NDP BC invades sovereign Wet'suwet'en territory, RCMP arrest defenders

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NDP BC invades sovereign Wet'suwet'en territory, RCMP arrest defenders

As RCMP Begins Arrests, Gidimt'en Spokesperson Molly Wickham Issues Declaration on Wet'suwet'en Rights


"It's time to rise up,' Wickham said. 'It's time to stand up for all Indigenous people all across Turtle Island. It's time to make it known that Indigenous people will not be oppressed any longer - that the RCMP can't come in and remove us from our territories, that they have no jurisdiction on stolen Indigenous land..."

But they can and they will, as long as we let them.

Issues Pages: 

"Here's our first file from today. Follow along for developments - the RCMP are far from finished today."



"Militarized violence against unarmed people on behalf of Coastal GasLink Pipeline."



"Here's our first file from today. Follow along for developments - the RCMP are far from finished today."



"Militarized violence against unarmed people on behalf of Coastal GasLink Pipeline."



The theft of indigenous land continues unabated in Canada. Canadian settler society is every bit as brutal towards indigenous people asserting their rights as our government's friends in Brazil, Bolivia, Honduras,  Venezuela etc.  UNDRIP is meaningless drivel given it has no enforcement mechanism. Here is the face of corporate friendly law in Canada. Tort injunction law trumps unceded aboriginal title. The RCMP is still fulfilling the mandate that it was founded on as the NWMP; passive the natives so settler capitalists can exploit the resources.

Breaking: Pre-Dawn RCMP Arrests on Wet’suwet’en Territories


4:57 am, Feb 6, 2020: The gate at 39 km has been breached. 13 RCMP vehicles past 39 km. Road is being cleared, 1 to 4 arrests made. Story developing.

4:55am – It’s not yet 5am – still totally dark out – and we’ve just heard RCMP made their first arrest at the #Wetsuweten monitoring post at 39KM. Cops are surrounding people there and beginning to clear the road to the Gidimt’en checkpoint.

5:05am – We’ve heard 13 RCMP vehicles headed up the road earlier this morning. Up to 4 arrests have been made now, and RCMP are taking down tents. Our understanding is these tents were NOT blocking the road and are not part of the injunction area.

5:30am – We’re hearing reports from the front line that some RCMP had their guns out – not pointed at people – but guns in hand.

We’re told that even with more than a dozen vehicles out on the territory, the Houston community hall is still full of cops waiting to invade our lands.

5:43am – We estimate more than a dozen cops on site, with six cops surrounding the person communicating updates over radio.

5:56am – The person on radio at 39km reports RCMP have broken in the windows of their vehicle.

6:22am: We have lost all communication with the Gidimt’en watch post at 39KM after RCMP smashed the window of the radio vehicle. It’s still pitch black out.

6:43am: We have reports that RCMP are now blocking the forest service road at 4KM.

6:59 am: We have reports RCMP have headed up from town in an approximately 20+ vehicle convoy. #Wetsuweten #WetsuwetenStrong

7:22am: 36 vehicles, 1 ambulance and heavy machinery went up from 4 KM. At least 2 bulldozers and excavator.

7:48 am: RCMP are transporting the 4 arrested supporters to Houston. BC. Everyone at 39KM was arrested except media. Media that were at 39km are being driven out in a police van.

Six Land Defenders Violently Arrested on Wet’suwet’en Territories

[Breaking story, info incoming] February 6, 2020:

Six people have been arrested and several others, including members of the press, have been detained and removed from Wet’suwet’en territories in an aggressive pre-dawn raid by RCMP on behalf of Coastal GasLink (TC Energy). Reports and footage are coming in from the siege. Dogs were used, media was banned from filming arrests. Militarized police with night vision and automatic weapons raided the camp in the dead of night.




Bruce Clark: About The Pipeline


"...First, fraud is normal for the courts in Indian Affairs, and second another fraud is happening in the pipeline situation."


  UNDRIP is meaningless drivel given it has no enforcement mechanism.....

I believe it was yourself that suggested that UN General Assembly sanctions is wrong!

The General Assembly has the right to back up its approved Conventions such as UNDRIP with force, which has been done many times.

An action by the General assembly vs. Canada would be the deathknell to any fuuture Canadian expectations at the UN.

The Canadian Government must be threatened with the potential for a UN action, by the Wetsuweten Nation preferably backed by its National and Provincial Federations.

Tomorrow, before the Assembly of La Coordinadora of the Maya Kakchiquel, I will request the implementation of some international action.....in preparation...



iyraste1313 wrote:

The General Assembly has the right to back up its approved Conventions such as UNDRIP with force, which has been done many times.

Please give me one example of the UN using force against a Western country. UNDRIP is like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, long on rhetoric and short on enforcement.


It was the seriousness of the Korean crisis that finally impelled the General Assembly to take steps to break through its constitutional straitjacket. Following a deadlock in the council in 1950, when the USSR vetoed a United States-sponsored resolution in connection with the entry of the People's Republic of China into the Korean conflict on the side of North Korea, the General Assembly adopted a resolution that enabled it to circumvent the restrictions imposed by Article 12. This act, which came to be known as the "Uniting for Peace Resolution," provides that if the Security Council, because of lack of unanimity among its permanent members, fails to exercise its primary responsibility in the maintenance of peace, in a case where there appears to be a threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression, the General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately with a view to making recommendations to members for collective measures, including if necessary the use of armed force. Although the Uniting for Peace Resolution thus considerably extends the General Assembly's powers with respect to maintenance of international peace and security, it in no way represents an attempt to usurp the Security Council's prerogatives. Nor does it attempt to arrogate to the General Assembly the enforcement powers that the charter accorded to the Security Council alone. Even under the Uniting for Peace Resolution, the General Assembly can only recommend that members undertake collective peacekeeping measures; it cannot oblige them to do so. Nor can it impose peacekeeping action against the will of the parties to a dispute. It must obtain their explicit consent to the presence of UN personnel—observer commissions, mediators, troops—in their territories.

