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Saddam Hussein - his last hours (part 5)

"Was Saddam hanged or murdered.."


Exxon Mobil-led consortium nets 'supergiant' Iraq oil field

"An Exxon Mobil led consortium has beaten rival Russian, French and Chinese groups to bag initial rights to develop Iraq's West Qurna field, the Oil Ministry said, adding momentum to Iraq's bid to unlock its oil riches. With reserves of 8.7 billion barrels, West Qurna is among the prized Iraqi fields eyed by Western oil majors.."


"You can shove your international solidarity up your collective showed no true solidarity with us."


The Responsibility of the US in Contaminating Iraq with Depleted Uranium

"The US and UK administrations have subjected the whole nation of Iraq for decades to torture and slow death through the intentional use of radioacative weapons and the sanctions.[enforced by Canadian war criminals as well] The continuous and intentional use of radioactive weapons is a crime against humanity due to its undifferentiating harmful health effects on civilians in contaminated areas years to come after the military engagements.."


This is such an appalling and hideous feature of modern warfare and is happening in Afghanistan as well as Iraq. If we actually had 'representatives' worthy of the name they should be screaming bloody murder over this!

Help Deformed Children in Fallujah: Petition:

"Young women in Fallujah are terrified of having children..."

No Voice

"...Why do I have the feeling that I alone am interested in all this...where are the others...?"


Uranium in Iraq

"Abdul-Haq-Al-Ani's and Jamie Baker's indispensable book spotlights the appalling criminal enterprise now working itself out in Iraq.."


Iraq War Inquiry: Britain [and Canada] Heard US Drumbeat for Invasion Before 9/11

Thanks to US Occupation: No Rights for Women in Iraq


Iraq Inquiry's Game Changing Evidence:

"Sir Christopher Meyer's evidence has surely made it impossible to claim that Iraq was about WMD and not 'regime change'..."


Cultural Cleansing in Iraq:

"Why did the invasion of Iraq result in cultural destruction and killing of intellectuals..?"


Another Carnage in Baghdad...

"...Contrary to whatever you may hear from anyone, this latest carnage is the work of the "democratic government" you pieces of shit intalled in Baghdad.."


Normalising the Crime of the Century:

"The purpose of the Chilcot inquiry is to normalise an epic crime by providing enough of a theatre of guilt to satisfy the media so that the only issue that matters, that of prosecution, is never raised...Like Iraq, Afghanistan is a crime period."

And as Yves Engler and others have pointed out, one in which Canada was very much involved. Watch for the same strategy Pilger analyzes above to be applied also to the detainee issue here..

Iraq Auctions Oil Fields

"Royal Dutch Shell and Malaysia's Petronas won the deal for Maynoun, one of the world's largest untapped oil fields, on the second oil contract auction since the 2003 US invasion.."


Outraged Brits Want Blair Prosecuted for War Crimes

"Tony Blair's admission that Britain would have backed the Iraq war even if it did not have weapons of mass destruction, sparked outrage Sunday and calls for his prosecution for war crimes..."

we've got some here in Canada too of course...


Poverty in the New Iraq:

"10 Million Iraqis live in absolute poverty since 2003...10 Million Iraqis represent roughly over 30% of the total population...Something not to lose sight of is that the above developments took root in an already vulnerable terrain, superimposing themselves on a society that was already massacred by 13 years of sanctions of an embargo imposed by the civilized west.."



Remembering Saddam Hussein:

"On January 1, 2010, I and a few dozen friends commemorated the life of President Saddam Hussein..."


The Anatomy of A Massacre

"In a few days we will experience the 19th anniversary of the beginning of the first Gulf War. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten..."


Jack Straw at the Iraq War Inquiry

"I could have stopped the Iraq War.."



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How's that war crimes trial against BushCo going?Laughing


Dutch Inquiry Finds Iraq War Illegal

"A Dutch commission of inquiry has concluded that the US led 2003 Iraq war was illegal under international law. The conclusion has far reaching implications. Potentially, it could open up leading politicians and military figures in the US and Britain to prosecution for war crimes.."








NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

Dutch Inquiry Finds Iraq War Illegal

"A Dutch commission of inquiry has concluded that the US led 2003 Iraq war was illegal under international law. The conclusion has far reaching implications. Potentially, it could open up leading politicians and military figures in the US and Britain to prosecution for war crimes.."


Considering how many countries put soldiers into the illegal war I doubt it.


