NDP BC invades sovereign Wet'suwet'en territory, RCMP arrest defenders 2

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COINTELPRO-style disruption tactics used by Tyendinaga Police against Real People’s Media and Wet’suwet’en solidarity movement

In recent days, Real People’s Media has become the target of a COINTELPRO-style smear campaign.

While we do not normally publicly comment on attacks from trolls and social media haters, the situation has now escalated to one in which threats of vigilante violence have been made against RPM members and the participants at the Wyman Rd. camp. These threats have been made online and in person. The fingerprints of police involvement in “bad-jacketing” RPM members for violence are all over recent events. 

RPM has uncovered multiple instances of the Tyendinaga Police Service (affiliated with the Ontario Provincial Police) working to undermine and infiltrate the movement in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. This has included covert efforts by Tyendinaga Police Chief Jason Brant to remove the camp by issuing a fake press release that was sent to OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique in the early hours of February 13th, 2020. The press release claimed that the Mohawks were standing down and leaving the Wyman Rd. location before the arrival of Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller, and was timed to coincide with an aborted 8am SWAT Team raid to arrest the ‘hard line’ elements who wouldn’t clear the site.

The issuing of the secret police press release was arranged with self-proclaimed “Mohawk Warrior” Shawn Brant. Brant has been notably absent from involvement in the Wet’suwet’en solidarity movement in Tyendinaga except where he has appeared to actively undermine it. 

Brant was present along with CN Rail police and Tyendinaga Police Chief Jason Brant to observe the gathering on Wyman shortly after it began, but he was not present at the camp except on the evening of February 12th. That night, Shawn Brant made every effort to convince the people to leave the front lines – a request that was unsuccessful. When Tyendinaga Police Chief Jason Brant arrived on the morning of February 13th to carry out his and Shawn’s plans, he was promptly escorted out by Mohawk warriors.

On February 25th, the Tyendinaga Police continued to interfere in the movement to support the Wet’suwet’en. Real People’s Media has obtained an audio recording of TPS Officer Marcel Maracle working to sow fear and division amongst the people, all while trying to influence political events by encouraging a contact to “put together a committee” made up of a “Bear, Wolf and Turtle” to make the decision “on behalf” of the people to shut down the camps and leave..... 

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..informative 22 min podcast

How Indigenous people are reclaiming jurisdiction over the land

The Yellowhead Institute has produced what it calls a Red Paper about reclaiming Indigenous jurisdiction and breathing life into rights and responsibilities. Land Back talks about how Canada dispossesses Indigenous peoples from the land and what communities are doing to get it back. We talk with Hayden King, co-author with Shiri Pasternak, of Land Back and executive director of the Yellowhead Institute at Ryerson University.

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..awesome little video..from feb 10th

Indigenous youth occupy Enbridge Centre in downtown Edmonton One of the building’s main tenants is BMO, a key funder of the Coastal GasLink pipeline currently being forced through unceded Wet’suwet’en territory by the RCMP


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How far is #Canada willing to go to protect the billionaires who run the oil and gas industry? #wouldyoushootmetoo is a campaign by @canada_strike to show solidarity with Wet'suwet'en land defenders who are fighting all of us.


quizzical wrote:

and yet grand chief Derrickson started out as an "elected" chief.  The same type of Indian Act chief who ndpp and epaulo post so nastily about and say don't have the authority of the People. as you do too kropotkin.

You seem to have missed my  points about governance models. Chief Derrickson writes really well in his book about the limits of the Indian Act and his role as a Chief and creative ways that he used to get around the restrictive nature of the relationship.

The Wet'suet'en are currently meeting as a nation to discuss whether to accept a proposal from the governments in relation to land title and other rights. If the Wet'suet'en people think that the hereditary chiefs are illegitimate it will become very clear after they finish their meetings because the people will use their system to assert the nations voice. Whether or not they accept what is on the table it will be interesting to see the offer. If they get offered a better deal, than the nations that have gone millions of dollars into debt to take part in the BC treaty process have been able to get, the process may very well implode.

After the governance of their nation is decided by the Wet'suet'en then they will determine the position to take on the pipeline, which the spokespeople have said is being treated separately. For me the largest part of this fight is the sovereignty issue. In Canadian law if they can ignore the Wet'suet'en hereditary chiefs then the SCC cases that hold that indigenous groups have rights are meaningless.  I sincerely hope they have forged a new way forward that finds a path that does not lead to extinquishment but to a new mutually respectful nation to nation relationship with the settlers' communities.



