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Myanmar’s military takes power in coup, detains Suu Kyi


Myanmar Crisis Explained (and vid)

"Myanmar's military has seized power, detained Aung San Siuu Kyi and has begun rounding up members of her National League for Democracy, political party.

I explain how the US has spent decades building ASSK's political network and installing her into power and how US-backed groups - including those in Thailand - are already mobilizing to undermine not only Myanmar's political stability - but also that of the entire region. For a much more in depth explanation, please see the video..."


Something is Iffy in Myanmar...

"Only ten days after the coup there is already a US-style color-revolution to counter it..."


Unlike this thread that uses the legal name of Myanmar the Supreme Ruler of the Planet Earth calls it Burma so I expect that others on this board will be following suit soon.


Myanmar military unleashes bloodiest crackdown since coup

"The military regime in Myanmar is escalating its use of lethal force and unrestrained violence against protesters, after launching a deadly crackdown last Wednesday. The junta's repression is aimed at intimidating protesters and halting the nationwide movement against the Feb 1 military coup..."


Myanmar Now

News from Myanmar


WATCH: "Now that the junta has virtually crushed mass protests in downtown Yangon, security forces are hunting down youth still launching surprise demonstrations..."


Israeli-Canadian Lobbyist to be Paid $2 Million to 'Explain' Myanmar's Coup

"Ari Ben-Menashe and his firm Dickens & Madson, Canada, will represent Myanmar's military government in Washington, as well as lobby Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Israel, Russia and international bodies like the UN, according to a consultancy agreement..."


Israeli [Canadian] lobbyist paid $2 m to shill for Myanmar junta defend coup, get sanctions lifted


Ari  Ben-Menashe

"Documents obtained in 2002 by Canadian journalists under Canada's freedom of information legislation show that Ben Menashe had a relationship with the Canadian government. Over 400 pages showing Ben-Menashe was regularly debriefed by Canadian intelligence officers, plumbed about what he knew of the inner workings of the governments he was involved with."

And very likely will be again. Far more to this than meets the eye and don't be surprised if both Canada and Israel turn out to be 'interested parties' in this project. Perhaps he should talk to Bob Rae our man at the UN, if he hasn't already. He's very interested in Myanmar too.


As Myanmar’s military celebrated the annual Armed Forces Day holiday with a parade Saturday in the country’s capital, soldiers and police elsewhere reportedly killed dozens of people as they suppressed protests in the deadliest bloodletting since last month’s coup.

The online news site Myanmar Now reported late Saturday that the death toll had reached 114. A count issued by an independent researcher in Yangon who has been compiling near-real time death tolls put the total at 107, spread over more than two dozen cities and towns.


Perhaps the well-meaning know-all Western Human Rights do-gooders are encouraging the youth of Myanmar to take to the streets (Gene Sharp style) and get killed.  Its a very complex situation and a complex country, former British colony.  If we're for non-violence, let them solve their problems. White supremacy can mean that Western/Enlightened activists are essential to solve the problems of the Brown countries.  First do no harm.


Russia and Myanmar - Balancing on a Knife's Edge

"The strategic principle is non-intervention in the domestic affairs of Myanmar. The tactic has been to avoid beating breasts in public, as the former colonial power in London has been doing, and its successor in Washington..."


Myanmar: Hidden Opposition Violence

"From Libya to Syria to Yemen and Ukraine - violence was part of US-based political subversion from the beginning. This is no different in the Southeast state of Myanmar where US-backed protesters are in the streets fighting with Myanmar's police and military. If more voices are not raised in regards to Myanmar, demanding both sides of the story be told - the nation risks falling victim to the same chaos that consumed nations targeted by the US..."


Myanmar: 100 years of US-British divide & conquer

"Arming ethnic rebels in Myanmar..."