  •  Slovakia: 110 peak (deployed 8/03-withdrawn 12/07)
  •  Lithuania: 120 peak (deployed 6/03-withdrawn 08/07)
  •  Italy: 3,200 peak (deployed 7/03-withdrawn 11/06)
  •  Norway: 150 troops (deployed 7/03-withdrawn 8/06)
  •  Hungary: 300 troops (deployed 8/03-withdrawn 3/05)
  •  Netherlands: 1,345 troops (deployed 7/03-withdrawn 3/05)
  •  Portugal: 128 troops (deployed 11/03-withdrawn 2/05)
  •  New Zealand: 61 troops (deployed 9/03-withdrawn 9/04)
  •  Thailand: 423 troops (deployed 8/03-withdrawn 8/04)
  •  Philippines: 51 troops (deployed 7/03-withdrawn 7/04)
  •  Honduras: 368 troops (deployed 8/03-withdrawn 5/04)
  •  Dominican Republic: 302 troops (deployed 8/03-withdrawn 5/04)
  •  Spain: 1,300 troops (deployed 4/03-withdrawn 4/04)
  •  Nicaragua: 230 troops (deployed 9/03-withdrawn 2/04)
  •  Iceland: 2 troops (deployed 5/03-withdrawal date unknown)


  •  Australia: 2,000 invasion (withdrawn 7/09)
  •  United Kingdom: 46,000 invasion (withdrawn 7/09)
  •  Romania: 730 peak (deployed 7/03-withdrawn 7/09)
  •  El Salvador: 380 peak (deployed 8/03-withdrawn 1/09)
  •  Estonia: 40 troops (deployed 6/05-withdrawn 1/09)
  •  Bulgaria: 485 peak (deployed 5/03-withdrawn 12/08)
  •  Moldova: 24 peak (deployed 9/03-withdrawn 12/08)
  •  Albania: 240 troops (deployed 4/03-withdrawn 12/08)
  •  Ukraine: 1,650 peak (deployed 8/03-withdrawn 12/08)
  •  Denmark: 545 peak (deployed 4/03-withdrawn 12/08)
  •  Czech Republic: 300 peak (deployed 12/03-withdrawn 12/08)
  •  South Korea: 3,600 peak (deployed 5/03-withdrawn 12/08)
  •  Japan: 600 troops (deployed 1/04-withdrawn 12/08)
  •  Tonga: 55 troops (deployed 7/04-withdrawn 12/08)
  •  Azerbaijan: 250 peak (deployed 8/03-withdrawn 12/08)
  •  Singapore: 175 offshore (deployed 12/03-withdrawn 12/08)
  •  Bosnia and Herzegovina: 85 peak (deployed 6/05-withdrawn 11/08)
  •  Macedonia: 77 peak (deployed 7/03-withdrawn 11/08)
  •  Latvia: 136 peak (deployed 5/03-withdrawn 11/08)
  •  Poland: 200 invasion—2,500 peak (withdrawn 10/08)
  •  Kazakhstan: 29 troops (deployed 9/03-withdrawn 10/08)
  •  Armenia: 46 troops (deployed 1/05-withdrawn 10/08)
  •  Mongolia: 180 peak (deployed 8/03-withdrawn 09/08)
  •  Georgia: 2,000 peak (deployed 8/03-withdrawn 8/08)

you forgot Canada..


Iraq War Was Illegal, Top Lawyer Will Tell Chilcot Inquiry


They Got the Wrong Guys: Iraq executes 'Chemical Ali'

"Ali Majid got caught up in the propaganda and was dubbed 'Chemical Ali' by the western press...The fact that the US Marines 'concluded' that Iran gassed the Kurds of Halbjah was not the only striking portion of this document. It questioned the number of deaths. Researchers have come forward who state that several hundred bodies were found, not 5,000.

By 2002, various individuals had time to dissect the reality of Halbjah and in the buildup to the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, many came forward to challenge the 'he gases his own people' statement. Included in the naysayers were retired CIA analysts, retired military personnel, journalists and others. They uncovered much proof to show that Iran gassed the Halbjah Kurds.."


What is the American Plan for Iraq?

"The American Plan for Iraq so far has given the following - from 2003-Present:

1.5 Million Dead (Lancet Report)

200,000 Reported Missing (official)

at least 2 Million Maimed (official)

5 Million Exiled and Internally Displaced (official)

2 Million Widows (official)

4.5 - 5 Million Orphans (official)

The ongoing silence, the complete silence is worse than the Crime. So what is the American Plan for Iraq?