The Uniting for Peace Resolution has been invoked in several major crises: the Middle East (1958, 1967), Hungary (1956), Suez (1956), the Congo (1960), Afghanistan (1980), Palestine (1980, 1982), Namibia (1981), the occupied Arab territories (1982) and illegal Israeli actions in occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied Palestinian Territory (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002). In all cases, the emergency special sessions addressed situations in which the Security Council found itself deadlocked. (See the discussion of peacekeeping operations in the chapter on International Peace and Security.)

Read more: https://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/United-Nations/The-General-Assembly-FUNCTIONS-AND-POWERS.html#ixzz6DDchd8N0

...I am of course not a constitutional nor international lawyer...I would recommend advice from such distinguished lawyers as Christopher Black of Toronto, or Dr. Francis Boyle!


Yes I understand the history and the law to a certain degree but you failed to give me an example of a Western country having force used against it.

We live in a world where the rich and powerful use local, national and international law to enhance their theft of the planets resources. Those forces hold sway over the international use of violence and so far they prefer to punish non-Western countries  and I think are certainly not  going to start standing up for a few hundred indigenous people claiming to own vast territories in a largely unpopulated wilderness area. The UN hasn't used force against Brazil so why would Canada be any different.

I can give you a list of countries that Canada has recently condemned for their poor electoral systems and in a few cases we have even supported coups for this transgression against "democracy" however I didn't hear Trudeau on the TV talking about sanctions against the US unless it cleans up the Democratic primaries. No matter the level of law there are always laws for the connected and a different set for the disposed.



Another, perhaps more modest but realizable goal vis a vis the UN, would be a good information package on the ongoing neocolonialist outrages by Canada, its support also of Indigenous erasure by Apartheid Israel of Palestinians,  and its 'reconciliation' lies, with  a cover letter signed by Indigenous traditional-sovereigntist representatives from coast to coast, requesting the UN deny the Trudeau government's aspiration to the rotating UNSC seat.




"RCMP violently invaded unceded Wetsuweten territory at 4:30 am this morning. NO ONE was blocking the road, NO ONE was violating any injunction. Dozens of cops with dogs and assault rifles were used to arrest 6 unarmed people."


Shut Down Canada!


"Rise up. The time is now. Stand with the Wetsuweten!"


Canada Has Never Been A Peacekeeping Nation


"More than 10,000 kilometres separate Baghdad from Wet'suwet'en territory in northwestern [not] British Columbia. But on two consecutive frigid days in early January, the intimate connection between them was demonstrated...The central objective of both the military and police forces is simple: social control, for the benefit of private capital and accumulation. Their oppressive histories are intimately linked, and despite its branding as a nation of peacekeepers, Canada is at the very centre of the confluence...'


You guys are judging the RCMP way too harshly here. The fact is, the gas company has an injunction against the protestors. The law is the law, and all the RCMP are doing is enforcing the laws as written. I'm sure if the shoe was on the other foot the RCMP would respond the same way.


'RCMP Plan To Arrest Ricochet Journalist...'


"Hey journalists, want to weigh in on this RCMP statement saying reporters within exclusion zone on Wetsuweten territory 'subject to all the same restrictions as anyone else' and will be arrested if they don't leave the area?"


Canadian Association of Journalists


"The CAJ has verified numerous reports that the RCMP have threatened to arrest Canadian media journalists at Wetsuweten Territory for taking photos. We remind BC RCMP Media that Canada is not a police state. Police do not have the right to control what is published..."


RCMP Exclusion Zones Necessary To Protect Canadian Public From Dangers of Rampant Journalism


"UNCEDED WET'SUWET'EN TERRITORY - Following a pre-dawn raid to remove Indigenous occupants from several camps in northern BC today, the RCMP is defending its practice of removing journalists from exclusion zones on the grounds that their reporting on the often violent specifics of enforcement actions constitutes a real and present danger to the public. 'The RCMP is dedicated to protecting the Canadian people from finding out what the RCMP is doing on behalf of the Canadian people,' the RCMP said in a statement about the raid..."



'Making Personal Commitments in our Lives to Keep Climate Change in Check Can Have A Powerful Impact...'


"Oh and yada yada pipelines, yada yada heavily-armed RCMP."


'Well This Is A Constitutional Gong Show - Will You Join Me and Others On Parliament Hill At 12 Noon..'


"This is colonization. The Canadian frameworks of Constitution, legislative, legal and bureaucratic jurisdictions combine to enforce the Settler State Indigenous Colonization Project."



Hazelton and RCMP Lock Down Students Inside to Prevent Students Joining Protests


"To ensure the safety of all staff and students, a Hold and Secure procedure was put into place today at all Hazelton Schools in the event of potential community situations occurring outside..."

The Canadian Indian Agent control system is obviously alive and well in the Occupied Territories.


NDPP wrote:

[email protected]

John Horgan: [email protected]

This might have more of an effect:



"These are soldiers, not cops, taking Indigenous land at gunpoint. No treaty, no bill of sale, no surrender of this land has ever occurred. Canadian colonialism laid bare. Two more camps await this violence. All eyes on #WetsuwetenStrong



Northern BC MP Calls On Trudeau To Meet With Indigenous Group in Middle of CGL Dispute


"...The Federal government maintains the issue is solely under provincial jurisdiction...The hereditary chiefs have stated on numerous occasions they wish to meet with Trudeau. 'The goverment's promises of reconciliation are on the line, and the chiefs have asked to meet with the Prime Minister. Why is he refusing to meet with them?' Bachrach asked Trudeau. In his response, Trudeau once again stressed the federal position that this is an issue of provincial jurisdiction..."


