The myth of gay affluence

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The myth of gay affluence

The overall rate of poverty in the United States was 12.5 percent in 2007. Lesbian couples and the children of same-sex partners definitely are more likely to live in poverty than are their heterosexual counterparts, the report's lead co-authors Randy Albelda and Lee Badgett, told members of the LGBT congressional caucus at a briefing on March 20.

Badgett said "the myth of gay affluence" is what motivated her to get involved in the field. Gay magazine surveys have found that their readers are affluent, which is typical of all magazine subscribers, and anti-gay groups have spun this into an assertion that all gays are rich and powerful and therefore do not need legal protection from discrimination.


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I bet this has more to do with gender and gender roles than sexual orientation.

Two men living together will, as a rule, make more money than two women living together seeing as in Canada women make between 73-92% of what men make (Statscan). Pile onto that custody of children (women more likely to get custody) and their disposable income goes down as they will have dependants.

As a last thought, I don't see the phrase "gay" as encompassing women in modern thought. Gay still seems to be the domain of men. This will definitely re-enforce the "gay affluence" perception.