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Major Decisions At NATO Conference Overshadowed by Leaders' Gossip

"Something big and important happened at the recent North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) conference in London and, no, it was not Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, French President Macron, Princess Anne and British PM Johnson caught gossping about US President Trump on an open mic. The highly respected organization NATO Watch reports that there were a number of consequential outcomes of the conference, notable among them a commitment to increase military spending across Europe and in Canada by a staggering $400 billion.

NATO Watch has documented other worrisome new NATO inititiaves. For the first time ever, NATO has acknowledged outer-space as what it calls the 'fifth domain' of warfare. The other warfare domains are land, air, sea and cyberspace. Another worrying development is that NATO is backing down from a commitment to nuclear non-proliferation, arms control, and the eventual elimination of nuclear weapons..."



NATO Is A Threat To The Climate

"...Rapidly reducing carbon emissions is impossible with rising militarism and military spending. One more reason to Say No To NATO! Canada should get out of NATO!"


While Press and Public Focus on Iran, US Military Prepares For War With Russia

"During the height of tensions with Iran last year, the United States conducted an unprecedented series of war games. Over five months, from May until the end of September, 93 separate military exercises were held, with forces operating in, above and around 29 countries. While the conventional view is one of Russian advantage, the new figures show that the US and its European partners far outstrip Moscow.

These operations and exercises, then NATO Commander, Army Gen Curtis Scaparrotti told Congress last Spring, were meant to 'introduce operational unpredictability to our adversaries.'  The question is: at what cost? Or more concretely, in putting two sides on a path where escalating military exercises and intermingling of forces increases tensions while also providing more and more opportunities for miscalculation..."


Where Trudeau is hiding  instead of conducting urgent and necessary meetings here at home to resolve the exploding Wet'suwet'en crisis. His plans are to go from Munich to a Caribbean tour to buy UNSC votes for Canada.

NATO Secretary General Doorstep Statement Ahead of Munich Security Conference: 14, Feb, 2020 (and vid)

"We discussed NATO's plans to enhance our presence in Iraq..."


NDPP wrote:

Where Trudeau is hiding 

Oh I can answer that. The great progressive leader is slumming up to countries who ban and punish homosexuality in order to win is a coveted seat at the UN security council.


I think he's somewhere shaking hands with the PM of Iran too, you know the country that tried to hide the fact it fucked up and murdered a bunch of Canadians.

Ends justify the means.