"The Government of Canada recognizes that it must uphold the honour of the Crown, which requires the federal government and its departments, agencies and officials to act with honour, integrity, good faith and fairness in all its dealings with Indigenous peoples. The honour of the Crown gives rise to different legal duties in different circumstances, including fiduciary obligations and diligence..."

Principles Respecting the Government of Canada's Relationship With Indigenous Peoples


'NATION TO NATION' means just that.  The Province of Brutish Columbia is a province not a nation. Justin Trudeau has a fiduciary obligation to meet with these hereditary chiefs. Unless as seems obvious, there is no 'honour of the Crown? Justin Trudeau, this is an inter-national crisis between Canada and the Wetsuwet'en nation. You are constitutionally charged with the responsibilty for our nation-to-nation relationship. And the RCMP, a federal police force is invading their lands. Not surprisingly, they wish to discuss it with you. Get your sorry public-servant ass out there and meet with these honourable representatives of the Wetsuweten lest we observe you have none. Canadians demand it.

[email protected]

Douglas Fir Premier

Trains stopped in Ontario by protest in support of Wet'suwet'en pipeline opponents

The statement said that they would not allow passage on the rail lines through the territory until the RCMP leaves We'tsuwet'en territory in Brisith Columbia. 


"Those people never had a treaty with Canada. Canada can't claim it's their land unless they have a purchase receipt with the Crown. Our position is they are our brethren. We have a relationship with them. And we support them in protecting their territory," said the statement.

"We are standing in solidarity with them and the RCMP need to get out of there," 


Instead of meeting with Wetsuweten hereditary chiefs, as they have repeatedly requested, to discuss the urgent situation of Canada's invasion of their traditional territories,  our fearless leader Justin Trudeau has run off to Africa where he will be lobbying African leaders to support Canada's bid to become USrael's representative on UN Security Council.

Again, I suggest as one strategy for Indigenous redress - that UN member nations be lobbied to refuse Canada's bid for this rotating UNSC seat. Canada does not deserve it nor will it be used for anything but supporting itself and  other powerful western oppressors.

To The UNGA: Don't Vote For Canada!



"...The Federal government maintains the issue is solely under provincial jurisdiction...The hereditary chiefs have stated on numerous occasions they wish to meet with Trudeau. 'The goverment's promises of reconciliation are on the line, and the chiefs have asked to meet with the Prime Minister. Why is he refusing to meet with them?' Bachrach asked Trudeau. In his response, Trudeau once again stressed the federal position that this is an issue of provincial jurisdiction..."

of course the PM? hasn´t bothered to read his dad´s charter, section 35? recognizing the validity of the Royal proclamation, whereby Canada recognizes the Territorial integrity of the Indigenopus Nations recognized by the Queen....

The Province routinely violates the Charter. Why does not the Feds challenge them?

Why do the People of Canada just ignore? How many peoples worldwide have fought and died to have a Charter of Rights? Which maybe one of a million in Canada has even bothered to read?

Whew the system is corrupt, Parliament, Executive, judiciary, where do you even start?


Solidarity Actions Blockade Ports, Highways and Rail After RCMP Raids Wet'suwet'en Territory (and vid)


Resistance round-up across so-called Canada


The Brief: 001 Pipeline Blockade (podcast)


Wet'suwet'en resistance to Coastal GasLink. RCMP as corporate-colonial enforcement arm (Must Hear)


NDPP wrote:

Canada Has Never Been A Peacekeeping Nation


"More than 10,000 kilometres separate Baghdad from Wet'suwet'en territory in northwestern [not] British Columbia. But on two consecutive frigid days in early January, the intimate connection between them was demonstrated...The central objective of both the military and police forces is simple: social control, for the benefit of private capital and accumulation. Their oppressive histories are intimately linked, and despite its branding as a nation of peacekeepers, Canada is at the very centre of the confluence...'

I just finished reading this article. It was well worth the read, I love pieces that include well written histories and facts that are under reported.

Jeffrey Monaghan, assistant professor of Carleton’s Institute for Criminology and Criminal Justice, has written extensively about Canada’s use of “security aid” to manage strategic interests in Global South countries. Specific objectives he has identified include “restricting unwanted migrants from these localities, encouraging economic development, and minimizing disruptions to global trade circulations.” 

Canadian police are central to this process, which takes on many different forms. Monaghan wrote in his 2017 book “Security Aid: Canada and the Development Regime of Security” that “security innovators” from the RCMP and Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) helped train border officials in Southeast Asia to deter migrants from leaving to Canada. In Iraq, Canada has provided a constant deployment of police trainers in the areas of firearms instruction and paramilitary training. Similar efforts have been made in Ukraine, Palestine and Mali, which just happens to have 70 Canadian gold mining companies operating within its borders.

Canadian companies also benefit from selling security equipment to police departments in other countries, assisted by the operations of the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) — a Crown corporation that “supports the growth of international trade by helping Canadian exporters gain access to foreign government procurement markets.” 

Monaghan described how the CCC ensured that corporations were able to sell policing equipment to Afghanistan, Colombia, Jamaica and countries throughout Africa, including Senegal, Burkina Faso, Uganda, and South Africa. 

Canadian companies are profiteering from the “professionalization” of police in Global South countries that are, above all, dealing with the brutal fallout from Western imperialism.