Pump Oil


[url=]Britain: Illegality of Iraq war dominates Chilcot inquiry[/url] by Ann Talbot

Blair gives evidence before Chilcot tomorrow. But whether or not he faces awkward questions, he can do so without fear that he may be indicted for the war crimes of which he is so clearly guilty. The Chilcot inquiry was specifically set up in order to avoid the possibility of a war crimes trial. It has no remit to determine whether the war was legal or not. Its members have no legal training or experience and they sit without legal advice. Sir John Chilcot made it clear when the inquiry began that he did not see his task as one of determining guilt. Witnesses are not under oath and none of them are cross examined as they would be in a court of law. They have been allowed to give long, self-serving statements that have gone entirely unchallenged.

It sounds like the very unaccountable and non-transparent 9/11 Commission investigation. It's a total farce.


The Open and Shut Case Against Tony Blair

"If Blair cannot give satisfactory answers to the questions below, there is only one conclusion: he should stand trial for war crimes.."

As Yves Engler and others have pointed out - Canada was also deeply involved in Iraq and had personnel there. Yet there has been no raising of the issue here. Disgusting.


On The Iraqi Resistance

"So why has not the Iraqi Resistance received the praise it deserves?

Its resistance to an illegal, vile, savage, barbaric occupation is proven in figures...

So why is she shelved into forgetfulness? Why is she not crowned with bravado like others? And most importantly, why was she left alone for seven years, with zero support from anyone?


NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

'Iraq Will Be A Colony of Iran'

"Needless to say, it's way too late for President Obama to do anything about this, though he ought to keep his promise to involve the international community in a last ditch effort to rebalance Iraqi politics away from dominance by the Shiite religious parties. Still, as I have been writing for years, Iran has the upper hand in Iraq.."

I used to think that way, but with the current situation in Iran where Iraqi-born politicians are running two of the three branches of the government (parliament and judiciary), and a third politician from Iraq (shahroudi) is rumored to be a candidate for supreme leader position, the situation may actually reverse. Kind of poetic justice.


NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

"Ali Majid got caught up in the propaganda and was dubbed 'Chemical Ali' by the western press...The fact that the US Marines 'concluded' that Iran gassed the Kurds of Halbjah was not the only striking portion of this document.

Bullshit. The Kurds themselves know better,regardless of how much the racist sunni arabs try to deny their genocidal treatment of Kurds and Shias.


NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

On The Iraqi Resistance

"So why has not the Iraqi Resistance received the praise it deserves?

Perhaps if they stop blowing up shia pilgrims they would get more priases: Or does the weblogger think this is also the act of "shia death squads"?!


When the 'War on Terror' Becomes Genocide

"There is no retraction of a government policy to grossly abuse Muslim suspects and prisoners.."

The Carp of Truth: Jack Straw, Colin Powell and the Smoking Guns of War Crime


Statement on the Closure of the Legal Case For Iraq in Spain:

"We continue to believe that the violent killing of over 1 million people in Iraq since 2003 along with the ongoing US occupation - that carries direct legal responsibility - and the displacement of up to a fifth of the Iraqi population from the terror that occupation has entailed and incited suggests strongly that the claims we put forward ought to be investigated.."


Iraq Snapshot:

"Wednesday an Iraqi appeals court ruled that the 500 plus candidates being banned by Iran via the extra-legal Accountability and Justice Committee would be allowed to run.."

Muqtada Al-Sadr and other Shiite Assassins


Back In Iraq: Ethnic Cleansing of Christians and More Civilians Killed:

"While the airwaves are full of the latest faux-victory-in-Afghanistan scheme (complete with the usual 'regrets' that in some minds absolve US forces of responsibility for yet more civilian casualties), Iraq is off the American [and Canadian] radar except for some self-congratulatory claims that we are 'responsibly ending the war in Iraq'. How's this for responsible...?"


[url=]VIDEO: Iraq for Sale[/url] The showing of this video was banned in the US Congress

This is how Pentagon capitalism actually operates, and it would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic. It was a kleptocracy long ago, and they continue to rob US taxpayers blind. It's no wonder America is so hopelessly bankrupt today.


Update on Iraq's Elections

"Overwhelming majority win for the secular nationalist bloc Al Iraqiya in many provinces including Najaf.

This is a huge moral defeat for the Shiite parties and for Maliki in particular...Iraqis across the provinces have shown that they REJECT Shiite sectarianism and Iran and they have also shown what I have been saying for the past 4 years that we are essentially a secular people and a nationalistic one.