Here is a good article, with a first hand account of the RCMP's armed invasion of a peaceful nation. If people have not seen the footage they came with snipers and attack helicopters to remove four unarmed people from their own territory. They spent more on this operation in a single week than they have spent in years on the Highway of Tears investigation to figure out why so many women go missing from the nearest highway. This is what a police state looks like, for those of you with enough privilege that you can't imagine the RCMP doing this to you. It is part of our shared reality no matter how deep someone wants to bury their head in the tar sands.

“Eve’s talking to them and then we all start talking to them because they start repeating themselves over a megaphone for us to leave or we’d be arrested,” he said. “They were flying these black helicopters over us, these two black choppers, and these choppers kept going into the back and dropping off all of these scouts and snipers.”

“They raided us — remember a few years ago when the navy seals raided Osama Bin Laden’s compound? Thats what they did to us. There was four of us unarmed. The amount of surveillance and money that they used when the way they came in at us was like they were gonna kill us. I really think they were gonna to kill us. If there weren’t the two media people we had there, I swear to god they were going to kill us. The look in their eyes, the vibe in the air, I’m not even lying,” he said.

Now, Hill said that because of what they seen and experienced, he and Saint still have trouble sleeping. After being surrounded, enduring the thought that they might be gun downed, land defenders were treated as though they had weapons.

“They said they heard we had rifles. But they didn’t find nothing because there was nothing to find,” he said.

While pointing her eagle feather at the RCMP while she spoke, Hill warned Saint to hold her feather high so that the RCMP wouldn’t shoot her out of believing that she had a weapon. He further mentioned that the territory is also in the middle of the highway of tears, so the history with the RCMP for the people in the area is already considered unsafe. Even though the RCMP said they wanted to talk, Hill asked “how do you talk to someone when they’re pointing a gun at you?”



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..this is what is happening with the climate strikes. i suspect the same for this pipeline struggle. 

This is what striking looks like in the era of #COVIDー19 Today was our last in-person strike before we move to #ClimateStrikeOnline - join us!!


With this pandemic it would seem to be a health hazard to start bringing in hundreds of workers to a camp and the surrounding communities. BC citizens are told to not congregate more than 250 people at a time and that cruise ships should be avoided. The camps replicate the cruise ship breeding grounds and the workers are not under quarantine. COVID might affect hockey and all the bar and restaurant jobs that go with them but I'll but it will not affect the construction that the global oil oligarchy is pushing through..

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..agreed. the lng project may well infect the whole of northern bc. fracking, pipeline and site c. we've seen this before.

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Release order bars woman from voicing support for Wet’suwet’en online

Trish Mills didn’t want to agree to the conditions of the release order — but after about 30 hours in custody she also didn’t want to be remanded and risk being kept behind bars for weeks more.

So she signed the agreement, which severely restricts what she can say and do on social media, despite feeling it was effectively a “state-sanctioned gag order.”

“I’ve juggled a lot of hard feelings around whether abiding by the condition means I’ve lost my integrity,” she says.

Mills was arrested last month in Hamilton, Ontario, for alleged involvement in a railway blockade — one of many that have appeared across the country in support of the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs in the ongoing Coastal GasLink pipeline conflict. She has a court date next week.

One of the conditions of her release stipulates that she cannot use social media to express solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en.

“You shall not post or otherwise engage with the Facebook Group ‘Wet’Suwet’en Strong: Hamilton in Solidarity’ or any other social media platform which engages for the same purpose or objective,” it states.....


Similar to attempts made to prohibit or discourage anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian solidarity.

Sean in Ottawa

kropotkin1951 wrote:

With this pandemic it would seem to be a health hazard to start bringing in hundreds of workers to a camp and the surrounding communities. BC citizens are told to not congregate more than 250 people at a time and that cruise ships should be avoided. The camps replicate the cruise ship breeding grounds and the workers are not under quarantine. COVID might affect hockey and all the bar and restaurant jobs that go with them but I'll but it will not affect the construction that the global oil oligarchy is pushing through..

Good point. Also, there is little demand or rush even if one supported these.


"Coastal GasLink's plan to manage COVID-19 is to continue construction. Urban offices will be closed. Man camps will stay open. Everything cancelled but CGL..."



NDPP wrote:

"Coastal GasLink's plan to manage COVID-19 is to continue construction. Urban offices will be closed. Man camps will stay open. Everything cancelled but CGL..."