While training police to prevent “illicit activities” might sound like a net positive, these collaborations are done for the sole purpose of benefiting “stability” for global capitalism. There’s no better example of this than Canada’s horrifying actions in Haiti.



Monaghan, who also wrote 'Policing Indigenous Movements',  is included in The Brief podcast @ #23


"We are hearing that 30 RCMP are surrounding Wetsuweten Hereditary Chiefs and supporters at 27km who have blocked the road..."



Heiltsuk Nation Reaffirms Support For Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs


"...We call on John Horgan and the BC government to demonstrate their commitment to consent and UNDRIP by disarming the conflict and upholding the Wet'suwet'en title which predates the existence of British Columbia. How this matter is settled will show us whether BC, Canada and Indigenous people can co-exist into the future. The law and its people cannot be separated, and they have a long collective memory. The path you take will choose how you are remembered..."


Shut Down Kanada - #AllEyesOnWetsuweten : Canada-US Bridge Closed


"Akwesasne Mohawks Direct Action To Support Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs, ClOSE the Canada-US Bridge At Cornwallis Ontario!"

No Justice - No Peace! Stop the Pipelines! Free the Prisoners! Free the Land & Waters! Shut Down Kanada!

swallow swallow's picture

UNDRIP is the creation of Indigenous peoples themselves. If you crap on it, you reject the years of campaigning done to create it. The UN cannot create enforcement mechanisms without governments agreeing to them - and Canada has not. BC's UNDRIP law, on the other ahnd, is definitely meaningless drivel. 

But what's more important is the fightback. 

Protests everywhere : https://www.facebook.com/events/221856442184296/

Supporers tool kit (updated for 2020) : http://unistoten.camp/supportertoolkit/ 


RCMP Breach Gidimten Checkpoint, Continue Raid in Northern BC


"With heavily armed tactical units brought in by helicopter and a vehicle convoy, the RCMP breached the Gidimt'en checkpoint to continue the raid on unceded Wet'suwet'en territory, which began yesterday.

'This is Wet'suwet'en territory. We are unarmed. We are peaceful,' Eve Saint, daughter of Wet'suwet'en hereditary chief Woos, said to approaching officers while holding a feather. 'This is unceded territory. This is the territory of Woos. I am his daughter. You are invaders. You are not allowed here. You are not welcome.'

Officers were armed with rifles, which they pointed at people. Police officers are clearing Wet'suwet'en people and supplies from camps and homes in the area to make way for Coastal GasLink workers. Premier John Horgan said he is following the 'rule of law..."


'Shut Down Canada': Gidmit'en Spokesperson Calls For People To Take To The Streets (and vid)

'What I fear is that people will remain complaisant.'


"In a Facebook post one day after RCMP raided two camps on unceded Wet'suwet'en territory, the spokesperson of the Gidmit'en camp is encouraging people to either join the camps along the Morice West Forest Srervice Road, or take to the streets of Canada.

'We're going to get rid of you once and for all,' said Molly Wickham in the post. 'Which is what Canada has been trying to do to our people. It's what the colonizers will try to do unless we stand up...' Media who were embedded in the camps were also threatened with arrest if they don't leave the area.


Protests Over BC Pipeline Halt Via Rail Trains in Ontario (and vid)


"Rail traffic on a key line in southern Ontario has been halted due to protests supporting the Wet'suwet'en Nation, whose members oppose a natural gas pipeline in British Columbia. It's unclear how long the protest is supposed to last and when rail service on the line will begin once again..."


"The people of Tyendinaga are standing in solidarity and say that the tracks will reopen when the RCMP leave Wet'suwet'en territory. As Canada and the RCMP continue their colonial plan of genocide against the original peoples of this land...Thank you to everyone who is showing and sharing their support, and for the people who have a problem please keep it to yourself or deal with it elsewhere. The community members are doing what they can to show their support. What the RCMP is doing is wrong and downright disgusting. Canada and the RCMP continue their colonial plan of genocide against the original peoples of this land and I do not see it coming to an end anytime soon."

Shut Down Kanada - #AllEyesOnWetsuweten


"PM in Africa seeking support for Canada's bid for UN Security Council while colonial police attacking Wet'suwet'en on their own land..."


Yes indeed. After refusing repeatedly to meet with the Hereditary Wet'suwet'en Chiefs, whose sovereign, unceded Territories his heavily-armed RCMP are currently invading and arresting people in,  Justin 'Blackface' Trudeau is attending the Africa Union's 33rd Session, 9th-10th February meetings in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the purpose of arm-twisting or buying the necessary votes recommending Canada for a rotating 4 year seat on the UN Security Council, where Canada will speak loudly and proudly for whatever United States or Israel wishes them to.

The competition for the seat are two far better and suitable countries, Norway and Ireland. Should anyone wish to recommend this to the AU and suggest reasons why Canada is not suitable or deserving of such a UNSC seat, they may, and should do so..

Africa Union 33rd Session, 9th-10th February, 2020, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Klenam Normanyo, Snr Communications Officer:  [email protected]

Christiane Matondo, Principal Communications Officer, [email protected]


Raptors Team President Joins Trudeau on African Search For UN Security Council Votes


"Trudeau will be trying to meet with a host of leaders at the African Union meeting in Ethiopia to convince as many of the 54 member countries as possible to vote for Canada at the UN..."

Dear AU: No thank you. Bad idea. Bad settler-state that brutalizes Indigenous peoples. Please vote for Ireland or Norway. Much better.

As for Masai Ujiri, here's why Trudeau took him along...


"It's time to call a technical foul on Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri for his ties to one of the world's most ruthless dictators..."


