medical team succeeded in removing a bullet from head of 7-month-old Palestinian infant who was shot by Israeli fire while in the lap of her mother..."

'Nits make lice.' Sure glad all our politicians support Israel and the nice CIJA oligarch Larry Tanenbaum is going to take the Raptors there on our behalf.


Israeli Channel Airs Call To Expel All Palestinians

"EU embraces Israel's racist municipalities."


"Great news. Pleased to see Israeli Ambassador Barkan visit Jason Kenney and the Alberta legislature. We look forward to new initiatives to deepen the relationship between Alberta and Israel, a relationship that delivers value to Albertans and Israelis also."

Probably more the latter than the former...Canadian Zionization continues apace. 


Re Michael Levitt, MP [for Israel]

"Very rich of an Israeli apartheid supporter to be talking about World Refugee Day when Israel is responsible for the displacement of more than 6 million Palestinians, who are the largest population of refugees in the world."


Stanley Cohen: From Tel Aviv to Tallahassee

"...On May 29th, Florida Governor, Rick DeSantis, flew to Israel with his cabinet for a closed, political moot court session. Barring journalists and thus, ultimately, the public who elected him and paid for his trip, the governor performed a symbolic signing of a bill that places the interests of Tel Aviv clearly ahead of the constitutional rights of Tallahassee.

Surrounded by Israeli dignitaries, accompanied by AIPAC checkbooks, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson and Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America, the DeSantis journey was nothing short of a full on fidelity cheer for Israel...Meanwhile, as DeSantis posed in Jerusalem, life and death for Palestinians went on very much as it has these past ten, thirty, fifty, seventy plus unbroken march of death and destruction fed by excuse...fueled by hate.

According to a data base maintained by Israel-Palestine Timeline, since 2000, approximately 10,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel...including 2,172 children. Another 100,000 have been injured. Last - whether by ignorance or political convenience, the fundamental disconnect between the secular evil that is Zionism and the age-old faith that is Judaism seems to narrow day by day..."


Palestinians Are Being Told To Give Up Most Of Their Country In Exchange For A Loan

"Donald Trump's plan to offer Palestinians a multibillion [dollar] investment if they agree to a political solution with Israel will convince the people under occupation that resistance is the only way..."


Hassan Nasrallah on 'The Deal of the Century' (and vid)

"Today, the key challenge that Palestine and Al Quds must face is the 'Deal of the Century' or 'Trump Deal'..."


'Israel Does Not Want Peace,' Former Mossad Chief Says

"The former chief of Israel's intelligence agency Mossad, Shabta Shavit, has said Israel does not want peace and th at if it had, it would have made peace with the PA long ago. 'We [Israel] are the strongest in the Middle East,' Shavit continued, adding that: 'at this time no Arab coalition is likely to be formed that would endanger [Israel's] existence like in the 1960s and 1970s. The strong can do for itself what the weak cannot do [...] We can run over the other side if we want,' he added."


The East is a Podcast: Deal of the Century (LISTEN)

"Excellent interview with [EI's] Tamara Nassar on the bogus 'deal of the century' - where Palestinians are expected to accept permanent Israeli colonial occupation for some corporate jobs - and also an analysis of the inherent racism of Zionism."

Zionism is racism. Apartheid is genocide. Stop supporting Israel.


"Saudi State Minister Muhammad al-Sheikh: The Kushner economic plan may succeed in the Palestinian territories if there is hope for peace."


"Trump's envoy Jason Greenblatt joins Jewish fanatics performing provocative rituals in Bahrain." (and vid)

#BahrainWorkshop  #DealOfTheCentury  #PalestineIsNOT4Sale


CrossTalk: 'Deal Of The Century'

"Parts of Jared Kushner's 'Deal of the Century' have been made public and the reception has not been good. 'A bribe nobody is prepared to take..."


Prof Norman Finkelstein: 'Do the [Israeli] Guards of Gaza Have A Right to Self Defense?

"Israel cannot claim any right to use force against Gaza. Under International law, Palestinians do have the right to use force against Israel."


Kushner Seeks to Complete NAKBA: A Note To Israeli Ambassador Danon

"Predictably, US President Donald Trump has abandoned all pretense of serving as a neutral intermediary, and Israel's far-right government has seized the opportunity to complete the Palestinian Nakba once and for all..."


"Mohammad Obeid (25 years old) murdered on Thursday by Israeli policemen without posing any threat. His body was kidnapped and his family members were beaten at hospital [also in QN twitter-feed] Obeid was arrested when he was only 15 to be released three years later then arrested again then finally killed."


Toronto Protest Rally Against 'The Deal of the Century' & Israeli Apartheid

TODAY - Saturday, 12 Noon 360 University Ave [Dundas/University]

Canada STOP Supporting Israel: Free Palestine!


NDPP wrote:

"Mohammad Obeid (25 years old) murdered on Thursday by Israeli policemen without posing any threat. His body was kidnapped and his family members were beaten at hospital [also in QN twitter-feed] Obeid was arrested when he was only 15 to be released three years later then arrested again then finally killed."

"Without posing any threat" in an interesting opionion. Mohammad Obeid assaulted police officers with fireworks (which are arguably rockets).  Now one might [email protected] but in the US they average 7 deaths a years (closer to 10 the last few years) and cause 10,000+ injuries per year. 

In what you could call a soup-sandwhich of a situation with police already being assaulted by rocks and debris and a bunch of other junk,  Mr Obeid decided to surprise police officers at close range and start launching fireworks(rockets) at them.

