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NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

A 1 Minute Visit to Purgatory

"So imagine for a minute, an army live the above, walking into your cities, raping and torturing your men, women and children, "smoking you out" if you move in your own streets, run over your cars if you did not move when asked to, "lit you up" if you got too close, shot your taxi drivers for no reason and threw a few others of you off the bridge after interrogation, raped your teenage girls and wives and set their families on fire,

destroyed your homes, walked into your central banks and just robbed your money, stole your museums and destroyed your historical sites - not that you have any - burned your fields, built walls around your neighborhoods, bombed our churches, pissed and spat on your bibles, left your hospitals and schools in shambles, murdered your scientists, professors, doctors, invited Canada with its armed militias to torture and finish off the rest of you,

exiled millions of you, turned millions of your wives into widows and children into orphans, and you into beggars, used DU and white phosphorous and more, and more..

And last but not least, arrested and brutally tortured members of your government... "


"Ironically, the Canadians indirectely provide more support for us in Iraq than most of those 46 countries that are fully supporting us. It's kind of an odd situation." US Ambassador Paul Cellucci


Powerful statements NDPP.  The TRUTH can have that effect.





one hopes ...


Howling Wind: The Unrepented Genocide

"The other day I was reading the New York Review of Books in a bookstore cafe. I saw a large ad on the bottom corner of a page ; it began with with this quote in bold capitals: 'WHY IS IT A CRIME FOR ONE MAN TO MURDER ANOTHER BUT NOT FOR A GOVERNMENT TO KILL MORE THAN A MILLION PEOPLE?'

My first reaction, before I read further, was a feeling of surprise that someone had articulated the case against the Iraq war so clearly..."

Resisting the Occupier

"Let me be clear from the beginning. I am fond of the Taliban, fond of the Palestine Resistance and it has nothing to do with being a Ba'athist or not. This Resistance is just brave. I mean the Palestinians have been resisting for more than seventy years, and the Afghanis...their country has been occupied three times and three times they fought the occupier fiercely.

I am not going to talk about the Iraq Resistance because it is still a new Resistance and there are a lot of mistakes in the way they organize themselves - plus the biggest mistake that it is only one-sided. It is a Sunni Resistance when the right thing would be that it be an IRAQI resistance..."


Tehran's Coup in Iraq

"the influence of the United States is declining sharply, and the overt and covert influence of Iran is getting stronger.."

Freedom Samples - Abu Ghraib's Galore


The Truth is Out

"This article is VERY important...

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