"Canada was built on the removal of Indigenous people from our lands for free and unfettered access to resources. Nothing has changed."



"One of the most important Indigenous movements in the world is under attack this morning for attempting to protect their land from a gas project that is a threat to a habitable planet. Premier Horgan this is on your watch and you need to intervene now."



Toronto Protesters Block Railway Tracks in Support of Wet'suwet'en First Nation (and vid)


"Protesters in Toronto are disrupting rail traffic in the northwest end of the city to show support for the Wet'suwet'en First Nation in northern [not] British Columbia...VIA cancels trains between Ottawa, TO, Montreal..."



Further to #31:

Canadian PM on Rare Visit To Ethiopia


"Justin Trudeau is set to headline an important High-Level Meeting on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Africa this morning at Sheraton Addis, The Reporter has learned..."

And meanwhile, back at the ranch...


RCMP Arrive At Unist'ot'en Healing Centre as Injunction Enforcement Continues


"...Freda Huson, the director of the healing centre, donned regalia as the helicopters arrived, including a blanket representing the land. Women from the healing centre headed to the gate to the camp with her and began a ceremony. Huson later walked toward a large fire that had been built on the snowy bridge with a copy of the injunction granted Dec 31 barring the Wet'suwet'en from blocking Coastal GasLink's access to its pipeline worksites.

'RCMP are liars!' she yelled, throwing the injunction into the fire. 'it's not worth the paper it's written on.' The women ring bells to summon ancestors and call out the names of missing and murdered Indigenous women. Huson explained the song was part of the ceremony. 'We're trying to save the water, the land, for all humankind. Not just us. And they won't listen,' she said. 'So that's why it had to come to this.' 'They tore down our traps, they've disrespected my chiefs. So that is why it comes to this. Why we have a cremation ceremony for Canada.'

'Shame on you Canada,' she said. 'Shame on you Justin Trudeau. Shame on you John Horgan, when you spoke of reconciliation in our feast hall, and you basically spit in my chief's face by refusing to talk to them. So that's what this song is..."


RCMP Land Helicopters At Unist'ot'en Gate (and vid)


"On the morning of February 8th, 2020, RCMP officers landed at the gates of Unist'ot'en Village by helicopter. Unist'ot'en chiefs and house-members began calling on their ancestors for support. They had a cremation ceremony for Canadian/Indigenous reconciliation and burned a copy of the injunction that the RCMP was there to serve..."


Here To Stay New Hazelton


Sorry, no trains today...



As Trudeau Campaigns in Africa For UN Security Council Seat, Norwegian PM is Steps Behind


"...Nearly everywhere Justin Trudeau goes in Addis Ababa, it seems Norway's prime minister isn't far behind. On Saturday, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg arrived to an African Union meeting on gender-equality just minutes after Trudeau did...It's no coincidence. The two leaders are both in Africa to win support from world leaders for a UN Security Council seat they both want to win..."

Canada's rivals, Norway and Ireland should be amply supplied with all the ammunition establishing Justin Trudeau and Canada are not deserving of the UNSC seat. Ireland is in the midst of an election, the leader yet to be determined. But Erna Solberg can and should be supplied with information on Trudeau's brutal ongoing attack on Wetsuweten territory, and other climate-destroying depradations, as well as anything else that that may work against Canada's chances. Greta Thunberg is very familiar with the situation here and should be contacted to perhaps lobby Erna Solberg and indeed the Irish leader yet to be determined,  against Canada's UNSC bid.

In the meantime Indigenous and other activists can lobby Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg here:

[email protected]

See also #31, #33, #37


further to #36, Thunberg would seem an ideal ally and clearly sees right through Trudeau in ways many don't yet..

"If an alcoholic assured you he was taking his condition seriously, but also laying in a 40-year store of bourbon, you'd be entitled to doubt his sincerity."  Obviously, the same applies to *'Reconciliation'..

Greta Thunberg Shares Op-Ed Calling Out Trudeau's Climate Hypocrisy


"Climate activist Greta Thunberg took a direct jab at Justin Trudeau's environmental record, sharing an op-ed on Twitter criticizing the prime minister's hypocrisy on climate change. The opinion piece, which was published in the Guardian, argues that Trudeau's record is 'disturbing' in a different way than Trump or Putin's because he pretends to care - but fails to act on it. 'Trudeau, for all his charms [what charms?!], doesn't get to have it both ways,' said writer Bill McKibben in the piece. 'If you can't bring yourself to stop [ecocidal pipelines through Indigenous lands or] a brand-new tar sands mine then you're not a climate leader..."

But you may well be a liar. Which he is.

* If Canadians still believe in real reconciliation, they need to put their money where their mouths are and make it a happening reality. Some have stepped forward. More need to. And now is the perfect time to do so...


Haudenosaunee Confederacy Stands In Solidarity With Wet'suwet'en (Feb 7, 2020)


"Greetings from the Haudenosaunee External Relations Committee (HERC) of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy...The Haudenosaunee strongly condemn the RCMP raids on the Unist'ot'en camp and their attacks on the Wet'suwet'en people and call on the Government of Canada to halt any further attacks. These land defenders are carrying out their own traditional laws as they endeavor to protect their ancestral lands from Coastal GasLink - a faceless corporation that aims to place a pipeline in Wet'suwet'en territory without the free, prior and informed consent of the Wet'suwet'en people - a project that poses a risk to their land, water and way of life...