 The first workers sent in will be from various First Nations and after they have spent enough time together to spread any possible contagion, they will get weekends off to go visit their families, in communities many of which are without a proper water supply. I think this is a recurring Made in Canada horror show.


The infested blanket of Canadian colonialism and genocide is a gift that keeps on giving. Here and elsewhere...

Message To Secwepemc From the Regional Council of Original Nations in Defense of Territory Puebla-Hidalgo - Pahuatlan - Unite The Fight (and vid)


"CUSMA-TIMEC-USCMA: Complicity and Collusion of the US-Canada-Mexico governments state apparatus in violation of the rights of Indigneous Peoples to Free, Prior and Informed Consent. The Canadian government colludes with industry to commit the FRAUD of proposing a policy of criminal conspiracy intended to extract the surrender of Aboriginal Title to crown sovereignty...Today, in light of the standoff at Wet'suwet'en, the fraud is fraught with fear - fear of the truth.

How Can The Canadian Parliament Approve The Canada-US-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA-USMCA-TIMEC) when these policies of overt corporate colonization are being normalized under the terms of this international 'trade' agreement?"

Because the collaborationist liberal 'progressive' movement were persuaded to support and not oppose it, which they now do easily, having sold out, surrendered or simply failed to launch, so many many times before. Hell the NDP bent over backwards to get it passed as speedily as possible. 'Complicity and Collusion' is what they do best. Just ask Hill & Knowlton.  'CUSMA? What's that?'


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Coronavirus forces Wet’suwet’en to explore online talks on rights and title agreement

An all-clans meeting to discuss Wet’suwet’en rights and title could be moved online as the COVID-19 crisis upends plans for in-person talks, according to a spokesperson for the Gidimt’en.

“We’re looking at possibly doing something online,” Jennifer Wickham told The Narwhal, saying discussions were also delayed by a death, unrelated to the novel coronavirus, in one of the communities. “I’m not sure what that’s going to look like but there’s definitely multiple things delaying the process.”

Wickham said an all-clans meeting has already been held, but a few clans wanted to meet again before moving forward with decision-making on a draft agreement reached last month between Wet’suwet’en hereditary leaders, the province and the federal government to expedite the nation’s rights and title process.

“I have no idea when we’re going to reschedule those meetings. Hopefully sometime this week, it could be next week, but it would probably not even be,” she told The Narwhal over the phone.


Wet’suwet’en supporters launched an online campaign this week to raise awareness around the ongoing construction of the pipeline on Wet’suwet’en territory amid the pandemic.

tweet from Gidmit’en Checkpoint on Tuesday expressed concern over COVID-19 and industrial activity associated with Coastal GasLink, saying “we do not need any more stress on our local health systems and people.”

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Nunavut community blocks access to gold mine over COVID-19 fears

People in the Nunavut community of Rankin Inlet blocked the road leading to the local goldmine Wednesday in an effort to keep their region COVID-19 free.

The Agnico-Eagle Meliadine gold mine is located about 25 kms north of Rankin Inlet, the most populous community in Nunavut’s Kivalliq region and a central hub for the surrounding communities. It employs nearly 400 Inuit from many Nunavut communities.

Late on March 18, residents blocked the road to the mine after a planeload of workers from outside the territory arrived at the airport and were ready to head to the mine site.

Earlier this week, Nunavut’s Chief Public Health officer Dr. Michael Patterson asked non-essential people from outside the territory not to travel to Nunavut. Anyone who does travel to the territory from
outside areas is being asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

Agnico-Eagle has now followed what other Nunavut mines are doing; sending all their Nunavut-based staff back to their home communities with pay.....

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$40B LNG project cuts hundreds of workers to prevent COVID-19 spread in B.C. work camps

The biggest private investment infrastructure project in Canadian history is slashing staff as it tries to prevent COVID-19 infections from getting a foothold in workers' camps in northwestern B.C. 

LNG Canada says it's sending home half of its work force from the company's $40-billion export facility project in Kitimat, B.C.

The company's move to lay off about 750 people and fly them home across the country is being done out of an "abundance of caution," said Susannah Pierce, the company's director of corporate affairs.

It's just one of several mega-projects in the province trying to manage the safety of up to more than a thousand industrial workers living in close quarters far from home. 

Pierce added there could be further work force reductions, reducing staff to "critical levels" with only essential workers staying on to conduct site security and do environmental monitoring.....

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Gidimt’en Checkpoint

$15 billion for oil and gas $350m for First Nations Access to loans for small business Priorities are obvious as usual.