As for his body being kidnapped that's a messed up situation. I understand the theory behind the police keeping his body. They keep the body and people escalate and riot about it. They return the body and people escalate and having a focal point (carrying around bodies is a thing there) and people riot even worse.  At the end of the day I think they should have given the body back immediately because it's the human thing to do.

All that to say, shooting someone at close range with fireworks isn't harmless.

Misfit Misfit's picture


if that is actually true. You have to be careful. That could be the official line by Israel but they don’t always tell it the way it really played out. 


How Israeli 'Rules of Engagement' Allow Soldiers to Shoot Children in the Back

"It is a fact that Israel has always been an apartheid state, not only since the Knesset passed the openly racist 'Jewish Nation State Law' last summer. It made this clearer, in other words, sending a signal to the Palestinian people that the historic land of Palestine - what the law terms 'the Land of Israel' belongs to the Jews alone, and no one else. This clarity explains some of the tactical disagreements with the law that many pro-Zionist liberals had. Liberal Zionists do not disagree on the racist principle that 'the right to national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people,' as the new law claims. Rather they disagree with spelling this out in such brazen terms, leading to adverse international publicity and the resultant decline in long term political support..."


The Israeli Occupation's Fig Leaf

"...B'Tselem in 2016 made the decision they would cease issuing formal complaints to Israel's military occupation authorities in the West Bank. Accurately calling the process 'the occupation's fig leaf,' B'Tselem said there was 'no longer any point in pursuing justice and defending human rights by working with a system whose real function is measured by its ability to continue to successfully cover up.'

This is very obviously a system designed to whitewash the Israeli army's image. The true function of this fig leaf is as a kind of international public relations. Journalists reporting on the latest Israeli crime quite regularly report - almost without fail - that Israel has 'launched an investigation' into the murder or abuse of Palestinians by its soldiers - as if it were some abnormality. Israel's occupation will not end until ordinary voters, like you and I, force our governments to end political and military aid to Israel..."


"Israeli missile strikes on Damascus and Homs kill 4 civilians including toddler (and vid)

Happens all the time. Ask yourself why if it was the reverse, and Syria struck Jerusalem and Tel Aviv killing 4 civilians, the world would be outraged but aren't now?


Misfit wrote:


if that is actually true. You have to be careful. That could be the official line by Israel but they don’t always tell it the way it really played out. 

I don't think you're wrong Misfit. Iseael I'm sure doesn't always tell it like it is.

I did a quick search and numerous stories from multiple news orgs reported the same story (the young man shot fireworks at the soldiers) but that could very well be a fabricated story.  I have a webtool sort of that that I sometimes use to verify webpages and organizations to better decide of they're legitimate news or biased/blogs- but I haven't did that in this case.

A quick question comes to mind. Does Israel even need to lie about stories like this? Do they care? I think they can pretty much shoot whoever they want with impunity.


All that to say I think a major problem is our news and reporting system. Someone fires off a comment on twitter and it's reposted a thousand times before anyone even considers fact checking it. Outrage sells.


Paladin1 wrote:

A quick question comes to mind. Does Israel even need to lie about stories like this? Do they care? I think they can pretty much shoot whoever they want with impunity.

All that to say I think a major problem is our news and reporting system.

They do not need to lie because most people living inside the NATO imperium miss the point.  Armed military forces of an occupying force entered a neighborhood for unspecified reasons.

Palestinians in that neighborhood can cower in their beds and hope that it is not their door that is going to be kicked in, with the ensuing potentially lethal consequences. Some young people who have grown up for two decades cowering under their beds chose to fight back, even without adequate weapons.  Do we stand with the oppressed fighting back or with the settler state oppressor? As Canadians we tend to always side with fellow settler states and some of our innovations, like reserves and residential schools have been copied by racists around the globe.

Happy Canada Day

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said that during unspecified "police operations" in the Issawiya neighbourhood a suspect fired fireworks at officers.


"He was shot, injured critically as a result of firing fireworks directly at officers putting them in a life-threatening situation," he told AFP.

The Palestinian health ministry said the man, identified as Mohammed Obeid, 20, died of his injuries.

"A citizen was martyred after the occupation shot him in the Issawiya neighbourhood," it wrote in Arabic.

Rosenfeld said that fireworks, lashed together in bundles and fired from a tube, were often fired at Israeli security forces.

"Within a certain range, they're life-threatening," he said.


I came across a story that stated "Residents say Obeid was shot during a protest by Palestinian residents of Issawiya against police violence. Police said Obeid threw fireworks at officers.".


If local residents are to be believed then the man died shooting fireworks at police officers during a protest.  That resulted in 3 more nights of clashes with police where luckly no one else appears to have been killed.

Rest, repeat.

Perhaps they should explore an alternate method to throwing 20 year olds armed with rocks and fireworks at heavily armed police and military.



Paladin1 wrote:

Perhaps they should explore an alternate method to throwing 20 year olds armed with rocks and fireworks at heavily armed police and military.

Nobody is directing those young adults. It seems to me that in human cultures resistance to tyranny always involves some youth taunting death by the enemy's hand as a coming of age rite.  Think about what you would do if you had to live under a military occupation all your life and tell me you would not be angry enough to want to lash out.

What is your remedy for dealing with a murderous occupying force? Are you going to run real weapons into East Jerusalem to arm them or are you suggesting that they ask the nice IDF soldiers to not kill and maim as many of them next year as they have every year of these kids lives?


"Ayelet Shaked, who published a call for genocide of Palestinians, including the murder of mothers who give birth to 'little snakes' is visiting Canada. I call on Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and RCMP to see she's arrested for incitement to genocide."

Message to Canada: STOP Supporting Apartheid Israel.