Despite the fact that the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1997 that Wet'suwet'en lands were never ceded and the fact that BC officially adopted the United Nations Declaration Of The Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) into law - the governments of Canada and British Columbia have proven these commitments to be empty gestures and have undermined any prospect of trust, reconciliation and justice. The use of coercive force will destroy any hope of reconciliation and is not consistent behavior in a true nation-to-nation relationship, as promised by the Government of Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that Canada's relationship with Indigenous Peoples is a priority for his government. This has proven to be a lie - as Canada has clearly prioritized its economic interests over a peaceful and dignified relationship with Indigenous Peoples...Unless Canada redeems itself - their attempt at reconciliation has clearly failed."


Of course Justin Trudeau and the Governments of Canada and British Columbia have only empty gestures in place of real rconciliation. 'Reconciliation' was for these representatives simply  a political strategem to curry favour with the electorate and a ploy behind which to continue the colonization project. Ditto these governments promises of environmental reforms. Empty gestures of pacification and distraction to finesse further abuses. We are coming  down to the wire. Will Canadians take the necessary direct actions to force their representatives to honour their commitments made? Will Canadians take the necessary direct actions to force their representatives to put people first before investor rights and profits at the expense of our planet? Will Canadians demonstrate their determination to enforce governmental respect and consent for and with Indigenous Peoples and ourselves? Each and every Canadian should be on the phone or in the offices of their MPs, MPPs, MLA's and every other 'representative' they can think of, demanding things change immediately. The police must leave Wetsuweten territory now. Coastal GasLink must leave now. All charges must be dropped. The pipelines must be stopped. Trans Mountain too. Period. And, as requested by the hereditary chiefs, Canadians must demand that their Prime Minister and the Premier of British Columbia meet with Wet'suwet'en representatives to determine how they can begin to repair the great damage already done. Demand it. Compel it. Let it be so. It is long, long overdue. It is time to rise up.


'When Justice Fails Block The Rails!'


"...In support of Wetsuweten resistance to the CoastalGasLink pipeline, all train travel between MTL & TO is cancelled for the 2nd day. Meanwhile, CP freight rail is blocked in TO. Updates: @UnistotenCamp  @Gidimten


Perhaps one of these Canadian nominees at the Oscars Sunday night, or someone else there, will give an honourable mention to the Wetsuweten land defenders and ask Justin Trudeau to stop the piplines?


epaulo13 epaulo13's picture

..from an email


For the last three days people have held the Port of Vancouver in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en! People held it overnight last night and are in need of support! If you're in the Vancouver area get your friends together and join them at Clark and Hastings today!

"There is a call for supporters to come to Clark and Hastings throughout the day. We are here. Not moving. Please come to this site first and check in if you are not an indigenous person called to another action. Things have never felt so strong and we are purposeful and together and we need you."

PRESS RELEASE: Unist'ot'en Responds to Illegal Raid of Gidemt'en Camps and Calls for Protection of Healing Centre 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Unist’ot’en Responds to Illegal Raid of Gidimt’en Camps & Calls for Protection of Healing Centre

Unist’ot’en Territory, Feb 8 - Unist’ot’en condemns the violations of Wet’suwet’en law, Canadian law, and of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) committed by the RCMP on February 6th, 7th, and 8th 2020 on Gidimt’en Clan territory against camps located at 27, 39, and 44 kilometers on the Morice Forest Service Road.

These violations were committed by the RCMP on behalf of Coastal GasLink’s (TC Energy) interlocutory injunction and the existence of an ever-expanding and undefined exclusion zone. Coastal GasLink’s injunction does not prohibit travel on the Morice Forest Service Road nor does it prohibit residence at the Unist’ot’en village or any other Wet’suwet’en homesites on our land.

Unist’ot’en demands the RCMP will not evict the Unist’ot’en Healing Centre. The RCMP has no jurisdiction to enter the Healing Centre without our Free, Prior, and Informed Consent. Even under colonial law, the RCMP cannot enter or search our Healing Centre without a warrant.

International public support is called for to ensure the safety of the Healing Centre. People living and receiving treatment there are not in violation of CGL’s injunction, nor is the Healing Centre itself in violation of the injunction. The Healing Centre exists to support the self-determination and healing of our people and is unrelated to CGL’s work and the injunction.

Unist’ot’en is outraged over the use of excessive force by the RCMP, including the unnecessary use of heavily armed tactical teams deployed by helicopters to surround Gidimt’en camp at 44 km, use of snipers, and deployment of K9 units. We know that in January 2019, RCMP were authorized to use genocidal lethal force, arrest children and grandparents, and apprehend Wet’suwet’en children in response to our peaceful presence on our lands.

Throughout the enforcement of CGL’s injunction, media and legal observers were illegally corralled and threatened with detention and arrest for doing their jobs. Freedom of the press is protected under Canadian law but journalists were prevented from documenting the RCMP militarized raids on Gidimt’en territories. The RCMP attempted to evict residents from Chief Woos’s cabin. The RCMP and Coastal GasLink also partially dismantled Gidimt’en camp infrastructure and property. This property belongs to the Gidimt’en Clan and the RCMP has no legal authority to destroy it.

On February 8, the exclusion zone was illegally expanded from the 27 KM to the 4 KM mark, and now encompasses the majority of Gidimt’en territory. As a result, eleven people including legal observers were illegally arrested from the 27 km cabin. The exclusion zone has been created by the RCMP to force Wet’suwet’en land defenders off ourland. It is a colonial and criminalizing tool to illegally and arbitrarily extend RCMP authority onto our lands. The massive exclusion zone, completely under RCMP authoritarian discretion, falls outside the injunction area. Chiefs and Wet’suwet’en people are illegally being denied access to their own territories.