This is also a symbolic defeat for Iran and for the American plan, the agenda with which they brutally and criminally occupied us, dividing us along sectarian lines.

The results will no doubt be tampered with...hence that is why I am blogging about the preliminary ones.."


Iraq: Exiled Former Saddam Hussein Aide says Baathist Resistance is 'Ready to Fight'

"Maliki is trying to repress the entire Sunni population of Iraq by disallowing any Sunni candidate with even the remotest link to the Baath Party...By trying to outlaw the Baath Party, he is setting in place a new civil war. But we are ready to fight.."


Probably the real reason the UK backed the USA in the Iraq war. Duh!

Blair's fight to keep his oil cash secret



Tony Blair waged an extraordinary two-year battle to keep secret a lucrative deal with a multinational oil giant which has extensive interests in Iraq.

The former Prime Minister tried to keep the public in the dark over his dealings with South Korean oil firm UI Energy Corporation.

Mr Blair - who has made at least £20million since leaving Downing Street in June 2007 - also went to great efforts to keep hidden a £1million deal advising the ruling royal family in Iraq's neighbour Kuwait.

In an unprecedented move, he persuaded the committee which vets the jobs of former ministers to keep details of both deals from the public for 20 months, claiming it was commercially sensitive. The deals emerged yesterday when the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments finally lost patience with Mr Blair and decided to ignore his objections and publish the details.

VanGoghs Ear

I thought this thread would be about the victims of the US led war on Iraq  but after reading some of the many links it's really a pity poor Saddam Hussein and his cronies thread and even denies Saddam's crimes and attacks his victims!   

I'm guessing very few mods have even read the links and there's no rule against posting conspiracy garbage but for a progressive site - this is pretty disgusting, especially to shia muslims or Iranians who might be reading this site



Iraq Invasion: 7th Anniversary - The Criminal Invasion of Mesopotamia

"This is an Iraqi Holocaust and an Iraqi Genocide....Peace will come when all the world's people wake up and march for an end to conflict and unrestrained national aquisitiveness. On this grim, shameful anniversary, all of the same mind should vow to double their efforts."


International Conference of the Iraqi Political Resistance: Against the Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq

"Iraq, formerly one of the richest countries on the planet...

The forgotten news from Iraq does not mean that the situation has improved, or that the end of the occupation is near. Inside the country elections have not stirred any hope of an impact on the daily situation which has not ceased to deteriorate from day to day since 2003..."


Destroying Educational Institutions or Using them for Military Purposes is a War Crime



"Canada welcomes these elections and applauds the Iraqi people for their courage and commitment to a peaceful and democratic state by exercising their fundamental democratic right to vote. Hon Lawrence Cannon, Min. of Foreign Affairs, Canada

Iraq 'Elects' Terrorist

'The recent Iraqi elections did provide one positive aspect. They were even more absurd than a Three Stooges episode'


But they DID NOT LIE about 9/11 just WMD and a long list of other things. It's the one truth the pathological liars and megalomaniacal psychopaths would not betray for the sake of their political integrity. And anyone else with a difference of opinion is just a whacko.



Yes, No, Maybe

"I keep reading articles about the torture that went on and still goes on in Iraq and Afghanistan, Guantanamo and all other shadow Eastern Europe, in the Middle East and in Africa...

And the questioning is always, did the americans, canadians, english coalition authorities know about it? Did they all receive direct orders, did they engage and participate in it too, was it a policy, how widespread was it...etc etc..

Bullshit question.

And all act oh so the americans, us the canadians, us the english, us the poles, us whoever the fuck it is who is there...Could it be? YES IT CAN BE!

Fuck you and everything you represent. Oh and by the way, the same american filth unit responsible for Abu Ghraib is heading back to Baghdad.."


Once Upon A Time...

'Once upon a time, there was a country called Iraq.."

The Genocide of Arab Sunnis in Iraq

"I have not ceased repeating and I will repeat it again today - there was/is a genocide within a greater genocide in Iraq. The smaller genocide, if one can appropriately call it that - is the genocide against Arab Sunnis...300,000 Arab Sunnis were murdered by the Shiite militias for the year 2006 alone.."

Americans Kill Muslims like Roaches

WikiLeaks Video - The Greater Horror

"There they are, the people who brought you every bit of action in the Wikileaks video and all of the other horrors flowing from the invasion of Iraq.."

"The current American imperial offensive has all the characteristics of a race war, and is viewed as such by much of the world...



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