We urge Canada to adhere to the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (UN CERD) directives and to halt the Coastal Gaslink project, seek Free, Prior, and Informed Consent from the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs, withdraw RCMP from our territories and ensure that no lethal weapons or force be used to forcibly evict Wet’suwet’en people from our lands.

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..from another email

We are gathering this afternoon at Vancouver’s City Hall to shine a blinding light on the abuses against Indigenous Title and Rights we witnessed this week. 

RSVP NOW <https://www.facebook.com/events/258799555104681/>

On Tuesday, a court case that would have stopped the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project in its tracks failed at the Federal Court of Appeal and the next day the news broke that the Unis’tot’en camp on unceded and sovereign Wet’suwet’en territory was being raided by the RCMP. Today we will gather and together lift our voices to make a deafening sound in support of Indigenous Title and Rights and climate justice. You can also sign and share the petition <https://www.change.org/p/justin-trudeau-solidarity-with-the-wet-suwet-en....

Dozens of solidarity actions with the Wet’suwet’en have been taking place across Turtle Island and around the world with more to come. 

Today in Vancouver, we are rallyingat 1pm-3pm at Vancouver City Hall (453 W 12th Ave), with Kupi7 Judy Wilson, Secretary Treasurer of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (Facebook event (please RSVP) <https://www.facebook.com/events/258799555104681/>. 

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..again from an email

On Monday the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs launched a legal challenge to a proposed Coastal Gas Link (CGL) pipeline that would carry fracked gas through Wet’suwet’en Yintah (territory) in north-west B.C. to a liquefied natural gas  (LNG) facility in Kitimat.

There has been a groundswell of support from across the country and around the world, as peaceful Indigenous land protectors face mounting threats from police and industry. Now, we have a chance to support a case that challenges the legitimacy of a fracked gas project that will bring climate impacts, man-camps and rights violations to a people who have not consented to the project.

The legal action argues that the B.C.’s Environmental Assessment Office failed to properly assess the Coastal Gas Link project’s potential harms, including the risk of increased gender-based violence caused by transient workers and industrial camps, in accordance with the findings and calls to action of the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. This is based on the Inquiry’s final report of June 2019 which found that resource extraction is linked to spikes in violence against Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people, and called on governments to conduct a gender-based harms analysis prior to approving projects.
SUPPORT NOW (https://fundraise.raventrust.com/give/269632/#!/donation/checkout)

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..a reality check re: a big lie. 

LNG BC ferries don't deliver environmental promise

BC Ferries has made a big promise. To operate the environmentally cleanest possible ferries. In the words of BC Ferries’ President and CEO, Mark Collins, “It is our privilege to operate in one of the most pristine environments in the world and it is our objective to be a leader in environmental and social governance”.

That promise is in black and white in the BC Ferries’ Clean Futures Plan, Summer 2019. But the promise and the prescribed actions don’t add up.

The Clean Futures Plan objective is to reduce GHG emissions by “continually seeking among available energy sources the cleanest, lowest carbon-intensity option that can displace non-renewable diesel”. And by that they mean liquefied natural gas (LNG).

But LNG fueled ferries result in little or no net GHG reduction.

To make the claim that “we currently have five LNG-fueled vessels in our fleet that substantially outperform diesel fueled vessels for emissions and costs” the Plan relies on a common deception that natural gas (aka fracked gas, LNG or methane) is a “clean” fossil fuel because it releases less CO2 than other fossil fuels at point of burning.

While LNG does burn cleaner than fossil fuel there are other factors that have to be considered.

The most recent research shows that LNG ferries have no climate benefit over ferries using marine diesel fuel. In fact, they are slightly worse. Mark Collins, BC Ferries CEO, states in the BC Ferries Authority’s 2018-19 Annual Report, “We have expanded the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which emits significantly lower GHGs compared to ultra low-sulphur diesel.” It would be more accurate to say that LNG is cheaper than diesel, promoted by the Province of BC and has a reputation burnished by decades of industry disinformation....

...end drift

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RCMP arrest 11 more pipeline opponents on third day of Wet’suwet’en raids

Using an ever-changing set of rules, RCMP in British Columbia arrested 11 opponents of the Coastal GasLink pipeline Saturday, the third day of raids on Wet’suwet’en Nation territory.

RCMP also continued to obstruct journalists on the remote forest road in northern B.C. where the conflict is playing out, drawing international criticism. A spokesperson for one of the nation’s five clans, Molly Wickham of Gidimt’en, said the police broke a promise not to make more arrests until after a meeting with the nation’s hereditary chiefs.

“The RCMP have come in with their guns,” said Wickham, also known as Sleydo. “They’re doing this all while we are waiting… to talk to the RCMP.”


The raids began Thursday. With Saturday’s total included, police have made 21 arrests over three days, also temporarily detaining two journalists on Thursday and one journalist on Friday.

Saturday’s raid happened at the first camp along the road, a gathering place for supporters which is located at the 27-kilometre mark of the snowy road.

Originally, the RCMP said people were welcome to gather there, as it was outside the zone affected by the court injunction. But police extended the restricted area ⁠— known as an exclusion zone ⁠⁠— to include the 27-kilometre camp late Friday. It happened after Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and their supporters used their vehicles to block RCMP officers from leaving the area to process four pipeline opponents who were arrested that day.

In a statement, the RCMP said commanders decided to expand the exclusion zone because metal spikes on the road made several police vehicles “inoperative.”

Police were eventually able to clear the vehicles and asked everyone at the 27-kilometre camp to leave. “People can’t leave because police towed their vehicles away,” said a statement from Unist’ot’en Camp, the settlement furthest along the forest road.

Eventually, Sleydo said in a live video posted to Facebook, police agreed to meet with the hereditary chiefs at 10 a.m. and not arrest anyone at the camp until 11 a.m. But the RCMP didn’t show ⁠— instead, she added, officers surrounded the camps and made arrests at about 1:30 p.m. and blocked the chiefs from going past the four-kilometre checkpoint.

In the live video, two RCMP officers from a specialized liaison team can be seen approaching a vehicle where hereditary chiefs and Wet’suwet’en supporters are assembled.

“We’re supposed to be meeting before anything happens at 27,” Sleydo says to a male officer.

“People there have been asked to leave,” says the officer, adding that he needs to get up to the camp.

“Why?” asks Sleydo. The officer walks away without answering the question, and both liaison officers hop into an RCMP truck and drive away.

Several people were also allowed to leave the camp voluntarily. They declined rides from police, choosing to walk to the four-kilometre checkpoint. Others were arrested after they barricaded themselves inside a cabin.


NDPP wrote:

Perhaps one of these Canadian nominees at the Oscars Sunday night, or someone else there, will give an honourable mention to the Wetsuweten land defenders and ask Justin Trudeau to stop the piplines?


The B.C. Throne Speech is in 2 days and you're talking about...the Oscars


It has been remarked several times how little traction this important story is having in the US mainstream. Its mention to a worldwide Oscars audience of many millions would hardly be insignificant.


"This is why the Wolverine called for a national inquiry into the use of the RCMP in dealing with the Unsettled and Unceded Indigenous Land title here in so-called bc and canada! The use of RCMP is illegal and in violation of international human rights law."



Remember Gustafsen Lake


"Twenty-three years ago an NDP government presided over an RCMP assault on Indigenous people on their own land. As allies build solidarity to defend the Wet'suwet'en nation and their right to defend their land, it is important to remember the lengths the state will go to try to crush Indigenous sovereignty..."

'These people threaten the very foundations Canada rests on.' - RCMP Spokesperson, 1995


I am hoping that soon the Invisible Hand will save the day. I am only half joking since I think that if oil and gas prices plummet the two planet destroying pipelines our elite are planning for BC will collapse because the numbers don't add up and when the stocks in the pipeline companies tank the marketplace is supposed to kill them off.

For anyone who's following oil and gas markets, it's a bit surreal watching what's unfolding on traditional Wet'suwet'en territory in northern B.C.

Hordes of heavily armed RCMP officers are engaged in a quasi-military operation. It's intended to thwart an Indigenous-led action to prevent a pipeline from running through unceded traditional Indigenous territory.

Leading this resistance are hereditary chiefs who won a landmark ruling in the Supreme Court of Canada in 1997 establishing the existence of Aboriginal title in Canada.

And it's happening as a worldwide glut of liquefied natural gas is making the object of this fearsome exercise in state power—completion of the Coastal GasLink pipeline—appear increasingly remote.


Here in Canada, we often look with dismay upon the intellect of the president of the United States. But the reality is we're not exactly dealing with the sharpest blades in the drawer in Canada's highest political offices, either.

Compared to articulate Wet'suwet'en spokeswomen like Molly Wickham and Karla Tait, Horgan and Trudeau come off as D students, at best, in their comprehension of Supreme Court of Canada jurisprudence, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Doctrine of Discovery, and what it means to be an Indigenous person living on unceded territory on Turtle Island.

That's to say nothing of the premier and the prime minister's misguided call on global energy markets.



Reconciliation or Wreck-n-sell-yer-nation? On Justin Trudeau and Canada's continuing Colonialism...

"...Questions of transparency, honesty and accountability are the book's most elemental concerns. They are about the core of the continuity that Lukacs traces between the past and present. He works consistently to provide examples of how Trudeau's government is merely a new arrangement of tried tunes of 'co-opting the language of Indigenous rights or feminism or anti-racism, absorbing some of the leadership of these movements, making small, selective often symbolic concessions, and ultimately trying to demobilize the power of truly transformative change.'

Take the well-documented case study of his participation in what Lukacs calls the 'Reconciliation Industry'. Gaining sympathy with Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians alike for his early adoption of the 'moral feeling' of reconciliation and benefitting electorally from the acts of friendship he has been granted with tribes and councils, his stance changed after a few years in office. As Lukacs writes about Trudeau's treatment of Secwepemc writer and activist Arthur Manuel, ' a pique of conscience isn't a sign of a policy shift.'

Indigenous land protectors are still being prosecuted by the state for standing up for their treaty rights, dismally reflected in the fact that 'both (Harper's) and Trudeau's governments have spent more money in the courts fighting Indigenous peoples than fighting tax frauds.' Reconciliation is bad for the extractivist economy as we know it, and Trudeau's government is only interested in it insofar as it benefits the colonial status quo. 'Reconciliation wasn't the unfinished business of Confederation. It was the unfinished business of colonization..."

Dark Days For Sunny Ways



"We find no honour in the leaders we are forced to deal with..." Elder Lavina White - Haida Nation


Greta Thunberg Supports Activists Rallying For Wet'suwet'en in BC


"As tensions continue to escalate between Costal GasLink protestors and the Canadian government, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has shared her support for the Wet'suwet'en case. Talking to Twitter to speak out against the pipeline construction, Thunberg shared a photo of BC's Wet'suwet'en protests. The 17-year old wrote, 'Indigenous rights = Climate justice.' Within two hours, Thunberg's tweet got more than 8,000 likes..."

Dear Greta, Tell the world Justin Trudeau's Canada should not be selected for the UN Security Council seat he now lobbies for. Ireland and Norway are also in competitiom for the rotating 4 year seat. NO  to Indigenous Colonizer, Climate Criminal Canada on  the UNSC!



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